Chapter 2273: Cruel Reality

However, everything since the start of the fight had gone accordingly to plan, including Forefather Kingspot’s reaction.

Kingspot soared through the sky, searching for escape. 

None was to be found, given how the four divine beasts had long since set up their domain. They’d left a pocket of space open, all in readiness for him to dart in. 

Kingspot might be powerful, but the divine beasts had improved continuously thanks to their clashes with various demonic forefathers.

They were much stronger compared to when they’d first set foot in Myriad Abyss. Their progress was especially pronounced when it came to deploying a domain together. Their techniques had advanced another step towards perfection and easy cooperation. 

As soon as Kingspot set foot into the domain, it felt like a completely sealed-off area snapped shut behind him. Earth, air, fire, and water elements acted together to trap him inside.

He struggled futilely, a caged beast.

Jiang Chen manifested the True Dragon Rope of Water and Fire without hesitation and cast a dense web around the demonic forefather. Kingspot was quickly trussed up. 

Like a well-rehearsed act, everything went according to plan, the ending written long ago. The young lord landed before a fearful and desperate Kingspot.

No matter how the forefather struggled, the rope wound tighter and tighter around him.

Jiang Chen smiled slightly. “Stop wasting your energy. You aren’t the first forefather to be caught by this and you won’t be the last. Struggling will only increase your pain.”

Like he said, it wasn’t that painful for the captive if they didn’t struggle against the restraints. If they tried to break free, the rope would bind more tightly and bite into their flesh, even into one’s soul. The penetrative force of both water and fire was a worse torture than anything one could encounter in hell.

Kingspot realized the truth in Jiang Chen’s words after some struggle. His face paled and his eyes shone with despair.

Jiang Chen snapped his fingers. “It’s time to eliminate the wood demon tribe, everyone!”

The four divine beasts, An Kasyapa, and members of the three sacred lands led by Ziju Min charged out. They’d spotted the opportunity to fight back and overwhelmed the wood demons.

Although there were a few demigod demons leading the tribe, they didn’t last long in the face of the four divine beasts’ attacks.

Once they fell as well, the wood demons teetered even more on a knife’s edge. This tribe wasn’t particularly adept at fights to begin with and the fierce retaliation forced them to continuously retreat. However, it was impossible for them to do so without incurring any casualties, since  the four divine beasts were coming after them.

The battle was over in less than an hour.

Almost all of the wood demon parasites were transformed into ashes by the FIre of Firstdawn. Ninety percent of the wood demons had been killed as well, only the lucky ones were able to escape.

With the leadership of the four divine beasts, the fight finally came to an end.

Even with the conclusion of the fighting, cultivators of the three sacred lands still wore looks of disbelief. Everyone had made peace with the impending end. They’d been prepared to fight to their deaths and greet the gates of the underworld.

Once Jiang Chen showed up however, the tide was quickly turned.

Thank heavens they were still alive.

Ziju Min approached Jiang Chen with the cultivators from the three sacred lands.

The young lord looked at them with a smile, pleased to recognize a few of them. Many of his old acquaintances had become casualties after the demons invaded.

It was always good to see a few familiar faces. They’d faced sure death and survived. 

“I always believed that you’d be able to persist until I arrived, Forefather Ziju.” Jiang Chen cast an encouraging smile at the forefather. “You’ve lived up to my expectations.”

Ziju Min was warmed and thrilled by the smile.

“If not for your timely arrival, young master Chen, we would’ve all died in the battle,” lamented the forefather.

Prime Puresmoke echoed his sentiment. “I’ve seen my fair share of geniuses in my life. I’ve also heard numerous tales of geniuses from the ancient times. However, no young genius in human history has ever achieved what you’ve achieved, Jiang Chen.”

It was unprecedented for someone of the young man’s age to achieve all that had been done. There was no telling if someone else would be able to reach his heights in the future, but there’d certainly been no one like him in the past.

Jiang Chen didn’t deny the claim with unnecessary humility, yet didn’t get ahead of himself either. 

“The danger has passed for the moment, but it’s not time to celebrate just yet. I have some bad news for everyone. You should prepare yourselves.”

Hearing his serious tone, everyone’s delight at surviving the invasion withered, leaving worry behind in its place.

“What else is going to happen, young master Chen?” Ziju Min asked solemnly.

“I’ve been informed that the demonic army will invade Myriad Abyss soon. Two to three days if they’re quick, and five to six days if they take their time. Myriad Abyss is going to fall.” Jiang Chen didn’t want to share such dire news, but he had to.

Everyone, including Ziju Min, reacted strongly. They’d climbed out of the frying pan only to fall into the fire.

“The entire demonic army?” asked the forefather heavily.

“That’s right,” admitted Jiang Chen. “Under the command of the celestial demon tribe, they’ll be a most formidable foe.”

“Does that mean the ten sacred lands are doomed to fall?” someone asked quietly.

Jiang Chen didn’t respond, but his silence spoke volumes.

A heavy atmosphere permeated the Eternal Sacred Land. They hadn’t yet had the time to celebrate driving the wood demons away before fresh bad tidings plunged them to new lows.

This would be worse than the earlier invasion. They could fight to their death against the wood demons, but not against enemies as horrifying as the main demonic army. The ten sacred lands didn’t even have the right to muster a resistance. 

Such was the ugly truth.

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