Chapter 2249: Jiang Chen Makes His Move

The two forefathers felt the urge to break something. They’d had their suspicions, but greed and arrogance blinded them to possible threats.

In their eyes, this was their territory. There was no reason for them to be wary when they were surrounded by fire elements.

Who would’ve thought that the fire elements in this area were an illusion created by their enemies in order to lure them in?

They’d foolishly set foot right into the trap, and now had sunk so deep that they couldn’t get out.

“Everyone, a long night is fraught with dreams,” Jiang Chen ordered. “Let’s finish them quickly.”

He couldn’t afford to let the battle drag on. This was demon territory, and the winged demons weren’t far away.

If their forefathers learned of the disturbance and came to their fire brethren’s aid, Jiang Chen’s plans would fall apart.

he and his companions could take on two to three demon forefathers without much difficulty, but not more than that.

If they had all the forefathers trapped, it might not be that much of a problem. But if the forefathers attacked them from both inside and outside the formation, Jiang Chen couldn’t say for sure who would win.

He planned to kill as many divine forefathers as possible. Therefore, he had to take out the two fire demons before the winged demon forefathers arrived.

Once the two fire demon forefathers were dead, the rest of the fire demons within Sunrise would be left leaderless. They might be a headache for other cultivators to deal with, but not for Jiang Chen.

The four sacred beasts and Goldbiter Rats were more than enough to kill all of them.

The four sacred beasts knew how much the battle mattered and so put everything they had into the fight. They were determined and eager. Such battle was a valuable tempering opportunity for them. Not only would they gain experience, they could also improve their cultivation.

Moreover, they had the upper hand and weren’t in that much danger. Even when things got dicey, Jiang Chen had many contingencies that would allow them to retreat unharmed.

They greatly enjoyed the guerilla warfare.

Jiang Chen observed the two fire demons. They fought as fiercely as the members of other demonic tribes. This reckless abandon for their own safety was the main reason why demons were so unstoppable.

Unfortunately for them, they were facing the four divine beasts, whose bloodlines overpowered even that of a fire demon. Their aggression wasn’t going to intimidate the sacred beasts.

Jiang Chen sighed inwardly. Now he knew why the human race in the ancient times had been unable to defeat all the demons, despite their superior numbers.

Demonic fighting strength was simply too ferocious.

If it’d been four human cultivators fighting the two demon forefathers, things wouldn’t have gone as smoothly even if the humans were all at sixth level divine realm.

Firstly, human cultivators couldn’t manipulate a domain like the four sacred beasts. A domain was akin to its own isolated world and could only be created with the combined efforts of the four sacred beasts.

Secondly, human cultivators weren’t able to match the sacred beasts in terms of raw power. Humans relied more on treasures, talismans, and formations. Very few humans defeated their enemies with brute force. As a result, they often fell short in a difficult fight. They might not be prepared to risk their lives, and they weren’t physically strong enough to do so.

Most importantly, human cultivators were as much of a disparate group as demons. Not everyone was dedicated to the war enough to sacrifice themselves.

Therefore, the ancient human race had only been able to rival the demonic race despite their great numbers. If not for the foresight of some of the human powerhouses, humanity would’ve been defeated and the domain claimed by demons.

Jiang Chen hovered in the air. A ray of golden divine light shot out from his God’s Eye, raking over all details at the scene. He was ready to strike.

He opened his hand and manifested the Great Veluriyam Torch.

Muttering an incantation, the torch grew steadily more intense. After a breath of time, it became as impressive as the moon and sun.

“Light of the Great Veluriyam Torch, countless forms it may take. Go!”

Sheer brilliance radiated from the torch, like dragons dancing and twisting through the air.

Under Jiang Chen’s refinement, the Great Veluriyam Torch became increasingly powerful; it was showing hints of its past glories as the signature treasure of the top ancient sect.

The light enhanced the four sacred beasts’ attacks by at least sixty percent, and it hit the enemies with its restraining power.

The two fire demons felt a heavy pressure bore down on them.

The four divine beasts were making things difficult enough for them. The Great Veluriyam Light broke their spirit further.

Jiang Chen didn’t stop there. As he activated the Great Veluriyam Torch, he manifested the True Dragon Rope of Water and Fire in his other hand. Left by his father from his past life, not even the average heavenly plane cultivators could resist the rope.

Hiding within the Great Veluriyam Light, the rope morphed into two dragons and charged at the forefathers.

Forefather Glaringflare suddenly felt his body go numb.

The rope wrapped itself around him; the strange light gradually enveloped him.

Scared out of his mind, Glaringflare put all his might into breaking free, but the more he struggled, the tighter the rope became.

“Dao brother, help me!” he cried out.

However, the situation that Forefather Blazingsun wasn’t that much better than his companion’s. Hearing Glaringflare’s call for help provoked Blazingsun further. The flames around him flared and danced wildly.

“Holy fire blazes, immolate me and give my body unto holy fire!” chanted Blazingsun, his red eyes glinting violently. It seemed he was going to pull out his trump card.

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