Chapter 2250: Struggles of A Caged Beast

As a divine forefather, Blazingsun had seen his share of conflicts and participated in battles large and small. But today was his first time witnessing such a bizarre sight.  

With his companion out of commission, he immediately found himself cornered. So without hesitation, he circulated all of his mental reserves, ready to lay his life on the line as he entered a berserk state. His body was a volcano that had stored an enormous amount of energy, ready to erupt at any moment.

Jiang Chen keenly sensed this impending, suffocating explosion of violence. He immediately transmitted, “Everyone, be careful. This old fogey is willing to sacrifice his life, so don’t get too close to him.”

Why were demons so hard to deal with? Because rational thought no longer applied to them once in battle. For them, terrible forbidden arts were far from taboo.

Possessing monstrous destructiveness, such arts brought about nothing but cruel devastation.

Blazingsun’s attitude screamed he was ready to use such a method to take down his enemies with himself. He wasn’t genuinely intent on suicide, of course, but merely using the threat to wrangle his way out of an impasse.

He who fought without regard for his life often cowed his enemies into making mistakes and giving him an opportunity to survive.

It wasn’t the forefather’s first time with his back against the wall. He’d already experienced dangers in this life that were so pressing he’d been forced to use his own life as a gambling chip.

Due to the beasts’ absolute trust in Jiang Chen, they grew even more vigilant after his warning. Their control over the domain didn’t falter, but they did maintain a certain distance from the enemy, in case the latter tried to detonate his soul. The intensity of their attacks suffered as a consequence, substantially decreasing the pressure they exerted on the forefather.

But the restrictive domain was still in place, so the demon’s movements were as impeded as before.

Since the sacred beasts had drawn back, Jiang Chen had to fill in for them and contribute even more. Over his head, the Great Veluriyam Torch pelted the battlefield with an ever-increasing number of bright, dazzling rays of light.

He was naturally aware that the demon’s aggressiveness was aimed at creating a gap to allow for an escape.

But of course, the young lord wouldn’t tolerate such an outcome. Driving the torch to its full power, he swathed the domain in layer after layer of blinding light curtains that challenged the demon ever further.

Like flower petals, the curtains overlaid each other and endlessly magnified the domain’s power. The demon tried multiple times to charge through its boundaries, only to be bounced back each time by its formidable defenses. He approached within inches of success several times, but the torch’s pressure ultimately caused him to fail.

The forefather was at his wit’s end. Facing the enemy alone after his companion’s capture, he struggled for dear life like a trapped beast’s final stand.

He held nothing back and used all of the skills and techniques he’d learned in his long life. Now and then, he transformed into a raging blaze in an attempt to burn a hole in the domain’s space with the absolute power of fire.

However, being controlled by all four divine beasts, the domain contained the highest theories of heaven and earth. Jiang Chen had simulated some of the most profound mysteries in the heavenly planes to impart this method to the beasts. Its intricacies far exceeded the continent’s knowledge.

The more Blazingsun fought, the more apprehensive he became.

He’d fought against the human domain in the past and had seen mankind’s greatest ancient powerhouses, including some that were slightly stronger than him. None had been able to gain the upper hand once he threw caution to the winds. Some had even fallen back on the spot.

After all, human cultivators couldn’t match a demon’s brute force or his level of control. However, today’s events fully went against this lifelong preconception.

He’d never felt as great a pressure as now. His opponent was baffling, his fighting style multi-faceted, his powers unpredictable, and his bag of tricks seemingly bottomless. A human like no other, this young man suppressed him in every aspect.

No matter how much like a daredevil the demon fought, the domain’s restrictions rendered him as powerless as a prisoner in a cell. His arsenal included many mighty arts, but he couldn’t fully bring them to use. He was willing to die fighting, but he couldn’t even approach the enemy.

Such helplessness was the greatest tragedy.

Demons had always been the ones to toy with their opponents. It was his first time on the receiving end instead.

While operating the Great Veluriyam Torch, Jiang Chen brandished another object, the Scrutiny of Existence. Like all the other items sealed in his consciousness by his father, it was a feigned mundanity treasure.

The Scrutiny was similar to the Great Veluriyam Torch in some aspects, but its firepower was on a different level. After all, forged by a Celestial Emperor, it was a treasure truly blessed by creation.

A forbidding beam fired from it like an arrow, instantly causing the surrounding space to tremble from its awe-inspiring energy. This was one of the item’s abilities, deemed the World-Ending Light.

It erased all dirt and impurities from the world with its tyrannical power. In the hands of an immortal, it could sometimes pierce through the very fabric of the universe to attack one plane from another.

Of course, Jiang Chen didn’t have the cultivation yet to use it to that degree. But even a modest tap into the light’s potential was terrifying enough.

The ray raced toward Blazingsun with unstoppable momentum, carrying with it a madness that engulfed everything in its path.

Of course, the demon noticed the incoming danger. An unparalleled sense of crisis made all of the hairs on his body stand on end, as if he were a hedgehog. The blinding brightness of the dreadful beam burned into his retinas.

He’d never felt as close to death as he had in this instant. The unprecedented threat seemed to bring with it a terror that could consume his very life.

He howled at the sky, roaring his grief. The flames enveloping him suddenly raged with quintuple the intensity, forming a blaze that pierced the dome of the sky. At this moment, his figure resembled that of a burning mountain.

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