Chapter 2272: The Panic-Stricken Kingspot

The demigod demons spearheading the offensive were in high spirits. Eternal didn’t put up as stiff an opposition as they’d expected. For these demons who’d once participated in the ancient war, a battle at this level was little to write home about.

“Children, forge ahead! Fight your way inside and loot to your heart’s content!” shouted the commanders. Victory was almost within grasp. Their enemy was struggling at death’s door. It was a simple matter of time before the sacred land crumbled.

The swarm of parasites darkened the earth as it surged forward, obscuring the sun behind black clouds and heralding the end of days.

However, something cleaved the sky in twain at that moment.


Dazzling light shone from a gap in the dark sky. A holy beam illuminated the land and warmed Eternal with its brightness. The wood demon parasites cowered under this blinding light and whined with dread, seeming to perceive extreme danger.

Despite its frenzied momentum moments prior, the demonic assault came to a sudden halt. Some demons froze in place and keened with fear, while others seemed to lose their minds. Smarter ones simply fell back or fled in a panic-stricken, bizarre turnabout.

On tenterhooks to begin with, Kingspot paled immediately.

Before he could react, an inferno suddenly erupted from the light. Reborn from the fire, the Vermilion Bird emerged triumphantly from the fiery sea to rain scorching flames upon the parasites between beats of its wings.

The Fire of Firstdawn was the parasites’ natural enemy, and the divine bird’s control brought out a hundred and twenty percent of its power. As the legion of parasites shivered together in unprecedented terror beneath the Great Veluriyam Light, the fires engulfed them whole. 

This is bad!

Kingspot instantly realized the battle had taken a turn for the worse. He hissed, “Forward, everyone! Attack this monster spirit!”

A vague outline and a certain name emerged in his mind when he witnessed the extent of the beast’s devastation: the Vermilion Bird!

Its presence signified that Jiang Chen was here as well!

Jiang Chen!

This was a name that terrorized all the demonic tribes on Myriad Abyss of late. To think he’d appear here and now!

Kingspot’s thoughts were in turmoil. In fact, his sole worry had been the possible appearance of this genius who’d triumphed again and again over the demon tribes.

So he’d always stayed cautious, never erring. Truth to tell, he’d been relieved by the many pieces of news surrounding the young man.

Jiang Chen wreaking havoc elsewhere meant his tribe would be left in peace, at least.

But it was too beautiful a dream to last for long. Hot on their tail, the human had arrived in Eternal all the same. Was Kingspot going to suffer the same fate as his fellow demon forefathers?

The forefather’s fighting spirit evaporated at this thought. Paying no attention to his troops, he did an about-face and flashed into a blue beam of light to run for dear life. 

His army stared at his departing figure, dumbstruck by this shocking scene. Was this the same forefather who’d been directing the battle a moment ago? To think he’d opt to flee by himself and throw his troops to the wolves!

Alas, the plans of mice and men often go awry.

No sooner had he begun to pick up speed than a beam of light pierced the sky like a shooting star and crashed in front of him, exploding with an energy that shook the air.

Once bombarbed, the sky filled with chaotic fluxes that disrupted his flight and obstructed his path. 

Meanwhile, Jiang Chen’s figure dropped in front of him.

With a subtle smile on his lips, the young man gazed upon the frantic forefather with faint derision. This Kingspot was quite the shrewd and perceptive one. If not for the young lord’s fast reactions, this fellow might well have made good his escape. 

A demon god was almost impossible to catch if determined to bolt. The key was to stop him cold before he could break away from the immediate vicinity.

Therefore, Jiang Chen had elected to use the Scrutiny of Existence to cut off all means of retreat.

This was testament to the item’s power. How could an ordinary attack fray the very fabric of space and counter Kingspot’s movement art?

The demon forefather fixed Jiang Chen with a malicious glare, a savage beast ready to devour its prey, but the latter flashed back a smile as free as the breeze. “Tsk tsk, so you’re the one directing the parasites? That means Martial and Abyss’ ruin was mostly your doing?”

Kingspot rolled his eyes and snorted coldly. “Kid, I don’t need to hide what I’ve done. You must be the one called Jiang Chen?”

The young lord shrugged. “You know me?”

“Hmph! Everyone in the ten tribes has your name on their lips. It’s hard to be deaf to it even if I wanted to. What, they say you’re not that close to Eternal. Did you come to play the hero?” 

Jiang Chen smiled casually. “Eternal is my ally, so its business is naturally mine as well. In any case, don’t you think this juvenile question is quite comical coming from a forefather? Or are you stalling for time and waiting for backup?”

“Why would I need reinforcements for a kid still wet behind the ears?” Kingspot sneered contemptuously.

“Fantastic! At least you have a backbone, unlike the one called Ghostbranch.” Despite the barely veiled taunt, it was mostly an intimidation attempt.

Sure enough, Kingspot’s face turned cold. “You’ve seen Forefather Ghostbranch?”

“I have. I borrowed his head to kick it around. But then I heard there’s another eminent figure in the wood demon tribe, so I made the trip especially to borrow your head as well!”

Kingspot’s chest tightened at his opponent’s composure. Things were truly going from bad to worse!

“Borrow my head? Do you have what it takes?” he asked coldly.

“Do you think I’d be here if not?” Jiang Chen riposited, carefree as always.

He ferociously brandished the Great Veluriyam Torch all of a sudden. Like the brush of a calligrapher, the torch outlined rays of light to surround the demon, attempting to lock him within their midst.

But against all odds, Kingspot sensed the danger and avoided the trap by immediately darting high into the sky. He had to avoid a frontal confrontation at all costs!

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