Chapter 2259: Fourth Level Divine Realm!

The faint light hovering in front of him was yet another treasure from his chain seal. Each link of the nine contained a feigned mundanity treasure - or at least, that was the case for the previous three.

“What gift has my father left me this time?” Jiang Chen grew expectant. Not for the power of the treasure itself, but that he didn’t want to miss anything that might have to do with the father of his previous life.

The memories of his past seemed almost unrealistically distant. Anything that reminded him of his previous father would help him reorient reality.

This time, it was a feathered robe.

Just like the others, this was a treasure that looked ordinary and mundane. The robe looked incredibly common at first glance, perhaps even unremarkable. However, a little communication with his consciousness shook him to his core.

“The Immaculate Robe?” The name of the treasure flickered across his mind, as well as how to make use of it. 

The Immaculate Robe is a miracle of creation that encompasses all aspects of nature. It remains immaculate from all things around it, separate and without, allowing its wearer to remain completely undetected wherever they may be. They can stoop by the enemy’s side, yet remain wholly invisible.

If this was its only effect, it wasn’t much better than a high-quality stealth talisman.

However, the robe was much more powerful and distorting than that. It functioned by virtually plucking its wearer away from the patch of space he stood in. No matter the destructiveness of an enemy’s attacks, a calm and unfettered mind allowed one to remain hidden and unaffected.

An opponent that could recognize and counter the Immaculate Robe was an exception, of course. Otherwise, there was no solution to the powers of the robe.

“Father…” Jiang Chen teared up. The amount of effort his father had spent on refining these treasures was incalculable.

The Measure of Heaven, True Dragon Rope of Water and Fire, Scrutiny of Existence, and Immaculate Robe were all individually worthy of being called any ordinary plane’s highest treasure. Even in the heavenly planes, they would’ve been sought after by countless cultivators.

And yet, his father had prepared all of these things for him.

“There was a reason for my reincarnation from my previous life! My father doubtless has high hopes for me.”

Suddenly, Jiang Chen recalled hearing his father’s voice on the border of unconsciousness. His father was suffering and waiting in a secret realm among the heavenly planes. Waiting for his only son… waiting for him.

“Can he still be alive? Is he summoning me? Is there something he wants to tell me?”

The idea rekindled his hope.

He had a feeling that the unraveling of his previous life’s mystery was at hand. The nine-linked chain seal was sure to contain more information.

“I need to hurry and reach ninth level divine realm, then I might become a god-king myself and create a plane of my own among the heavens. Only then can I hope to delve into the secrets my father left me. In my previous life, I couldn’t cultivate, but each step in this one has my father’s help and planning behind it.”

Jiang Chen was invigorated and mobilized.

There was sure to be some cause and reason for his new existence. Understanding these things required him to continue cultivating.

“Wait for me, father. The day of our reunion is at hand!” After reaching fourth level divine realm, Jiang Chen could already see an incredibly smooth path ahead of him.

His strength and perception had both vastly increased once more.

What could the demons possibly do to him?

They were an opponent fit only for Divine Abyss. A touchstone on his way to celestial divinity.

His previous wariness was gone; he could finally see the demons as an ordinary opponent.

Jiang Chen noticed that he was becoming more and more like the son of a celestial emperor in every aspect. His aura, bearing, and way of seeing the world were all shifting.

In the eyes of a celestial emperor’s son, the demons were only a race among myriad others in the heavenly planes. They were prone to causing trouble here and there, but they had never been a notable threat to the Taiyuan Planes. Before his father, what were they worth?

To put it bluntly, his father could have crushed them at the drop of a hat.

The enemy responsible for the destruction of the heavenly planes in his previous life was far stronger than any demon.

Jiang Chen didn’t have the right to know that enemy’s identity just yet. He needed to grow stronger. He was on his way there, but not entirely mature.

The young man put away his Immaculate Robe, immensely eased by the gift.

“The Immaculate Robe will serve as another safeguard in my battle against the demons,” he asserted confidently to himself.

The four sacred beasts were overjoyed to see him depart the secret room.

“Young master Chen, you’re finally awake!”

“You… you broke through, young master Chen?”

Though not prone to exaggerated astonishment, they were nevertheless astounded by the amazing change in their human friend.

Jiang Chen was progressing inconceivably quickly. The sacred beasts possessed some of the best bloodlines in the heavenly planes, but the young man was cultivating faster than them. That in itself was more than enough cause for shock!

Jiang Chen smiled a little. “Sorry about the trouble. How many days was I out?”

“Three,” replied the Vermilion Bird truthfully.

“Three days?” Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up. “We still have four days left before the demon armies fully convene in Myriad Abyss. Is that not so?”

The bird nodded. “If you woke up two days later, we’d be in a lot more trouble. Thank heavens that we still have time.”

“Come, we’ll head for the Eternal Sacred Land immediately!”

“We’re still going to Eternal?” the Vermilion Bird gasped. “We could be cut off from Winterdraw by the demons then. Did you consider that risk, young master Chen?”

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