Chapter 2269: Ghostbranch Executed

Bowing beneath the weight of the magnetic force, the plants unyieldingly lifted skyward again when the mist spread. The demonic miasma had reignited their will to fight.

The native plants in the area weren’t the only ones that had surged back to life. Demonic plants in all directions swarmed to Jiang Chen like they’d been summoned and lunged at him.

The young lord’s eyes turned steely. He knew this was the enemy’s death throes.

With a snort, he slammed a hand seal on the surface of the magnetic golden mountain, which prompted another great transformation. Its aureate radiance grew even more blinding and active. The magnetic storm surged and doubled in power.

Under Jiang Chen’s command, countless golden monsters swarmed out of the mountain, brandishing sharp weapons. They formed their own army and charged at the demonic plants.

The five elements naturally countered each other, and the metal element was inherently destructive to the wood element.

The golden monsters crashed over the plants like a golden tidal wave, decimating them.

Seeing his plants annihilated made Forefather Ghostbranch’s heart burn. His eyes turned bloodshot as he glared at Jiang Chen.

Realization dawned. He knew who his opponent was.

“You… are Jiang Chen, aren’t you?” He asked with a slight tremor in his voice, his heart sinking.

He didn’t expect to be targeted by the legendary young lord.

All of the rumors that had been circulating among the demonic tribes flashed through Ghostbranch’s head, cracking his confidence.

Jiang Chen smiled faintly but didn’t react. There was only one thought on his mind: end the forefather. It was now or never.

The golden monsters had overwhelmed the plants, and the magnetic storm was destroying the forefather’s defenses.

More importantly, the holy light of the Great Veluriyam Torch had locked onto Ghostbranch.

Ghostbranch shuddered when the light hit him. The resulting shock temporarily distracted him, which proved to be a fatal mistake.

The magnetic storm devoured the demon forefather like a ravenous beast from the halls of history before he had the time to react. The tremendous metallic energy materialized as countless deadly blades and churned him into nothingness.

All of this happened in the blink of an eye. There was barely a breath of time between Ghostbranch’s realization of his circumstances and death. His reflexes were quick, yet he hadn’t been able to resist at all before being wiped from the face of the earth.

His death tolled the death knell for the core of the demonic plants, which substantially decreased the battle strength of the plants in the premises. Energy drained from the plants enchanted by the forefather, and they slowly reverted back to their original form, flopping pathetically.

Meanwhile, plants that were demonic in nature lost their fierceness without a puppet master pulling on their strings.

Jiang Chen sighed in relief. He stowed away the torch and the magnetic mountain and landed in an open expanse ahead of him, as graceful as a swallow.

An Kasyapa dropped to the ground as well. He was visibly delighted to see Jiang Chen. “You’re here, young master Chen. I knew you’d come.”

Jiang Chen greatly admired An Kasyapa for searching out the wood demon forefather on his own.

“Thank you for your hard work, Divine Kasyapa. I have to shamefully admit that I arrived before you did. However, I didn’t let you know and instead used you to eliminate our enemy.”

“Haha, one can’t kill a demon without breaking some rules. You made a very proper decision. I welcome you to use me in such a manner whenever you want.”

It delighted An Kasyapa to eliminate a wood demon forefather. Although he wasn’t the one to make the killing blow, he’d contributed greatly to the fight. The part he played was undeniable.

However, he didn’t care about the credit. He simply found it exhilarating to fight demons. Who would have thought that he could stand toe-to-toe with a demon?

Such an experience helped him realize that the demons weren’t as terrifying as they were said to be. They were painted as invincible monsters only partly because of their fierce nature. Their might had actually been exaggerated due to human fear.

Jiang Chen took stock of the environment after decimating his enemy.

The demonic forefather must have used a treasure to manipulate the plants. The demon might be no more, but the item should remain.

The young human located the forefather’s storage ring and broke into it with his powerful consciousness. There was indeed a valuable treasure and a book on manipulating plants inside.

The other items Jiang Chen wasn’t interested in. He chucked the ring to An Kasyapa. “Finders keepers. The rest is yours.”

There were a lot more objects in the ring. As a divine forefather, Ghostbranch had accumulated a reasonable amount of wealth.

From the cultivation resources kept in the ring, it was clear that late forefather had amassed a great fortune after the wood demons took over Martial and Abyssal Sacred Land.

An Kasyapa hadn’t expected Jiang Chen to be so generous. The young man had not only given him the credit he was due, but also an ample amount of rewards.

“Young master Chen, the demonic plants aren’t going to be much of a threat after his death, are they?” asked An Kasyapa.

“The plants were never much of a threat to the more powerful cultivators. He was targeting the mid to low level cultivators with his tricks. That is how the wood demons conquered Martial and Abyssal. His method was unfamiliar to us. With him dead though, the demonic plants should be easy to deal with.”

An Kasyapa further briefed the young lord on the current situation of the Eternal Sacred Land.

Jiang Chen had held his speculations. He therefore wasn’t that surprised by An Kasyapa’s words.

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