Chapter 2281: Discretion Is The Better Part Of Valor

Goldenhowl’s analysis was sound. Based on Jiang Chen’s past traveling patterns, he was bound to journey through Bluesmoke on his way back. This route was the shortest that also ensured the greatest safety possible.

“I agree with the third forefather. Jiang Chen doesn’t know our main army’s nearby. But even if he does, he can’t be aware of our presence on Bluesmoke in general. There’s no reason for him to avoid this route.” The forefathers from the other tribes also nodded in agreement.

Noting their unanimous approval, Goldenhowl shrugged. He could only swallow his anger for now. “You’re the leader, so whatever you say goes. Everything works for me as long as we get that punk.”

“Good, then let’s find a place to hide and lay down an ambush. We’ll set up several observation points within a few thousand miles. As long as he passes through the monitored area, we’ll have ample time to spring our trap. And just in case that fails, we have our army behind us. He’s doomed the moment his position is exposed!”

This wasn’t overconfidence; Bluesmoke would indeed be a deathtrap for the young lord if he ever were to set foot on it. Countless demonic soldiers were deployed there, alongside numerous forefathers. A single strike from each demon god combined was enough to obliterate him ten times over.

The third forefather’s plan instilled hope in everyone.

Setting off from Eternal on Starfate, Jiang Chen chose the most direct path for travel. After a series of battles, there was nary a demon in sight on Myriad Abyss. Sunrise and Radiance were deserted when he passed by, their men packed up and left for the Rejuvenation Isles long ago.

“Strange, even if I’ve driven them off, there should’ve been some stragglers here and there. Why has there been absolutely no sign of them along the way? Where are they gathering instead?”

He knew the demons would soon arrive in full force on Myriad Abyss, but where exactly? That remained a mystery.

After all, Myriad Abyss was too vast. He couldn’t possibly cover its entire area, so there was no possible way for him to figure out their rallying point.

What if he carelessly flew right into their clutches? The chances were slim, but it was a worry nonetheless. He had no desire to find himself suddenly surrounded.

Getting off might be possible if alone, but death was all but certain with so many people on the airboat.

He resolved to stay hypervigilant.

Examples of his caution included using the Great Veluriyam Torch to scout the way ahead during the journey. The item was extraordinary at uncovering demonic traces, especially as they were always accompanied by a dense, characteristic aura, making them easy to spot from afar.

Still no trace of them. They must be somewhere else to welcome the bulk of the army. Perhaps their main force has already arrived by now. I must keep my eyes peeled.

Some might believe he could simply steamroll his enemies after his string of victories, but he knew better than anyone that he’d built his success by swarming his opponents by surprise.

His triumph wouldn’t have been nearly this resounding otherwise. If unwittingly besieged by a host of enemies, he had no confidence he could save anyone but himself.

Perhaps, apart from the four sacred beasts, no one would be able to escape the deathtraps either. As a consequence, he chose to slow down instead of pursuing blind speed.

Haste made waste. Safety came first and foremost.

Everything remained peaceful on the way, with no sign of the dangers he’d feared.

But the closer he drew to Winterdraw, the more frequently he spotted signs of demonic presence. He fell into deep thought at this discovery.

The enemies in this area were merely groups of strays, but precisely for that reason, he had a hunch the main army was stationed somewhere nearby.

Meticulous by nature, he immediately analyzed his situation. His heart sank slowly as he stared at his present location on the map. The Bluesmoke insignia was prominently depicted.

It was the largest island territory in this sea region and most suitable as a stopover for the demon army.

Rich in resources, especially in ancient jade, Bluesmoke had a tradition of collaborating with demons. Most importantly, its zone of influence spread nearly as far as that of a sacred land.

“Can that be their rallying point?” His heart pounded despite himself.

The islands lay straight ahead. If the enemy was truly stationed there, wouldn’t he be carelessly headed straight to his death?

There was no place for complacency at this stage.

“Rest here while I do some scouting. The airboat is too noticeable, it’s impossible to hide it from scouting eyes.”

Once covered by the Immaculate Robe, there was little chance he’d be found out if acting alone. If he were to come across the demon army, he could easily retrace his steps and steer the airboat away on a large detour.

It’d add a little time to the trip at most, a far better choice than to rush headfirst to their demise.

He found a place to hide the airboat, flung on the Immaculate Robe, then used his movement arts to approach the islands.

Even without the help of the Great Veluriyam Torch, he smelled something unusual in the air a few thousand miles away from Bluesmoke. His powerful consciousness alone could sense the overwhelming demonic miasma in the area. In fact, it was directly visible to his God’s Eye.

The area seemed on the verge of exploding from the terrifying concentration of demonic energy. He would be blind to miss it.

“Well now!” he tutted secretly. There was no need to proceed any further. The great demonic army had indeed arrived in Myriad Abyss, and more precisely, in Bluesmoke.

Sure enough, discretion was the better part of valor.

Relief washed over him. He’d thankfully been quick-witted enough. Had he brashly flown ahead instead, the demons certainly wouldn’t have let such a good opportunity slip by.

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