Chapter 2224: Complete Annihilation

Goldenhowl was beyond tears.

In the ancient times, no single faction could have bested his tribe in combat all by itself. In fact, two or three leading factions together might not have prevailed in a straightforward battle, so he’d never considered the possibility of such a disastrous rout.

But the reality in front of his eyes was merciless!

It wasn’t just mere annihilation. Not even the bones were left. Armor, weapons, bodies, everything was gone, as if something had devoured it all!

His blood running ice-cold through his veins, he threw his head back and howled at the sky, “Jiang Chen, I won’t rest until I see you dead!”

It wasn’t the first failure of his life, but no previous setbacks had left him reeling this violently, almost unable to stand on his feet.

The golden demon army had been entirely wiped out!

Recalling Jiang Chen’s mocking tone, fury slowly boiled in his chest. He’d been thoroughly played!

But more despairingly, he stood no chance to pay Jiang Chen back in kind all by his lonesome.

The kid must have mastered a mysterious art or own a miraculous treasure. Such an odd way of escaping was beyond comprehension.

Someone of his experience and ability rarely found himself so distraught, but Jiang Chen had left him helpless.

He could have sent the kid to hell in many ways in straightforward combat, but his opponent had never given him such an opportunity to do so. 

Going toe-to-toe was his tribe’s strong suit, but it was useless against such a slippery enemy.

At this moment, sorrow and loneliness washed over him, as if he were the last being alive in the world. Despite the staunchness of his dao heart, it cracked beneath the impact of this solitude.

Several days later, Jiang Chen and the four sacred beasts, as well as the Goldbiter Rats, met again near an island adjacent to the Flora Sacred Land as previously agreed.

“Young lord, mission accomplished.” The rat king looked extraordinarily excited, despite his obvious exhaustion. He’d devoured Cloudrumble whole after the latter’s defeat, allowing his strength to spontaneously leap to the divine realm.

More than half the tribe had perished, but the survivors had feasted upon the golden demons’ corpses, so the tribe’s overall strength had grown by leaps and bounds.

In spite of the severe losses, it was a blessing in the long term. The Goldbiter Rats didn’t fear death, as fertile as they were. They could replenish their numbers in a few decades, while strengthening opportunities such as these were much more precious. 

“Haha, the Goldbiter Rats have made formidable contributions this time. Of course, the four sacred beasts also did your parts,” Jiang Chen praised.

“Hehe, too bad that Forefather Goldenhowl is still alive.”

“It doesn’t matter. He’s likely close to advanced divine realm. While we might be able to withstand him, it’s impossible to destroy him outright with our current strength.”

“But he’ll remain a threat as long as he’s out there,” the Vermilion Bird lamented.

“No need to worry. He can’t overcome Winterdraw’s fortifications by himself, not to mention our army is stationed there. There are also powerhouses ready to rush to the rescue from the human domain in case of emergency.” Golden demons were fearsome, but there wasn’t much a single forefather could accomplish. 

Not to mention, Goldenhowl was too smart to lose his head, at least once his anger died down. He’d certainly seek revenge, but it wouldn’t be immediate.

At a guess, the forefather would be stripped of his authority. At most, he’d attach himself to the celestial demon tribe and be a vanguard in a future offensive against the human domain.

The previous battle had been a fatal blow to the golden demons. The ten tribes were no longer whole. Only nine remained!

The Vermilion Bird exclaimed, “Young lord, I’ve experienced the ancient demon-sealing war, so I’m well placed to say that you’ve already achieved more than the ancient leading factions! It’s really incredible to imagine. Despite their prosperity, the ancient humans never obtained such a satisfying victory. Just small ones here and there, but this kind of perfect outcome is unprecedented. To eradicate an entire tribe was unthinkable back then!”

The Black Tortoise nodded in agreement.

Jiang Chen smiled serenely. “Many factors combined to make it possible. I can rely on ancient legacies from the Veluriyam Palace, the Earth Bodhisattva Sect, the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect, and so on. You sacred beasts also helped me. No ancient sect has ever held so many cards, to say nothing of the Goldbiter Rats.”

This was no false modesty. There were also many advantages he hadn’t mentioned.

For example, his knowledge about the demons, the insight from his former life. More importantly, the treasures that his Celestial Emperor of a father had left for him.

The True Dragon Rope of Water and Fire had helped him out of more than one tricky situation, while the Measure of Heaven had made his life easy against Goldenhowl. All of these were assets that hadn’t been available to ancient humans, just like the Goldbiter Rats and the sacred beasts.

Jiang Chen’s dazzling victory had been built on the back of many collected advantages.

Thanks to them, he’d come out the victor against the demons time and time again, inflicting critical damage or even wiping tribes out!

He was no longer a simple human cultivator, but more a prince from the heavenly planes.

From that perspective, his superiority against the demons was easy to understand.

But his humility didn’t stop the four beasts from admiring him in the slightest.

The entire world knew how terrifying the demons were. Only Jiang Chen could go toe-to-toe against them, repeatedly gaining the upper hand. His successes were simply a miracle for mankind.

The many unfathomable secrets hidden about his person shrouded this young man in an aura of mystery. 

“Young lord, since we’ve come here after destroying the golden demon tribe, is it to take down the monster and titan demons?”

The brilliant success against the golden demons had whetted the beasts’ appetite. These battles were a tremendous environment for them to grow.

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