Chapter 227: Executing Lu Wuji (Teaser)

Chapter 227: Executing Lu Wuji

This unexpected change didn’t even give Xue San time to react.


A crisp crack rang out from his neck as it broke, with blood gushing out like a geyser as it splattered everywhere. His eyes rolled up into their sockets like dead fish going belly up.

His hands clawed wildly in the empty air, trying to shake off the golden shadow on his body, but to no avail.

This abrupt development completely flabbergasted his four men. When they came to their senses, they leapt forward, wanting to save Xue San.

Xue San used all the strength in his body in order to maintain a death grip on the golden shadow while screaming out raspily, “Run, run!”

Xue San saw death grin madly in his face as he knew that he’d been bitten in a vital part. He also knew that the spirit creature who’d bit him was much stronger than him. Even if they had met in face to face combat, he still wouldn’t have beaten it, not to mention being ambushed by it.

Therefore, he only had one thought left in his mind -- to hold onto this spirit creature at all costs and protect his companions as they made their escape!

“Run! Don’t let me die in regret!” Xue San’s face contorted as he thrashed...

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