Chapter 224: Lu Wuji in Fine Fettle

Chapter 224: Lu Wuji in Fine Fettle

With Jiang Chen’s assurance, Ye Rong naturally didn’t insist on maintaining martial law. He had truly been under a tremendous pressure from all around in the past couple of days.

Countless petitions and censures had flown before His Majesty like snowflakes. Fortunately, His Majesty didn’t express much at this moment, he displayed no leanings and gave it all the cold treatment.

He neither pressured Ye Rong, nor read any of the petitions.

It was only when Ye Rong lifted martial law that the surrounding pressure slowly died down.

Lu Wuji was a bit surprised when he received the news that Ye Rong had lifted the martial law. Although Yang Zhao had warned him to stay put, Lu Wuji still couldn’t help but make a trip.

“Uncle, it looks like that Ye Rong couldn’t hold up beneath all the pressure. Martial law has been lifted and our chance has arrived.” Lu Wuji’s expression was as vicious as a viper’s.

“Huh. I’d rather hoped that he’d hold out a bit longer. The more stubborn he had remained, the worse everyone’s impression of him would’ve been. This Ye Rong knows well when to advance and when to retreat.”...

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