Chapter 223: Plan of Counterattack

Chapter 223: Plan of Counterattack

When Tian Shao received a secret message from his men that Jiang Chen was looking for him, he rushed with the utmost haste to the Jiang household.

He was under a great deal of pressure for this matter as well. The glory and humiliation of the Jiang family was actually those of his as well. If the Jiang family collapsed, then the next to fall down would likely be him, Tian Shao, and the next person after he falls could very well be Crown Prince Ye Rong.

Therefore, the pressure on him felt as heavy as a mountain’s after this matter had occurred.

“Young master Chen, you summoned me?”

Jiang Chen was slightly moved to see that there were large eyebags beneath Tian Shao’s eyes and the weariness was written all over his face. He knew that Tian Shao was trying his best.

After all, this matter was a bit difficult to investigate. There were internal members of the Dragonteeth Guard colluding with an enemy on the outside. It’d be difficult to find evidence even if they had their suspicions.

“Old Tian, you’ve gone to great trouble. I now need a complete set of information on Lu Wuji. For example, who are his confidantes and his most trustworthy men? Can...

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