Chapter 2232: The Situation Worsens

Fear that he’d never felt before suddenly gripped Forefather Lionheart. The strange restraining power cast him into the pits of despair and would end up his doom!


The flail hit him right in the head.

Defenseless, his head exploded like a watermelon at the impact. His headless body twitched futilely in the air as his soul went up in smoke.


Lionheart collapsed.

All of the monster demons looked on with their mouths agape. Even Grimhead was confused. Lionheart wasn’t that weak, was he?

The flail was meant to delay Lionheart and buy himself some time. It shouldn’t have been fatal. Why hadn’t Lionheart dodged the hit? Had he spontaneously developed a sudden death wish?

Masterful fighters like them knew how good their opponent was.

Grimhead might have a slight edge over Lionheart, but after twice tapping into his bloodline strength, Lionheart should’ve been a little more powerful than Grimhead.

Even with all of his might, Grimhead should’ve at most reached a draw with Lionheart.

He never expected his delaying move to actually kill his opponent. That didn’t make sense at all!

Had something gone wrong when Lionheart tapped into the frenzied energies of his bloodline?

It was said that once one pushed oneself over the limit, everything afterwards was downhill.

That was the only possible explanation.

A monster demon’s bloodline frenzy should’ve lasted a long period of time, and it shouldn’t be possible to disrupt it. Something must have gone wrong!

Oakhead and Ironclad slowed to a halt at the sudden turn of events. Infighting was never meant to interfere with their war effort.

They’d just wanted to teach the other side a lesson by killing some of the lesser demons, but they’d never planned to kill a forefather.

It was common knowledge that the ten demonic tribes hadn’t recovered to even seventy percent of their strength in the ancient times.

The celestial demons had decreed that no forefathers could be killed in any internal clashes. Demons were allowed to brawl slightly for benefits and territory, and casualties weren’t prohibited, but forefathers were the exception.

Every divine forefather was a valuable asset. Any deaths would undermine the demons’ goal of conquest.

Ironclad widened his eyes when he saw Lionheart die at Grimhead’s hands. Oakhead gaped in shock as well. He hadn’t expected things to escalate to this point.

“Oakhead, Grimhead, you… you’ve committed the worst crime! You disobeyed celestial demon orders and killed a forefather. You’ll get what you deserve. Just you wait...”

Ironclad trembled with the sheer ferocity of his anger. If he could win in a fight against the two titan demons, he would’ve charged them already.

Oakhead was also displeased with Grimhead for going overboard, but he wasn’t going to blame his own people under the circumstances.

“Don’t try to pin this on us, Ironclad!” he snapped. “You monster demons were the ones who started this fight. We were forced to strike back. The celestial demon forefather is wise and noble. He’s not going to be fooled by you.”

Grimhead shrugged and remarked unhappily, “I didn’t expect Old Lionheart to be that fragile. It was a careless blow.”

He was telling the truth, but it sounded mocking to Ironclad.

“Fine, fine! You titan demons are getting bold. Why don’t you kill me as well?” Ironclad gnashed his teeth and growled in a hoarse voice, “My children, the titan demons have cruelly killed Forefather Lionheart. We’ll wage war against them and fight to our death!”

“Kill, kill the titan demons!”

Monster demons were naturally fierce. The fight had already brought out the worst aggression in them, and their forefather’s death further stoked their bloodthirst.

They worked themselves into a frenzy and roused the potential of their bloodline, readying themselves for an ultimate showdown with the titan demons.

Oakhead’s face clouded over. “Stop it, Old Ironclad. You’ve already gotten Lionheart killed. Are you going to get all of your elites killed as well? If you start this fight, there will be no monster demons left alive!”

“Haha, none of us will be left alive? Do you think you scare me? Do you think the titan demons will come out intact? If worst comes to worst, we’ll all die together!”

His companion’s death sapped the last of Ironclad’s calm rationale. He wanted revenge! He would appease his dead companion with the blood of the titan demons!

Noting the edge of insanity in Ironclad’s expression, Oakhead gave Grimhead a pointed look and transmitted, “He’s entered a blood frenzy. Be careful. He’s stronger than Forefather Lionheart. We’ll subdue him together!”

“Dao brother, why don’t we kill him too? There will be no witness to speak against us then,” responded Grimhead. “If we let him live, he will give statements that will implicate us.”

A malicious idea took root in Grimhead’s mind.

Oakhead shot him down. “We mustn’t repeat the same mistake. It’s possible for us to paint Lionheart’s death as an accident. If we kill Ironclad as well though, there’s no excusing that. We mustn’t make the titan demon tribe a public enemy.”

It was better to let Ironclad live to file a complaint to the celestial demon forefather, than to kill two forefathers of the monster demon tribe. If they did the latter, the other eight tribes would be wary of the titan demons. There would be a target painted on their backs.

No tribe should stand out other than the celestial demon tribe. Otherwise, the other tribes would grow uneasy, which would only end badly.

Nevertheless, what had happened, had happened. Ironclad would grow exponentially stronger once he entered a frenzy. It wasn’t going to be easy for Oakhead and Grimhead to subdue him even by working together.

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