Chapter 2238: The Demons Fall

Being the most valuable treasure of the ancient Veluriyam Palace, the Great Veluriyam Torch was incredibly powerful. Moreover, Jiang Chen was remarkably talented in grasping the depths of any treasure.

Thousands of rays radiated in all directions and enveloped Forefather Oakhead, the light magnificent and mysterious. Thunder rumbled faintly in the air, as if accompanying the arrival of a mythological god. 

Oakhead had been struggling against the concerted attacks of the four sacred beasts to begin with. Now enhanced by the Great Veluriyam Torch, they were even more difficult to deal with.

Pushing the treasure to the current maximum that he was capable of, Jiang Chen directed all of the light straight into Oakhead’s consciousness, catching the forefather off guard at his most vulnerable moment. Innumerable rays of light converged and vanished into the top of Oakhead’s head.

The demon froze like he’d been petrified by a foreign power, his enormous body convulsing in a strange manner. Almost all of the four sacred beasts’ attacks landed on him in the next second.


Jiang Chen let out a sigh of relief, his forehead covered in sweat. He’d done his best to deploy the Great Veluriyam Torch to its utmost. If this attempt failed to affect Oakhead, he would’ve been left with no option.

This blow that exceeded the bounds of Jiang Chen’s abilities was the last straw to break the camel’s back. Oakhead sank into a brief trance, which was enough for the four sacred beasts to find an opening.

Not even Goldenhowl could resist their concerted blow at full strength, much less Oakhead.

The four sacred beasts worked together in increasingly improved tandem. Their concerted assault grew fiercer and attacks bit harder.

Oakhead didn’t die immediately after the blow, but the critical injuries made him collapse to the ground with blood gushing out of his wounds.

The Goldbiter Rat King suddenly tunneled out from the ground with its teeth bared, its body growing larger and larger. It bit into the demon and turned to drag the body away.

As soon as Jiang Chen noticed it, he snapped, “Don’t steal someone else’s spoils, Old Gold. He’s not yours to claim!”

The body of a demon forefather like Oakhead would be very beneficial, especially to the Goldbiter Rats. However, Old Gold hadn’t killed the forefather. The rat would anger the four sacred beasts if it looted the spoils, since the forefather’s divine essence was equally important to the four sacred beasts.

Jiang Chen didn’t want there to be tension between his companions, and so warned the rat against crossing the line.

The rat had indeed about to do just that. It was in its nature. It only remembered that the body wasn’t his to claim when Jiang Chen reminded it.

If he claimed the body, he’d effectively have offended all four of the sacred beasts. Although the Goldbiter Rats didn’t fear the sacred beasts, the four of them were Jiang Chen’s trusted allies. It’d be unwise to anger them.

The rat smiled awkwardly and joined the fray. “Let me try my hands with that old demon.”

After Oakhead’s death, Ironclad sank into an even more difficult situation. The rat king’s involvement made things even worse for him.

With a sense of foreboding, Ironclad pushed his bloodline energy to the utmost and furiously attempted to fight his way out, trying to cling at any ray of hope there was.

If he was facing human cultivators, his foes would’ve been intimidated by his last-stand attitude and possibly allowed him to escape.

However, it was the abnormally aggressive four sacred beasts that he was facing. Not even monster demons could threaten their lives easily.

It wasn’t much of a challenge for the four beasts to take out a monster demon forefather.

Jiang Chen wanted to get things over with quickly. With a whip of his hand, the True Dragon Rope of Water and Fire emerged. He threw it into the air and sent it morphing into a water and a fire dragon that flew in opposite directions and enclosed the area.

Ironclad was an experienced fighter, yet the True Dragon Rope of Water and Fire was something he’d never seen in his life. The rope had already wound several circles around him before he could recover. When he finally realized he should fight it, the restraint grew even tighter.

The rope made him half the fighter he was, which scared him witless.

The four sacred beasts didn’t object to Jiang Chen’s intervention. They obediently disengaged and shifted their attention to the other elites of the two demonic tribes.

The demigod cultivators were formidable foes as well, and pillars of the demonic army.

Under the four sacred beasts’ concerted efforts however, there was little they could do. A few of them reacted quickly and tried to escape, but their attempt was cut short by the four beasts’ unique techniques.

The death of the divine forefathers substantially decreased the overall strength of the two demonic tribes. Their morale tanked as well.

Eventually, the two tribes were broken apart by the four sacred beasts. Their formation splintered and their defenses failed. More and more of them became fodder for the Goldbiter Rats.

Jiang Chen hovered in the air as the imposing figure he was and blasted the demons with the Great Veluriyam Torch again and again.

Without their divine forefathers, the demons were helpless against the holy light. Increasing numbers of them collapsed when they were hit.

“Kill every last one of them,” ordered Jiang Chen. “Give no quarter!”

The four sacred beasts fought even fiercer. Bloodlust exploded in the Goldbiter Rats and they swarmed the survivors relentlessly, completely without reason.

The two tribes were divided, killed, and devoured, then divided, killed, and devoured again. Their numbers dropped further and further. There was no turning the tide. The only thing the two demonic tribes could hope for was for some survivors to flee from the fight.

Their defeat was set in stone.

“Deal with them quickly, everyone. Let’s get this over with.” Jiang Chen made a snap decision. They’d created too much of a ruckus. Forefather Goldenhowl would come as soon as he noticed.

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