Chapter 228: The Situation Oscillates

Chapter 228: The Situation Oscillates

Even Tian Shao hadn’t expected Jiang Chen to act so decisively, never mind Xin Wudao. By virtue of the latter’s very presence, he represented Yang Zhao’s wishes.

As for Yang Zhao, one of the vice directors of the Dragonteeth Guard, he was someone with an inordinate amount of power within the capital.

However, Jiang Chen had gone through with his execution with just a word, and hadn’t left any grounds to negotiate at all.

In the span of a second, tens of thousands of Dragonteeth Guards, tens of thousands of pairs of eyes all stared dumbfounded at Lu Wuji’s headless body. Petrified, they were unable to voice a single word.


It was only when Lu Wuji’s head dropped down to earth that Xin Wudao reacted. He felt his scalp grow numb as he looked at Lu Wuji’s expression of everlasting fury and regret.

It was like the sky had caved in at that moment.

He knew very well what kind of place Lu Wuji occupied in vice director Yang’s heart.

Lu Wuji’s death was the equivalent of digging out Yang Zhao’s heart. Xin Wudao didn’t need to speculate at all to think of the depths of Yang Zhao’s wrath!

“Jiang Chen, you… you dared kill Lu Wuji?” His arm couldn’t help but tremble, and his voice couldn’t help but shake as Xin Wudao pointed at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen...

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