Chapter 225: Xue Tong Goes Missing!

Chapter 225: Xue Tong Goes Missing!

Xue Tong happened to play a very important role in Lu Wuji’s plans.

When he heard Xue San say so, Lu Wuji hastened to say, “Xue Tong is just a minor character, why does it matter if he dies or not? Besides, I still have some use for keeping this fellow alive.”

Xue San and Lu Wuji were just in a working partnership. However, the former was wholly uninterested in Lu Wuji’s ambitions. He felt that leaving Xue Tong alive would become a security concern for their operation.

Since he was a latent threat, he must be dealt with.

“Lu Wuji, you seem to have gotten something wrong. This Xue Tong is someone that my Hidden Hand has captured. It’s our business as to how we take care of him. On what grounds do you have to keep this Xue Tong alive?” Xue San smiled coldly.

Lu Wuji said frantically, “Isn’t it a matter of wealth whether you capture or kill someone? I’m willing to pay if you give Xue Tong to me.”

Lu Wuji knew that he would make no headway if he approached this head-on in a tough manner with Xue San. All would be well if he spent some money.

“Payment?” Xue San’s expression softened as expected. “How much are you willing to pay?”

Lu Wuji gritted his teeth, “This Xue Tong is just a true...

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