Chapter 2222: Repeating Old Tricks

The four sacred beasts sprang into almost simultaneous action.

Jiang Chen kept a close eye on them. As soon as they trapped Silverhammer, he would subdue the forefather with the True Dragon Rope of Water and Fire.

The window of time would be fleeting. There was no room for any mistakes. The slightest hesitation could cost him the chance.

Besides, they weren’t that far from the main camp of the golden demons. Silverhammer’s companions might come to his aid anytime.

Most importantly, Jiang Chen could sense a terrifyingly powerful being within the demon camp whom he couldn’t possibly defeat on his own. Even with the four sacred beasts and Xia Tianze on his side, the odds of him defeating that power were slim. The demon holding down the fort could rival Divine Veluriyam from the ancient times.

Thus, he needed to make quick work of dealing with Silverhammer.

Silverhammer was more cautious than Silveredge. He hollered as he fought, plainly notifying Forefather Goldenhowl of the developments.

Unfazed, Jiang Chen kept his God’s Eye on the battle, awaiting his opportunity.

The Black Tortoise’s powerful gravity enveloped Silverhammer. 

This is it!

The activated True Dragon Rope of Water and Fire split into two ends of opposing forces and flew in opposite directions, like a respective water dragon and a fire dragon. The tremendous might threatened to split heaven and earth.

Despite his caution, Silverhammer didn’t expect danger to hit him so soon. He attempted to flee as soon as he sensed the tremendous power of the rope, but under the pull of the Black Tortoise’s gravity, he could only reach a third of his usual speed.

“Damn it!” Silverhammer panicked and howled frantically, calling out for help. If Goldenhowl failed to arrive on time, he would be doomed.

Jiang Chen wasn’t going to let anyone come to the demon’s aid. He made several hand seals to push the rope to its full power. The two strands of light circle around Silverhammer at high speed.

In the blink of an eye, the rope trussed up the forefather without leaving any wiggle room, suppressing all of his power.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen felt an unstoppable force coming their way from the golden demons’ camp.

“Everyone, the leading forefather of the golden demon tribe is coming. Let’s go!”

Jiang Chen wasn’t going to engage the forefather now. The ensuing battle would put them in a difficult position. They might even be trapped. And, this was neither the right time nor the right location to do so.

The four sacred beasts hid themselves as per Jiang Chen’s instruction and returned to him. Without hesitation, he whipped out the Measure of Heaven and flashed away in a streak of brilliance.

The distance between heaven and earth seemed to shorten in an instant. The human broke the rules of physics and jumped thousands of miles out in a single second.

Goldenhowl arrived at the battlefield a breath after Jiang Chen departed.

He could still feel the energy residue left from the fight.

His face clouded over. He could tell that Silverhammer had disappeared.

“Who was it!” Goldenhowl cried out, overwhelmed with fury.

Even in the ancient times, golden demons had never suffered such terrible defeat. There were a good number of powerful human cultivators, but not many who were capable of capturing Silverhammer and Silveredge alive. It was next to impossible to do so in such a short period of time.

If even the ancient human cultivators hadn’t been able to do that, how could the declined human race have achieved such a feat?!

Goldenhowl felt toyed with.

A divine cultivator had a keen sense of smell. His nose twitched slightly before he transmitted an order to the golden demons. 

“Golden demons, make your way to Forefather Cloudrumble and strike at the Immortal Sacred Land with all you have! After that, turtle within the sacred land and wait for my return!”

Goldenhowl had seen his share of grand battles before. He didn’t lose his calm despite the circumstances. In a flash of gold, he flew in the direction that the human had left in.

He couldn’t sense the trace left by the Measure of Heaven, but he could sense Silverhammer’s presence through a resonation method unique to the golden demons.

Silverhammer had been captured alive just like Silveredge, and their captors were the same!

“Damn it, the human brat sure is bold.” Goldenhowl had no proof regarding who the captor was, but he was certain it was Jiang Chen.

In all of human domain and Myriad Abyss, the mysterious young man was the only threat to the demons. Such talent had been rare even in the ancient times. Where had the young man come from?

Pushing aside his bewilderment, Goldenhowl focused on one thought and one thought only: catch up to the young man and kill him!

He wasn’t worried that Jiang Chen would leave Winterdraw. He was more worried that the young man would hunker down on the island.

The young man’s boldness infuriated Goldenhowl. Underneath that anger however, was a trace of delight. This was his opportunity to take down Jiang Chen!

Once he did, the human domain would collapse from a lack of leadership. Then his army of golden demons could easily charge into the human domain and grab whatever they wanted. Being the first group to invade would yield them great loot!

On the other hand, Goldenhowl wasn’t going to underestimate Jiang Chen.

There must be something about the young man that had enabled him to capture Silverhammer alive. Goldenhowl couldn’t have done it better than Jiang Chen had.

“The young man carries a stunning secret with him. Once I take him, the secret will be mine!”

Goldenhowl was overtaken by greed. He knew the human race on the Divine Abyss Continent possessed great wealth. Perhaps the young man possessed magical items and heritage that even the forefather would be jealous of. Otherwise, it didn’t make sense for a young human descendant to achieve what he had.

Jiang Chen was on the run, but the Measure of Heaven allowed him to maintain his grace. Soon though, he sensed the demon forefather following him.

“Oh? He can track the Heaven of Measure?” Jiang Chen was surprised. The more he strengthened his grasp of the ferule, the more he understood its core power.

He didn’t expect the demon forefather to be able to track him down, but he was still confident in the ferule’s speed. Without it, he wouldn’t have handed the talismans from Divine Veluriyam to An Kasyapa.

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