Chapter 2257: Coma

Jiang Chen had been lying unconscious for the past three days in Radiance Holy Girl Yao Guang’s secret room, ever since the end of that risky confrontation.

Radiance and Sunrise had been in an uproar during this time. The demons previously occupying their territories had sounded the retreat for unknown reasons.

As if a calamitous plague had suddenly descended upon the two divine nations, both winged and fire demons had fully withdrawn in a matter of two short days. Not a single soul remained behind, leaving the inhabitants utterly baffled by the turn of events.

They’d first suspected some kind of trap, but as scouts constantly brought back the same news, they were forced to accept the stunning reality. The demons were truly fully gone!

“He really did it. Big sister, how is that possible? How did he manage it?” Yao Guang’s tender heart trembled with shock.

When the young lord had taken away the Fire of Firstdawn, she’d been convinced he’d mount a rescue on Eternal at first light.

She’d never expected him to bait the fire demon forefathers instead. And then, he’d truly eliminated them, as he’d promised!

Not only that, but he’d also rid them of the winged demon forefathers on the same occasion. 

If not for the four sacred beasts dragging back one of the winged demon forefathers, she might still be in denial.

In fact, Si Tong wasn’t any less shocked. Only, she had been more confident in the young man. The Fire of Firstdawn shouldn’t have been the sole reason for him to seek her out.

But, deep in her heart, she hadn’t held too much hope either. She’d only prayed for him to stay safe and sound against the fire demons.

To think he’d truly succeeded! It was no less than a miracle.

The demons towered so far above the strength of the two sacred lands, but were easy targets ripe for the picking when they ran into him. 

Whether fire or winged demons, a single forefather of theirs would’ve jeopardized the two sacred lands. And four of them to boot!

Such was the enemy Jiang Chen had vanquished, capturing them or killing them outright!

Who said he had no helpers? Then what were the four sacred beasts? The sacred lands could only dream of such help.

Reality had finally dawned on her. The young lord was at such a high level that he eclipsed Myriad Abyss entirely. He’d become an existence to look up at, or even worship.

The ten great forefathers might return one day, but so what if they did?

Dealing with one or two demonic tribes would be a crowning achievement enough for the combined force of the sacred lands. A joint offensive from all ten tribes absolutely possessed the power to crush everything in their path and raze Myriad Abyss to the ground.

For example, the fire demons’ campaign on Sunrise had been a one-sided trouncing that would’ve resulted in its total annihilation, if not for the sacred land’s contingency plan.

The demons had proved more terrible than anyone had ever imagined.

They were objects of fear, even for the sacred lands, an enemy that seemed entirely impossible to withstand.

But Jiang Chen had appeared out of nowhere to demonstrate they weren’t invincible. Not only that, they could be easily killed.

How could the two women not be astonished? How could they not revere such an existence?

They’d once been at his level during the competition of geniuses, but he’d now grown far beyond them.

It was an injustice one could die from.

“Big sister, why aren’t you saying anything?” Yao Guang couldn’t resist asking when she noticed her friend’s internal conflict.

“Wise sister, what do you want me to say?” Her eyes betrayed her agitation. “I only hate myself for being powerless to help Brother Jiang.”

“Don’t be silly. Even our leaders can’t rival his ferocious power, so why compare him to younger generations like us?” Yao Guang didn’t feel all that guilty.

“Perhaps so, but consider, his strength wasn’t all that different from ours in the past, but now he…he’s become the lone pillar of resistance against the demons. To be frank, I’m a bit ashamed of Myriad Abyss. We’ve occupied these lands for so long, enjoyed the best of resources, and benefited from the ultimate cultivation environment. But when push comes to shove, we turn out to be so utterly useless...”

True to her words, she’d secretly reassessed her worldview after the recent turmoil.

The sacred lands had truly been found wanting. At the very least, their fighting potential or contributions were too meager compared to the blessings they’d enjoyed.

“Stop it, stop it. I’ll feel like a sinner at this rate. Big sister, I know you fancy this fellow. I have to admit he is reliable. I hear the demon invaders evacuated the two divine nations in a hurry.”

Si Tong nodded. “Yes, how can they not be alarmed when their leaders are slain? They’re also made of flesh and blood. Just like us, they are no strangers to fear.”

“Maybe they aren’t as terrible as everyone says?” Yao Guang murmured to herself.

“You’re wrong.” Si Tong frowned lightly. “That’s nothing but a false impression born from Jiang Chen’s achievements. Can anyone else defeat two demon tribes, even with all of the strength in Myriad Abyss combined? I’m not so certain of that.”

Yao Guang didn’t reply out loud, but she knew full well that the two demon tribes would more than likely send the sacred lands running away with their tails between their legs.

“Big sister, this Jiang Chen is a real rascal. Look at him all passed out. When do you think he’ll wake up?” She glanced at the hidden room.

“I don’t know.” Si Tong shook her head weakly. “As soon as possible, I hope. Many challenges lie ahead of us now that the war is in full swing. Neither Myriad Abyss Island nor Divine Abyss Continent can afford his absence. The four sacred beasts did mention something about the main demon army in the desolate wildlands revising their plans. They’ve given up the other territories and will point their spears solely at Myriad Abyss, then use us as a springboard for an offensive on the human domain!”

“How is that possible?? Why's the human domain so important that our Myriad Abyss is merely a stepping stone in comparison?”

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