Chapter 2251: The Might Of The World-Ending Light

“Lowly human! I swear on the name of the ancestor demon gods that I’ll kill you today, no matter what you’re scheming!”

Now fully berserk, Blazingsun’s figure resembled that of a red flower in full bloom. He gave off an utterly alien sense of beauty.

Boundless flames emanated from him to pool into an ocean of fire. His figure belched flames like a volcano, as if he was newly returned from the depths of hell.

“Go to hell, human!” As he yelled, he waved a vigorous arm and threw a punch that screamed with a terrifying aura. The explosive energy shattered the very fabric of space and drew myriads of cracks in the air.

The domain itself inflated like a balloon, seemingly on the edge of breaking apart.

The pressure on the divine beasts was immense. They could tell that Blazingsun had ignited his life essence to do battle. He was hell-bent on taking his enemies down, even if he had to burn his life away!

They couldn’t let him escape from the confinement of the domain, else the frenzied forefather would become an all but unstoppable force for the four of them.

They feared no demons under normal circumstances, but the berserk Blazingsun was more than they could handle.

They were still lacking in comparison when it came to genuine cultivation. They had to rely on their coordination and the vast power of their bloodlines to pin him down.

With the penetrating sight of his God’s Eye, Jiang Chen saw the domain weakening by the second under the forefather’s frantic onslaught, like reins cracking from a wild beast’s flailing. It could break at any second, so he boosted it even further with the Great Veluriyam Light.

At the same time, he fired the Scrutiny of Existence again. The formidable World-Ending Light morphed from blue to purple, and ultimately to a golden radiance that rang with the roar of a dragon, or perhaps the cry of a phoenix, as it shot straight at the forefather with frenzied speed.

Blazingsun’s bloodshot eyes followed the aureate beam coming from above with great trepidation.

A direct hit would immediately compel him back into his original shape, or worse, utterly annihilate him on the spot.

He had to escape from the domain and regain full mobility before the attack landed. Otherwise, his odds of dodging while still hindered were marginal at best.

Of course, he could be utterly foolish or suicidal enough to try to weather it head-on, but he instinctively knew he wouldn’t escape unscathed. It would be a stirring, tragic end for sure.

An ominous glint sparkled in his bloody eyes. He ravaged his body and spilled his blood with his own hands. It was self-harm, yes, but also a way to awaken his full potential.

The effects were instantaneous. The area covered by his demonfire expanded immensely as soon as his blood came into contact with it, as well as its density.

“Break! Break, I say!” He shouted himself hoarse.

Terrifying demonfire crashed against the domain like the tidewaters. The entire space inside fissured ghastly, a portend of its imminent collapse.

“It’s going to break soon!” Delight shone in the forefather’s eyes.

Jiang Chen observed the process, his face grim. This battle had far exceeded his expectations.

Blazingsun still resisted against overwhelming odds, a testament to his stubborn resilience.

The young lord made a prompt decision. Imitating his opponent, he also threw caution to the wind and poured his entire reserve of consciousness into the Great Veluriyam Torch and the Scrutiny of Existence.

The renewed support from the torch stabilized the domain’s defenses for a little longer while he drove the Scrutiny of Heaven’s offensive firepower to new heights.

He and Blazingsun were in a race against time. If the demon could break free, he would unleash the full force of his wrath upon the four sacred beasts.

Of course, they could weather it, but the forefather would escape in all likelihood, destroying the greater part of his plans in the process. Blazingsun was as a far greater threat than Glaringflare.

Of course, the demon would be gravely injured after igniting his life essence. But with the extraordinary self-healing ability of his race, he might well return to full strength in a few years, as if nothing had happened, and become a thorn in Jiang Chen’s side.

Did he want one more enemy at large, especially one so dangerous?

Of course not. His motto had always been to nip potential trouble in the bud. 

Hence, come hell or high water, he had to stop his opponent here and now, no matter the price.

The four beasts observed the development of the battle with great apprehension. They had already fought as hard as they could, and would have had no qualms going into melee range to gain some time for the young lord. But, wary of a final stand of mutual destruction, the latter had ordered them to fall back. In any case, they were fully aware they couldn’t withstand the brunt of the forefather’s power right now.

True, Long Xiaoxuan and the Astral White Tiger were experts in frontal combat, but it was too soon to pit initial gods like them against a frenzied Blazingsun. 

In a few short breaths, Jiang Chen augmented the World-Ending Light no less than six times. A divine beam fired from the heavens, the aureate ray’s fearsome pressure weighed down on the forefather’s chest like a mountain range the closer it drew.

By the time the attack finally reached him, its energy was far greater than it had been at the start.

But, in the same instant, his raging flames also reached the pinnacle of their power. With a rumbling of the earth, his relentless blows finally caved a hole in the domain.

Almost simultaneously, the golden World-Ending Light penetrated through this very gap.

Blazingsun’s eyes contracted violently. Many fragmented thoughts surfaced in his mind. The next moment, the beam finally struck true.


The World-Ending Light swallowed him whole.

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