Chapter 2247: The Fire Lotus Pond

Most demons possessed the same weakness. In their arrogance, they considered themselves the strongest in the world and instinctively looked down on humans.

True, they’d been sealed away in the ancient war, but that hadn’t been because the humans had bested them. The humans had made use of all possible resources at their hands and plotted and schemed to make everything work. 

In straight combat, humans were no match for them.

The current trend in modern times reinforced this belief. The demons had advanced unopposed from the other side of the continent, conquering all of the territories and defeating all factions that stood in their way, until they’d come across a transportation formation leading into Myriad Abyss Island.

Imagine their excitement when they realized that Myriad Abyss could lead them straight to the human domain!

The latter had ever been the biggest thorn in their side. It was the territory they most wanted to conquer, and a tantalizing prize they couldn’t bear to relinquish.

Myriad Abyss was merely a stopover. Their final goal was to overrun the human domain and exact their revenge for the aeons spent imprisoned.

Various tribes dispatched their armies to subdue Myriad Abyss’ sacred lands. But, while everything had gone to plan for some, some met with unexpected resistance.

Traveling as fast as the wind, the two forefathers arrived at their destination in just a few hours.

Slowing down, Forefather Blazingsun’s crimson eyes coldly swept over the area. Avarice and eagerness slowly eased from his face, replaced by a certain gravitas. As one familiar with the ways of the world, he wouldn’t be blinded by pure greed.

They were still within Sunrise territory, but the two demons stayed on their guard nevertheless.

“Brother, fire elements don’t seem all that active here.” Despite addressing Glaringflare, Blazingsun almost seemed to be talking to himself.

“Indeed. Were our calculations mistaken?” whispered the other demon.

“Impossible. You and me are born of fire. When it comes to fire elements, our senses are too keen to be wrong.” Blazingsun shook his head.

“What’s the matter then? Is a trap in play?” Glaringflare asked again.

“Let’s be careful. Myriad Abyss has been strange of late. The golden demons met with disaster, while the monster and titan demons have reportedly slaughtered each other. I hear the celestial demons were furious when apprised of the news and are planning to send reinforcements.”

“Heh, that lot deserves to die. To be mired in infighting when the enemy is just in front of them, that’s as self-destructive as they come!”

“You’re right. That said, Flora was originally assigned to the monster demons, but when the titan demons horned in, what did the celestial demons say? Not a peep, which is obviously tacit approval. After all these years, they’re still up to their old schemes,” Blazingsun grumbled with dissatisfaction.

“Heh, brother daoist, not letting another tribe surpass them has always been their greatest concern. We should be thankful our tribe isn’t that powerful, so we don’t need to worry that they’ll look at us sideways.”

While chatting, they didn’t stop sweeping the area for clues with their consciousnesses.

As if in perfect sync, both chose to go in the same direction.

“Found it, it’s not too far away in front of us. Something seems to be dampening the fluctuation of the fire attribute.” Blazingsun’s eyes suddenly shone.

“Yes, the intense activity from earlier has been suppressed. I smell a rat. Is someone afraid of being found out?” Glaringflare mused.

“Let’s go take a look.”

They flew forward. Despite their misgivings, their instinctive greed prevented them from slowing down.

For fire demons, such a lure was fundamentally impossible to resist.

The two old demons inched closer to the ravine. Thanks to the fire-attribute formation Jiang Chen and the Vermilion Bird had laid down, the place burned like the mouth of a volcano. Fiery energy fizzed in the air like rampaging fire sprites freed from their seals.

“Over there!”

Blazingsun turned into a red stream of light and dove at the ground.

Not to be outdone, his companion followed close behind and landed at the mouth of the ravine at almost the same time. The fiery undulations in the air immediately set them at ease.

“Look, what’s that?” Glaringflare’s eyes shone as he looked into the ravine. 

Inside, rows upon rows of fire-red lotuses, seemingly in full bloom, swayed in the breeze like soaring balls of flames.

A sea of fire surrounded the flowers, like a lake of water nurturing ordinary lotuses. At the sight of this completely surreal scene, the two forefathers felt their hearts pound madly in their chests.

These lotuses were anything but common, judging by the unique spirit energy they emitted in formidable waves.

“Brother, can you also feel the presence of living creatures?” Blazingsun asked.

“Yes, it seems these flowers have a companion beast hiding nearly.” Glaringflare nodded.

“Why don’t you stand guard outside while I take a look inside?” the former asked tentatively.

“There’s nothing to be wary of out there. Let’s go in together. We’ll be able to help each other if a problem arises, won’t we?” Glaringflare spotted the obvious trick from a mile away.

If left alone, nothing would stop his companion from hoarding all the benefits to himself.

Was he stupid enough to fall for it? Of course not.

“Alright, let’s go together then, since we’re friends who share both hardships and triumphs.” Blazingsun shone with sincerity.

“Indeed, you and me are in the same boat,” Glaringflare replied in kind.

The two of them rushed at the lotus pond even as they spoke. The fiery aura surrounding it was simply too dense. In such a paradise, there was no reason for them to be excessively cautious.

A trap waiting for them inside? It seemed unthinkable.

Only an utter idiot would try to ambush fire demons in a land of fire.

Their figures turned into crimson streaks of light as they charged forward. Just as they’d guessed, the flowers did possess their own spirit energy.  

All the lotuses waited for them petals wide open, seemingly fully ready for their approach. Those in the front even tried to attack them with their twining vines.

 “Hehe, nice, they can launch attacks on their own. Good, very good.” Of course, this level of strength couldn’t threaten the two forefathers.

They landed amidst the flowers and casually brushed the vines away, as if going for a stroll in their own garden.

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It turns out, there is just someone that mad to set a trap for fire demons in a land of fire!