Chapter 2237: The Might of the Great Veluriyam Torch

The Great Veluriyam Torch!

Jiang Chen already possessed nuanced knowledge of its marvelous uses, but it was his first time using it in battle.

The torch boosted offensive power and added to one’s battle strength to allow for substantially greater firepower. It also enhanced an attack’s speed or impetus, amongst many others.

Now was as good an occasion as any for a trial run. The two forefathers were cornered, but they wouldn’t be killed that quickly. After all, the four sacred beasts were still inferior in terms of raw power.

The domain’s confinement prevented the two divine demons from escaping, but to execute such figures outright was another story.

The young lord had accurately assessed all of these factors before deciding to intervene.

Rather than the two demons overturning the situation, he worried about Goldenhowl instead. If that old thing were to catch wind of his presence and rush over, then his plans would lie in shambles.

Goldenhowl’s strength was a clear level above Ironclad and Oakhead. The young lord himself didn’t have the absolute power on his side needed to contend with him.

For that reason, he had to eradicate the two demon tribes before Goldenhowl’s arrival.

These tribes made for fearsome enemies, but thankfully, the internal slaughter earlier had destroyed their armies and weakened their will to fight, affording the Goldbiter Rats a golden opportunity.

Other than the two forefathers, most of the demons had been cut off from their peers by the rat tide. Isolated, they could no longer act as a single entity.

“The two tribes will suffer irreparable damage if we can kill their forefathers, so much so they might be excluded from the ten tribes!”

This was a rare opportunity to weaken the demons!

Once activated, the Great Veluriyam Torch shone with a dazzling, multicolored light that churned its way to the battlefield.  

The Great Divine Veluriyam had once told Jiang Chen that the torch could be used an endless number of ways against the enemy. It enhanced each elemental attribute, blessing all five elements with its bountiful light.

Sure enough, when the torch shone upon the heart of the battle, the four sacred beasts felt an immediate surge in firepower and speed, as well as in momentum.

The battle immediately took a new turn.

The forefathers had been barely hanging on to begin with. With the torch now pushing the four beasts to new heights, It was enough to break the status quo. In particular, attacks landed repeatedly on the terrified Ironclad, while Oakhead was also repeatedly battered despite his mighty body. The situation had instantly taken a turn for the worse. Their life now hung by a thread.

“What the hell, how did these creatures become this much stronger all of a sudden? They were clearly fighting at full strength already! Did all of them awaken their powers at the same time?”

“Wait, no, I think there’s an external cause!” Oakhead quickly realized the truth.

He shot a vicious sidelong glare at Jiang Chen, who was floating a little distance away. “Kid, it must be a trick of yours. What’s that in your hand? It looks really familiar!”

Oakhead had once been one of the main protagonists in the ancient demon wars, so he immediately felt disquieted by the item in the young lord’s hand. He’d definitely seen it somewhere. This sense of deja vu nagged at him, urging him to get to the bottom of this puzzle.

But it was a luxury he couldn’t afford at the moment.

Bolstered with greater speed and energy thanks to the Great Veluriyam Torch, the beasts fought with renewed enthusiasm.

The torch’s divine radiance split into countless strands of light. Like the soaring flutter of jade dragons or the elegant dance of golden phoenixes, they rained down continuously on the battlefield and buffed the four beasts’ attack. In the space of a few breaths, the two forefathers were beaten black and blue.

“The four of you must stay vigilant. These two old things will try to run for the hills after taking such a thrashing. Your domain’s restraining ability isn’t perfect yet. They won’t be locked inside forever, so don’t give them any chance to flee.”

Of course, the young lord stayed alert as well, taking his own advice to heart.

The Great Veluriyam Torch possessed yet another ability: it could constrict an opponent. When the light switched to this mode instead, it could catch an opponent off guard and seal his movements for a moment.

In fact, added to that the Black Turtle’s gravity field, Grimhead and Lionheart had also been hapless victims to this ability earlier.

This short binding was in fact a form of consciousness restriction. It could overload an opponent’s mind and make it unable to function correctly for a period of time.

In a combat between powerhouses, one would pay a dear price for such a moment of stillness..

For example, despite gaining the upper hand previously, Lionheart had inexplicably been killed by Grimhead’s hammer because of it, and Grimhead had then met the same fate.

As boundless light spilled forth from the torch, Jiang Chen readied another such surprise attack. If one of the forefathers was successfully ambushed and killed, then the other one would soon follow suit.

“Titan demons are easier to aim at thanks to their enormous frames. Oakhead it is!” This forefather indeed possessed strength in spades. Under the domain’s restriction, he had to deal with the Black Turtle’s gravitational pull, withstand the skyfire, contend with Long Xiaoxuan’s claws now and then, as well as the Astral White Tiger in the form of a sinister sword.

Yet, despite the unfavorable circumstances, he still held strong. He was simply a force of nature.

“A tough opponent indeed. Let’s see if the Great Veluriyam Torch can strike true and invade his consciousness!”

As long as it did, Oakhead would follow in Lionheart’s and Grimhead’s footsteps, his mind temporarily shackled.

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