Chapter 2244: New Targets

But Yao Guang, ever the killjoy, countered, “Did you let that single victory go to your head?”

Jiang Chen chuckled. “It seems that news don’t travel all that fast right now. After the Rejuvenation Isles, I also crushed the golden, titan, and monster demon tribes at Everlasting and Flora Sacred Land. Their armies lie in shambles, almost all of their troops dead. The wood demons at Eternal are next on the menu. I was simply passing by Sunrise and didn’t expect to find it in enemy hands. It’s fortunate Radiance still holds firm.”

The two women stared at him, dumbfounded, as if they’d seen a ghost in person. Was he human or alien?

“Brother Jiang, you’re saying you’ve routed three more demon tribes? That you slaughtered them to the last?” Si Tong couldn’t resist asking.

“More or less,” acquiesced the young man.

“But…” Si Tong started again before swallowing her words.

However, Yao Guang didn’t have the same scruples. “Beating three demon tribes all by yourself? Brother Jiang, do you think we’re three year olds?”

Jiang Chen smiled wryly. “Who said I did it alone? I had help, and much more than you think.”

“Where are they?” Yao Guang stared at him, seemingly searching for said help.

Jiang Chen waved casually. “There are too many ears in this place, so we better stay hush-hush. That reminds me, on the way here, I saw the winged demons mobilizing. The fire demons are also stirring. They must be planning an attack on Radiance very soon.”

The atmosphere turned glum and heavy at the turn in topic.

This was a thorny issue for the whole of Radiance. They’d garnered all help available, but life was difficult for everyone in Myriad Abyss. No one had enough force to spare for a rescue. Even Eternal, the alliance leader, was in danger, and couldn’t be relied upon.

Radiance had now reached the end of the road.

“Brother Jiang, weren’t you afraid of being found out by the demons on the way here?” Si Tong inquired.

“They’re troublesome indeed, so I had to be very cautious. By the way, how much of a fighting force can Radiance muster? Do you have divine realm combatants?”

The two girls looked at each other, then shook their heads, a little embarrassed.

“Our forefathers are all away. They didn’t expect the demons to arrive so fast. They thought the fighting offworld would be more crucial. Now they’re trapped, the way back blocked. They can’t give up their fight over there either, in any case, so they’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t.” There was some hope in Si Tong’s eyes as she gazed at him. “Brother Jiang, with your shining prestige as Eternal’s young lord, a public call to arms from you will definitely unite the ten sacred lands!”

A beautiful-sounding idea, but alas, the sacred lands weren’t up to the task. More than enthusiasm or youthful energy was needed against demons.

Even put together, how strong an army could Myriad Abyss assemble? Would it be a match for the enemy?

Without the ten great forefathers, there was little fighting potential of note left in the sacred lands. Only Eternal had divine realm prisoners, as well Ziju Min and some other gods, so they were a little better off. But it was all relative.

The young lord winced when he imagined a frontal clash between Eternal and the demons.

In fact, rather than gathering them all in one place, it was better for each of them to stay home. They could at least spread out the enemy forces, as shown by the current situation. The tribes had attacked the sacred lands separately, giving him the opportunity to ambush them at every turn.

Therefore, a call to arms would do more harm than good.

Such a last-ditch stand was a little too premature. It wasn’t time yet to throw all their forces into the fray, at least not until the final battle was upon them. 

His silence caused Yao Guang to pout. “Hmph, what a waste. Big sister Si Tong thinks so highly of you, but you’re nothing but the type to weasel out of your responsibilities.”

Long accustomed to her temper, the young lord smiled calmly and declined to comment, opting to ask instead, “Holy Girl Si Tong, who is guarding the Fire of Firstdawn at the moment?”

“Brother Jiang, did you come for the fire so that you can rush to Eternal’s rescue?” Si Tong asked softly, a little disappointed.

Jiang Chen nodded. “It’s the wood demons’ natural bane. It would be a pity not to use it against them. But since I’m already here, I can’t leave without tormenting the demons some. First, we need to lure the fire demons away from Sunrise. Otherwise, killing them will prove a grueling task. Thankfully, the fire happens to be the perfect bait.”

Her eyes flashing, the regalvanized Si Tong asked, “Brother Jiang Chen, you must have a good plan?”

Yao Guang also shuffled closer. “Should I fetch the senior executives so we can discuss it together?”

Jiang Chen waved her off. “No need!”

His firm stance startled the girls. Wouldn’t many heads be better than one? His refusal was rather baffling.

Was it out of pride? Or perhaps the two sacred lands’ decision-makers were merely an afterthought for him?

Jiang Chen responded indifferently, “Before coming in, I noticed faint hidden demonic traces around this place. At a guess, they’ve already snuck inside.”

“What?” The two women blanched in shock. Yao Guang, in particular, couldn’t resist following up with, “Jiang Chen, don’t try to scare us.”

The latter quietly replied, “It’s not my style to spew groundless accusations. I wouldn’t have spoken without solid evidence.”

The two holy girls turned grave. “Our circumstances are truly dire if our ranks have been infiltrated. What will we do if they attack us from both within and without?”

Jiang Chen nodded, but his smile remained carefree. “All’s fair in love and war. Since times immemorial, spies are offset by counterspies. If the demons want to test our wisdom, then let’s oblige them. Fire demons, winged demons… Tsk, if we can deal them a critical blow, followed by the wood demons…”

The two women didn’t even dare imagine such a perfect outcome.

If the fire and winged demons were routed, followed by the wood demons, then more than half of the ten tribes would be crippled. The damage would be tremendous. No matter how formidable the celestial demons, what could they achieve on their own?

Si Tong’s eyes sparkled expectantly. “Brother Jiang, tell us everything. We have full faith in you.”

The young lord sent a teasing glance at Yao Tong. He could see absolute trust in Si Tong’s eyes, but her companion always liked to play devil’s advocate. Who knew what she had up her sleeve?

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