Chapter 2274: All Hearts As One

An overwhelming sense of loss and despair struck Ziju Min. Nothing would change even if their forefather was present. Faced with an army of powerful demons, the ten forefathers combined didn’t amount to much. The demonic army wasn’t a threat that Myriad Abyss could resist.

How much damage had the demons done to the Divine Abyss Continent in the ancient times? Back then, the various domains on the continent had been at their peak, but still they’d failed to defeat the demons. The human victory had been a pyrrhic win.

If the demonic army invaded Myriad Abyss en masse, then not even the ten sacred lands combined would be able to delay them.

They were a colony of ants trying to face an elephant.

Hope dimmed in Ziju Min’s heart. But he looked at Jiang Chen, the young man’s bright eyes lit up the shadows like a lamp and drove away the dejection from his soul.

He had no solutions, but Jiang Chen did. From the young man’s recent track record, it was obvious that Jiang Chen possessed the power to fight demons.

Everyone turned to look at the young man.

He was their savior from the abyss, the beholder of hope for humanity. All Jiang Chen had ever striven for was to preserve a sliver of hope for their future.

Now came their most trying time. Who were they going to trust but Jiang Chen?

Ziju Min swept his gaze over the Eternal members. He read trust and hope in their expressions, which further cemented his resolve. “Is the ultimate battle between the Divine Abyss Continent and the demonic race going to break out early?”

Jiang Chen sighed. “I hope not, but I can’t change what is to come.”

He knew that the losses the various tribes had suffered in Myriad Abyss must’ve alerted the celestial demons and demonic race at large.

They’d come to realize that dividing their people was a mistake and how much of a threat Jiang Chen was.

Therefore, the demons had gathered their forces to launch the final assault ahead of schedule.

While the demons weren’t exactly ready for that, neither were the humans.

Humanity’s one advantage was that Jiang Chen had taken care of a number of demonic tribes over the course of several fights in Myriad Abyss, striking a heavy blow at the demons.

Divine forefathers of many tribes had been captured or killed, which significantly lowered the demons’ overall strength.

According to Jiang Chen’s estimations, he’d eliminated one third, or close to, of the demons’ forces.

Moreover, their enemy hadn’t yet recovered to half of what they’d been in the ancient times. Due to their decision to start the ultimate fight prematurely, their overall strength was about one third of their previous level as well.

As a result, the demons didn’t pose as much of a threat as they had in times of eld.

However, Jiang Chen still wasn’t going to underestimate them. The demonic race might be lesser now, but the same was true of the Divine Abyss Continent.

What made things different were him, the four divine beasts, and the treasures of feigned mundanity from his father. Those were the advantages the human race hadn’t possessed during the ancient demonic war.

In other words, he was the only wild card.

The changes he brought caught the demons off guard, and not just once. When the enemy finally realized their mistakes, the different tribes had already suffered great casualties.

The demonic forefathers sealed in the human domain were only the start. Their three peers who’d attacked Rejuvenation had died for nothing.

Then came the vanguards in Immortal, Flora, Radiance, Sunrise, and Eternal. Golden, monster, titan, fire, winged, and wood demons had all eaten severe losses at Jiang Chen’s hands.

Forefather Goldenhowl was the only one Jiang Chen hadn’t been able to deal with due to the forefather’s superior might. The other forefathers leading their tribes had either been slaughtered or captured alive.

The only ones that had been spared were the blood demons, who had yet to ramp up to activity, and the celestial demons.

The series of wins strengthened Jiang Chen’s confidence in the face of demons, and bequeathed onto him an accurate estimation of their strength.

Since the ancient times, people had always believed that demons were invincible.

After engaging the demons himself, he could see the belief for what it truly was - hearsay. The Divine Abyss Continent simply had yet to find a way to defeat demons, or it wasn’t yet resolute enough to defeat the enemy.

Jiang Chen relayed his recent feats to his grandfather-in-law. In turn, An Kasyapa didn’t pass up the opportunity to convey the information to the members of the three sacred lands.

They were shocked and awestruck.

Jiang Chen’s improbable winning streak ignited their will. The young man hadn’t suffered any losses!

After his victory in Rejuvenation, Jiang Chen emerged victorious from various sacred lands, triumphant over seven demonic tribes. All forefathers to cross his path were no more, except for Forefather Goldenhowl. This win rate was ridiculously high.

“You are indeed the chosen one, a gift the heavens have bestowed onto the human race. You are the genius sent to defeat the demons. The divisions between factions no longer matter. There is only the Divine Abyss Continent against the demons. The war can only end with one side exterminated.”

Ziju Min went on in a heated tone. “I don’t know what you think, fellow daoists, but I, Ziju Min, will follow young master Chen and fight the demons to the death! I’ll help defend the continent and my home! Only after the demons are defeated can we talk about factions and territories. In the face of their invasion, there was no point in holding on to the idea of the Eternal Sacred Land or the ten sacred lands. No one will be spared when they attack!”

There was no denying the truth in Ziju Min’s words.

Prime Puresmoke smiled wisely. “The Martial Sacred Land has been destroyed by the wood demons. It only makes sense for us to follow young master Chen.”

Members of the Abyssal Sacred Land had no place to call home, either. They spoke up one after another. “We follow young master Chen to fight the demons and protect our homeland!”

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