Chapter 2228: Forefather of the Monster Demons

The two monster demon forefathers were anxiously waiting for the verdict from headquarters. Truth be told, they were hardly satisfied with the situation they were in.

The mission belonged to the monster demons to begin with. The titan demons had come barreling out of nowhere to stick their noses into things. If the celestial demons were fair, they would order the titan demons to step back.

At the moment however, the celestial demons had yet to make a decision.

The forefathers knew the celestial demons simply didn’t want any of the ten tribes to acquire a dominant standing, which was the reason why they’d been maintaining a careful balance.

It was no different this time.

“The celestial demon forefather has gotten better at plotting,” bit out a silver-haired forefather with pointy nose and silver eyes. “He keeps saying that the ten demonic tribes must work together, yet he’s played such a trick on us. That doesn’t bode well for our conquest of the Divine Abyss Continent.”

“Hmph, they clearly favor the titan demons,” vented another monster demon forefather angrily. His messy brown mane made him look as fierce as a lion.

The demon with the silver eyes was Forefather Ironclad, and the other one was Forefather Lionheart.

Both of them rivaled Lightford in status back in the ancient times, but they fell short in terms of intelligence and trickery. To put it frankly, they weren’t as cunning as Lightford.

It wasn’t much of a challenge for monster demons to take over the Flora Sacred Land. They didn’t need the help of the titan demons.

In fact, the titan demons were more trouble than they were worth.

It was natural for the monster demons to be furious. They should’ve already conquered the Flora Sacred Land and taken over the faction’s foundations, which would enable them to use it as their base of operations and expand their territory, strengthening their tribe.

Among the ten tribes, monster demons were known for their ability to assimilate other races.

In other words, monster demons could turn human cultivators into halfblood demons with their blood.

Halfbloods were different from purebloods, but they possessed many monster demon abilities, which made them useful as battle puppets.

Once the monster demons took over the Flora Sacred Land, they could very well grow to become one of the top three demonic tribes in a short period of time.

Alas, things never went according to plan. The titan demons came out of nowhere to work against them.

“Daoist Ironclad, there’s no way back for us,” Forefather Lionheart growled. “Let’s make a move while the titan demons are distracted!”

“We mustn’t. The titan demons are certainly on their guard. Besides, the celestial demons have given the order. If we disobey them, they would have an excuse to punish us. We may make an enemy out of the titan demons, but not the celestial demons!”

That was the sad truth. The titan demons could be defeated despite their fierceness. Celestial demons, however, the monster demons would be helpless against. They were also in no place to defy the demonic rulers.

The celestial demons were superior not only in power, but even more so in authority. They could simply give an order to have all of the other demonic tribes go after the monster demons.

Noting Lionheart’s lingering anger, Forefather Ironclad emphasized, “You mustn’t do anything reckless, Brother Lionheart, or the monster demon tribe will be doomed!”

“I’m just furious at the titan demons for what they’re doing,” Lionheart said unhappily. “I hear that there are many herb gardens in the Flora Sacred Land, and that they’re one of the most wealthy factions in Myriad Abyss. Our tribe needs the resources to recover. If we wait until the celestial demons issues their verdict, who knows what we’ll be able to get?”

Ironclad smiled wolfishly. “Perhaps it’s not a bad thing to have more than one tribe o invade the sacred land. You’ve heard about what happened to the golden demon tribe, haven’t you?”

Lionheart’s face tensed and clouded. The news had hit him hard.

“It’s strange. It shouldn’t be possible for the entire golden demon tribe to be slaughtered with someone as powerful as Forefather Goldenhowl among them. I hear that even the forefather has gone missing.”

The turn of events raised many questions. The two monster demon forefathers were bewildered as well. Was Myriad Abyss truly powerful enough to do that?

According to their intelligence reports, the ten sacred lands were the strongest factions within Myriad Abyss, and even the sacred lands had very few divine forefathers.

Besides, the forefathers were still preoccupied with the battles offworld. They had no effort to spare for Myriad Abyss.

Even the ten sacred lands combined might not be able to eliminate the golden demons. Golden demons were widely known to be among the top fighters of the ten demonic tribes.

They could be defeated, but it’d be a tall task to kill every last one of them. Even monster demons found the gold demons’ powerful offense and defense troublesome. The forefathers didn’t think their tribe would be capable of slaughtering all of golden demons either.

Moreover, neither of the forefathers thought they’d be able to defeat Forefather Goldenhowl. Even the two of them together could at most match Goldenhowl in strength.

“The information hasn’t been confirmed by the headquarters, dao brother,” Forefather Lionheart said questioningly. “Perhaps it’s merely a rumor.”

“It can’t be,” Ironclad said in a grave tone. “If it is, Forefather Goldenhowl would’ve come out to clear the air. As it is, the information is likely to be true.”

Forefather Lionheart sighed. “Who among the human race is capable of such a feat? Forefather Goldenhowl is a formidable foe.”

“It has to be Jiang Chen. He killed Daoist Lightford and he was responsible for the deaths of our fellow demons in Rejuvenation. The forefathers of the golden, winged, and shadow demons all met their doom at his hands. He’s no simple cultivator. We must be on our guard as well. We can’t allow him any openings.” Ironclad was dead serious.

Jiang Chen was now the threat the demonic race recognized and agreed on.

Whenever something bad happened, he was always their prime suspect.

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It'd be funny if something happened to the demons that Jiang Chen didn't do, but he was blamed for it anyways. xD