Chapter 2256: An Attack That Surpasses One’s Limits

Both forefathers were highly decisive by nature. As soon as they decided on the course to take, they reached the limit of their speed in the next second and used their momentum to crash against the domain’s barriers.

Sounding a retreat when the domain was still in its infancy was their best opportunity. Once it grew to completion, or enhanced beyond that, their advantage in speed would be entirely nullified, making any escape much more difficult.

Currently, it was still progressively gaining in strength. Not yet at peak condition, it wasn’t steady enough yet to face the simultaneous charge of the two demons.

Either forefather would have been helplessly trapped if alone. Thankfully, fighting side by side gave them enough power to hopefully create a breach while the domain’s nascent defenses still remained weak. 

The Vermilion Bird clenched its teeth. “I’ll go and stop them!”

It fluttered its wings and blurred into a same streak of light, barring their way forward. Its energy rumbled menacingly as it breathed its fearsome skyfire. That resulted in a sea of flames that stopped cold the demons’ escape attempt. 

The skyfire’s heat was too terrible for either forefather to weather directly. As a result, both chose to fall back in the face of the inferno churning their way like a dragon.

At this sight, the Black Tortoise chanted something under his breath and sprayed the familiar Festering Gas. 

This attack eroded the body and invaded the mind. Supplied with a constant stream of energy from the divine beast, the fog rolled forward ever faster and reached the demons in an instant.

“Damn it, it’s an ambush. I knew it!”

Thankfully, the two forefathers also had tricks up their sleeves. Thanks to their experience, they confronted the encroaching danger without a hint of panic.

No sooner had they barely dodged the skyfire than was the gas cloud upon them.

“The fog is dangerous, don’t touch it!” Demonhawk growled. Like an enormous pair of fans obscuring the sky, his wings blew a biting-cold wind that seemed to sweep away everything beneath the heavens, forcefully diverting the path of the fog.

The four beasts attacked in turn. Together, they might have stood a chance to injure their opponents, but with their current strength, fighting one by one would delay the demons at best.

After all, they had to keep an eye on the activating domain. Before the latter had reached its final shape, some of them had to stay in control of it, preventing them from fighting freely.

As a result, while the situation looked dire for the forefathers on the surface, they had in fact regained their bearings to batter the barrier once again.

Hiding high above, Jiang Chen observed the battle with great anxiety.

The sacred beasts would have had strength to spare if they had faced either forefather by himself, but suppressing both at the same time seemed a step too far.

“Do we have no choice but to let them get away today?” Unwilling, Jiang Chen tentatively tested his reserve of consciousness.

“It might prove too little for the Scrutiny of Existence, but if I force myself, it’s probably just enough for one use of the True Dragon Rope of Water and Fire or the Great Veluriyam Torch. But even I don’t know what will happen once I push my limits.”

He was a third level god. His consciousness far exceeded cultivators’ of the same level, but it wasn’t infinite nonetheless, especially when each fight at this level required such an enormous amount.

“That doesn’t matter. It’s worth taking some risks if I can kill their forefathers and weaken the demons further!” He clenched his teeth, spread his hand, and once again grasped the True Dragon Rope of Water and Fire.

His mind stretched taut, as if poised to infuse all his strength into the next attack. Since his mind was set, he had to make certain his strike landed. He only had one shot.

Displaying his consciousness to the full, he stared fixedly at the battleground with his God’s Eye. Every minute detail of the fight seemed to unfold in slow motion.

“True Dragon of Water and Fire, bind yon heavens and bridle the earth!”

Two streams of air, one yin and one yang, one blue and one red, merged into a dragon that shattered the void and swirled toward Demonhawk in a dazzling display of light.

The latter already had his hands full attacking the domain while defending against surprise sallies from the divine beasts.

To focus on two things at the same time was already arduous, and three things turned out to be one too many.

He instinctively tried to avoid the oncoming rope, but the treasure possessed extreme reach. It coiled after him when he fled in one direction, folded his way when he ran in another, and stayed in hot pursuit no matter how hard he tried to shake it off. Like an inescapable net, it left no gaps for him to escape through, dogging him until the very end. 

And when it finally came close enough to its target, it twisted itself, as if drawing a rune in the air, spreading wave after wave of water and fire in his surroundings.

Before he could blink, the rope securely wrapped around Demonhawk, rendering the demon unable to lift a single finger.

A dumbstruck Demonroc stared in openmouthed horror.

He’d started the fight shaken to begin with, perhaps even afraid. Now that his tribesman had been taken captive, his anxiety soared to a new level. How he wished to escape far away, never to face this group of monsters ever again!

Unfortunately for him, the pressure on the sacred beasts eased off significantly with Demonhawk out of the equation.

Their spirits roused, they focused their entire attention on completing the domain, successfully achieving their goal not long after.

The space inside was now a prison. No matter how Demonroc tried to ram it open, he couldn’t put a single dent in it. Not everyone possessed Blazingsun’s formidable abilities.

Jiang Chen stooped exhausted on the ground, his eyes tightly screwed shut. His mind reeling and teetering, his consciousness ran amuck. His vision grew hazy. Merely staying awake at this point was a struggle, to say nothing of attending to the battle.

But at this stage, the full might of the four divine beasts ought to be more than enough to deal with Demonroc.

Furthermore, the forefather had been scared stiff, his will to fight seemingly all but gone.

And sure enough, he ultimately ended up defeated a few minutes later, becoming the final victim of this battle.

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