Chapter 2240: Requisitioning the Divine Dwelling Grass

Jiang Chen had no reason to conceal information about the ten demonic tribes. In fact, he planned to broadcast their characteristics to the world in order to inform the populace.

He understood the demons better than anyone on Divine Abyss, past or present. Even the ancients, who had a vast wealth of experience personally fighting the demons, didn't know more than he did about their adversaries.

Details about each tribe’s fighting styles, preferences, and special qualities were extremely useful. Knowing the enemy was half the battle, after all.

The demons were perennially successful in invading other planes because of the diversity of their skill sets. There was no end to the deviousness of their trickery.

After grasping their unique characteristics, fighting against the demons would inevitably become much easier.

In order to aid the war effort, making this key tactical information public was a necessity.

In the battle outside the Flora Sacred Land, the giant and monster demons were utterly crushed. Their numbers were all but annihilated. That marked the extinction of three out of the ten.

The news would certainly make many a demonic commander restless.

The wood demons were the only significant force that remained in Myriad Abyss. There were stragglers from other tribes scattered here and there too, of course.

Crushing the rest of the demon vanguard before their headquarters could react would deal the maximum amount of devastation to the demons.

Before then, Jiang Chen needed to extract some benefit out of Flora. 

He didn't expect the sacred land to contribute much in the war, but it was the nominal pinnacle of Myriad Abyss Island, with the rarest and best collection of spirit herbs anywhere.

Taking some out of their store as payment for the help was completely reasonable.

“Prime Gao, Master Shi Xuan. I have always heard that the Flora Sacred Land has the most variety in spirit herbs anywhere in Myriad Abyss. I have need of a few herbs and I was wondering if Flora could lend a hand.”

‘Lend a hand’ was the cordial way of putting it.

A wise Flora should’ve taken the initiative to mention compensation.

Alas, Prime Gao was not a wise man. More accurately, he was the kind of man who instantly forgot an act of kindness.

“Flora has exhausted many of its resources over the years on the offworld battlefield, young lord Jiang Chen.” He made a pained expression. “Our stores are nearly depleted.”

He was crying poor!

Jiang Chen’s smile froze and his expression became frigid. “I shan’t bother Flora any longer, then.”

His voice was so lifeless that the temperature instantly dropped to sub-zero.

Everyone who heard him felt chilled to the bone.

Even the rest of Flora hadn’t expected Prime Gao to refuse so adamantly. Jiang Chen had saved them only moments prior – and honestly, their lives and heritage with it. It was unsuitable to refuse his request, whether out of concern for the public good or private decorum.

If Jiang Chen really wanted Flora’s spirit herbs, he could simply take it himself without asking.

That he had asked was a sign of lingering respect. Something that should have been reciprocated.

If Jiang Chen had taken command of Flora using the excuse of wartime emergency, no one would have been able to deny that. As someone who was more than qualified, he had every right to do so without much censure.

The entirety of Divine Abyss bore down upon his shoulders. Their survival was contingent upon his victory, and their demise, his defeat.

Prime Gao knew all this, of course, but he bore a natural animosity toward Jiang Chen. He didn't want him to take what he saw as rightfully Flora’s.

The four sacred beasts all assumed human form at Jiang Chen’s side.

“Prime Gao,” the Vermilion Bird harrumphed. “Do you think that young lord Jiang Chen came here to extort you?”

“No, no, I’m not that ignorant or foolish,” Prime Gao answered hurriedly.

“Then do you think young lord Jiang Chen is powerless to do something about your refusal?”

“No, no.” Prime Gao began to pale.

“Do you understand how much work young lord Jiang Chen puts in every day in planning the war? If he needs materials for some pills that can’t be found anywhere else, why shouldn’t he get them? Are you taking advantage of his courtesy? Do you not see he’s giving you face?” The sacred fowl’s words gave no quarter as its temper had risen.

There was absolute silence from the rest of Flora. No one dared speak a word. The forefather was absent, but his presence wouldn’t have done the situation any good.

Any one of Jiang Chen’s four sacred beasts could slaughter all of them.

Shi Xuan quickly intervened as he noticed the subpar atmosphere. “We’ve all seen young lord Jiang Chen’s efforts on behalf of the greater good,” he coughed softly. “Flora has expended much in our own struggles on the offworld battlefield, but we are more than happy to offer anything that we can still supply.”

Having suffered defeat at Jiang Chen’s hands before, he was much wiser with his choice of words.

The other elders chimed in as well.

“Yes, we should contribute what we can for the sake of Myriad Abyss – for the sake of Divine Abyss. We must prioritize the war against the demons above all!”

“What might you need, young lord Jiang Chen?”

Everyone knew what Jiang Chen’s displeasure meant. If he decided to do some extrajudicial killing, who could stop him?

Not even the ten sacred lands’ alliance had that kind of clout.

Furthermore, Flora had hardly ever been generous or kind enough in its daily dealings to win goodwill from its allies.

“Hmph!” the Vermilion Bird snorted. “Young lord Jiang Chen has great need of Divine Dwelling Grass.”

“Divine Dwelling Grass?” Everyone was jolted by the name.

The Flora Sacred Land did possess this spirit herb – unfortunately, it was one of its most prized treasures.

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