Chapter 2233: Rescue At The Eleventh Hour

Entering a blood frenzy strengthened a monster demon manifold. It was true not only for Ironclad, but for the commanders and ordinary demons as well. This immensely increased the pressure on the titan demons.

Oakhead and Grimhead could still contain the blood-frenzied Ironclad, but they had little hope of defeating him outright.

A single moment of carelessness could lead to Ironclad overturning the situation.

They found themselves caught between a rock and a hard place. Their tribe was suffering from mounting casualties, but they weren’t free to save their people, bogged down as they were against their own opponent.

Of course, titan demons weren’t affable enough to simply turn the other cheek either, so the confrontation became even crueler and more desperate.

Driven by battle-lust, Ironclad fully displayed the fierceness of his tribe. An ordinary approach was impossible to win with when fighting one against two, so he resorted to even more extreme methods.

Of course, it was also impossible for Flora to miss the massacre taking place. It was a strange, stunning scene for everyone from top to bottom.

Besieged by two demon tribes, they’d already given up all hope. It should have been but a matter of time before the enemy rolled over Flora with effortless ease.

But at this critical juncture, the two tribes fought each other instead, giving the sacred land an unexpected reprieve.

“Milord, their infighting is a chance for us. We ought to find any help we can to try and solve our predicament.”

“Help, help, who doesn’t want it? In Myriad Abyss, who’s left with enough strength to provide it? You lot obsess over that kid, but do you think he’ll be that generous? Given the bad blood between us, it’d be a good thing already if Jiang Chen doesn’t kick us while we’re down.”

Prime Gao still clung to his bias against the young lord, but Master Shi Xuan continued to argue otherwise. 

“Prime Gao, Jiang Chen is indeed arrogant sometimes, but he’s also forgiving enough not to split hairs over small matters. If we really do ask him for help, he might not turn a blind eye to our difficulties.”

However, a young man opposed him immediately. It turned out to be Lu Mingye, the one who’d suffered greatly at Jiang Chen’s hands on Sandplain Island.

Overflowing with resentment, he retorted, “Master Shi Xuan, did you forget how he humiliated you back then? He’s absolutely the narrow-minded type and will seek revenge for the smallest grudge. Begging him would only earn us ridicule.”

He secretly loathed the young lord and would rather die than accept his assistance.

Would Jiang Chen save them in any case? Of course not, he’d only taunt and mock them!

Shi Qinglu however, interjected quietly, “I’ve fought him. He is indeed cunning and sly. But he does carry himself with a bearing I rarely see in ordinary people. I don’t think he’s as spiteful as you say.”

Poison Consort Shi Qinglu had served as a stepping stone for Jiang Chen during the competition of geniuses. By right, she ought to abhor him after his rise to prominence at her expense during the competition.

But to the crowd’s surprise, she didn’t seem to hold it against him and even spoke in his favor.

Shi Xuan and Shi Qinglu’s attitude made Prime Gao secretly restless.

In fact, Shi Qinglu was well aware the young lord had showed restraint against her, so to her, his image was that of a principled man and not the petty kind.

The many rumors surrounding him these years had stoked increasing curiosity about the man who’d once defeated her.

In the midst of their debate, a strange message glyph landed inside the hall, turning into a halo of light. With a casual grab, Prime Gao snatched the light, which immediately turned into a message in his hand.

The prime’s face was quite a sight when he finished reading it. “How is this possible? H-how…?” he stammered, staring at the glyph. He read it again and again, looking for an eventual hidden ruse, before he ultimately sighed, his tone turning grave. “Everyone, do you know who sent this glyph?”


“Well, speak of the devil. Jiang Chen is nearby and playing the two demon tribes against each other. He’s ready to add oil to the fire and intensify their conflict even further in order to rescue us!”

Jiang Chen!

Everyone wondered if their ears were playing tricks on them. There was no love lost between Jiang Chen and Flora. He was Eternal’s proud disciple, and the two sacred lands had never seen eye to eye. Why had he come to their rescue?

Not to mention, Eternal was also in urgent need of his help.

As the message circulated among the crowd, some fell into deep thought after perusing it, while others seemed dubious.

“Milord, what are you hesitating for? Since he’s willing to let bygones be bygones, are we to keep acting coy?” asked Shi Xuan quietly.

Many instantly agreed with him. There was no room for misplaced pride at this stage.

“Milord, this is a chance. We must coordinate our efforts with the young lord and eradicate the two demon tribes.”

“Hmph, you’re all a little too optimistic. Even if he’s nearby, do you think he’ll dare stir up the demons all by himself?”

“That’s right, there’s no free lunch in this world. Who knows what he’s plotting?”

Those who disliked him naturally took the opposite stance. They suspected his intentions weren’t so pure, and that he surely plotted to profit from their misfortune.

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