Chapter 2230: Demon Against Demon

The titan demon camp was rather calm. Though they were interlopers, they would obviously refrain from attacking Flora before the celestial demon nod.

They were determined to obtain this juicy piece of meat. The monster demons couldn’t be allowed to keep it all to themselves.

“Forefathers, terrible news! The monster demons have gone crazy for some reason. They’ve brought their whole force and surrounded our camp!” A secret message made its way to the titan demon tribe’s two forefathers.

Both of them possessed huge frames and towered like two small mountains. One of them had a particularly big head and eyes as big as bronze bells, while the other had a grotesque face littered with dense, tiny warts. The sight was ugly enough to make one shiver at first glance.

Between the two of them, the one with the big head obviously boasted a higher status.

“When did they become so ill-tempered? Are they defying the celestial demons’ orders?” 

The big head, called Forefather Oakhead, asked with surprise. Monster demons weren’t known for being so hot-headed.

The warty forefather cackled. “Hehe, they’re asking for it, so whatever happens is their responsibility. Brother daoist, we might as well humor them and teach them a good lesson, then use this opportunity to take Flora. What do you think?”

Unmoved, Oakhead gravely said, “Brother, it’s easy to conquer Flora, but to destroy the monster demons and seize the sacred land might not be a good thing for us, no matter how appealing it sounds.”

“Not a good thing? What do you mean?” asked the warty forefather in confusion, failing to read between the lines.

“Why did the celestial demons allow us to come grate-crashing? Because they don’t want the monster demons alone to benefit from Flora’s resources. That’s why they turned a blind eye, or even agreed tacitly. Bluntly put, it’s a game of checks and balances.”

“So what?” The warty demon still had trouble understanding.

“If we take the place of the monster demons, who knows if we won’t inherit the celestial demons’ jealousy as well?”

His companion sweated bullets from the shock, his chest tightening when he recalled recent rumors about the golden demons.

“Let’s go and find out what this circus is about!” Oakhead laughed boldly. He exited with large strides, his huge frame moving with the vigor of a tiger.

Outside the camp, the monster demons had surrounded the titan demons and were posturing aggressively.

They were three times more numerous. Titan demons weren’t particularly fertile, and their way of cultivation required many resources. Various reasons conspired to prevent their population from growing.

The two sides came face to face. The tension in the air was palpable.

Lionheart fixed the two titan demon forefathers with a glare that seemed to belch fire and swore, “Oakhead, Grimhead, you guys are out of your minds! I’ve had enough of you. Let’s fight to the death today and find out who’s the strongest!”

The malevolent wrath on his face stunned the two titan demon forefathers. What had gotten into these guys?

“What? Weren’t you waiting for a day like this? Come on then, let’s fight.” The agitated Lionheart sprayed spittle all over the place.

With a frown, Oakhead stared back at Lionheart with his enormous eyes. “Ironheart, why the f*ck are you acting up in front of me? This is sheer provocation. I can order the eradication of your tribe today. I’ll be amply justified even if you go whine to the celestial demons.” 

“Eradicate?” Lionheart laughed in anger. “Great, give it a try then. You must really think you titan demons can do whatever you want.”

Also trembling with rage, Ironclad growled, “Oakhead, others might be afraid of your tribe, but not us. Who are you to act so arrogant?”

Oakhead cackled. “Arrogant? So what? You know our race’s customs. Finders keepers! Don’t tell me you want to hoard the loot all to yourself.”

“Why are you getting on your high horse when you’re the interlopers? We keep making concessions, but you keep asking for more. Even a rabbit will bite back when cornered. You’ve gone too far!” Ironclad had trouble reining in his emotions.

“Cut the crap. Just spit out what you want.” The warty Grimhead was even less patient.

Since the monster demons had started it, he felt fully entitled to beat them into submission. Afterwards, titan demons would be well within their rights to capture Flora and grab its resources.

His unreasonable attitude did nothing to soothe the monster demons’ indignation, and made the atmosphere even tauter.

“Grimhead, you and me, let’s fight three hundred rounds. Are you man enough?!” Lionheart challenged with a roar.

“Haha, just what I was hoping for!” Grimhead wasn’t one to back down.

“Oakhead, are you really so intent on starting internal strife?” Ironclad stared Oakhead down with an icy gaze.

The latter shrugged. “You started it, so you’re responsible for anything that stems from it!”

Lionheart could no longer restrain himself and pounced on Grimhead before Ironclad could reply. The collision between two forefathers produced an earthshaking impact, darkening the sky and covering the stars.

The clash of intense auras lifted a colossal cloud of dust. Rows of shattered trees toppled on the ground.

Demons from both camps backed away from the heart of the fighting. They didn’t want to become collateral damage. In a fight of this level, even a stray attack could kill ordinary cultivators. No one wanted to become unwitting victims.

There was no going back the moment the battle started.

Anger on both sides ignited like gunpowder.

Oakhead’s eyes were also eerily cold. “Old Monster Ironclad, since you’re asking for it, have a taste of a titan demon’s wrath!”

Ironclad was so infuriated he could puke blood. The monster demons were clearly the victims here, but the murderers were now crying foul!

It seemed there had never been a chance to reason with the titan demons to begin with.

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