Chapter 229: Yang Zhao’s Backer

Chapter 229: Yang Zhao’s Backer

A faint smile constantly played across Ye Chonglou’s face. He could see the king’s pained expression very well.

“Your Majesty, I’m only giving you advice. As to how to actually handle the situation, that is up to you as the ruler of a nation.”

The king started to sweat. While he knew that the honored tutor wouldn’t interfere in politics, his advice also wasn’t something that the king could simply neglect.

“Honored tutor, this Yang Zhao has committed some absurd acts, but he happens to have a sister who’s connected to Elder Iron of the Precious Tree Sect. I know that leaving Yang Zhao in place is forming a latent threat, but if we were to move against Yang Zhao, his brother-in-law likely won’t let matters rest easily.”

At the end of the day, the Skylaurel Kingdom was still backed by the Precious Tree Sect. Even the royal family could possibly be swapped out by the Sect if the former ran afoul of the Sect.

Therefore, when something had to do with a Precious Tree Sect elder, even the king couldn’t help but be cautious.

Ye Chonglou laughed faintly, “The Precious Tree Sect is the Precious Tree Sect. Yang Zhou is Yang Zhou. Elder Iron is but one of many senior...

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