Chapter 222: The Goldbiter Rat King’s Accomplishment

Chapter 222: The Goldbiter Rat King’s Accomplishment

One had to say, Xue Tong was tough. No matter what techniques Lu Wuji used on him, Xue Tong never made a sound. It was as if all of Lu Wuji’s various tortures weren’t being employed on him.

Lu Wuji persevered until his forehead was dripping with sweat, but never heard any words from Xue Tong that expressed any weakness.

“Brat, do you think I’ll be unable to do anything to you just because you didn’t make a sound? You’re just one of Jiang Chen’s dogs. I can consider sparing your life if you behave nicely.”

Xue Tong laughed heartily, “Lu Wuji, you coward, are you at the end of your rope now? Don’t you Dragonteeth Guards have a lot of methods? Come on! Like I’d be afraid of you!”

“Lu Wuji, do you think just because you’ve taken me, that you can do anything to my house’s young master at all? Do you think you’re so brave just because you’ve captured me? You’re wrong. If you’re not a coward, then you should use blades and spears to fight my young master, and not play these little tricks behind our backs. To think that you’re opening the door for a killer organization as a member of the Dragonteeth Guard. Lu Wuji, you’re adding face to the Dragonteeth Guard alright!”

Xue Tong wasn’t afraid at all as he cursed loudly at Lu...

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