Chapter 2217: A Proactive Strategy

The demons’ stratagem seemed a conspiracy, but its efficacy was also plain for all to see.

As their forces recovered, they would only become stronger and stronger. The attacks on Myriad Abyss would gradually intensify.

If Jiang Chen launched an attack from the human domain, countless traps and snares would inevitably be waiting for him.

If he ignored Myriad Abyss’s plight, the demons could conquer the island at their leisure, starting with the sacred lands.

When the demons obtained full control of Myriad Abyss, they would be able to use it as a base of operations and aggressively attack Winterdraw. It would make striking the human domain proper easier as well–much more convenient, at any rate, than taking the long detour around domains of other races.

Regardless of the decision Jiang Chen made, he would be at more of a disadvantage with the passage of time.

The direness of the situation informed everyone that a direct confrontation with the demons was unavoidable. Perhaps the day of all-out war would arrive sooner than expected.

“The Eternal Sacred Land is dear to my heart because of our past. The wood demons are a particularly vicious bunch. If I don’t help, the three sacred lands of the triangle will surely all fall. Immortal is closest to Winterdraw. I’m not acquainted with it much, but I hear that it specializes in refining treasures, is that right?”

An Kasyapa nodded. “The best among the ten. The treasures they refine and forge are considered the most desirable in Myriad Abyss. Other sect master artisans cannot compare in knowledge and product quality.”

As a native of Myriad Abyss, he knew the sacred lands pretty well. The others, who were natives as well, largely agreed.

“The Immortal Sacred Land is definitely the best at refining treasures.”

“The golden demons must have ulterior motives for attacking Immortal. After all, they stand to benefit the most from consuming treasures and raw materials to increase their own strength.”

This latter speaker reminded Jiang Chen of that fact.

So that was why the golden demons were attacking Immortal! Reason and logic propelled their movements after all. There was no randomness to their behavior.

“I captured a golden demon forefather named Silveredge. However, every tribe of demons has multiple forefathers. Silveredge is definitely not the strongest of the bunch. I wonder how many golden demons are present for the siege on Immortal and how many experts are there?” Jiang Chen could hardly know these details. Still, he leaned toward saving the Immortal Sacred Land.

Immortal was Winterdraw’s neighbor as well as a faction worth drawing to his side. It would be of pivotal importance in the upcoming war.

“My friends, between Immortal, Flora, and Eternal, I think we should reinforce the first. We can’t just leave Eternal be, however. We need to split up.” Jiang Chen made his intentions known.

“Young lord, there aren’t many of us in the first place. Is it really wise to split up?” One of the gods couldn’t help asking.

Jiang Chen smiled wisely. “Divine Kasyapa, you know the Eternal Sacred Land the best among our friends here. Can you travel there in my stead?”

An Kasyapa inclined his head. “No problem. Is there really much of a point for me to go there alone though? It’s so far away from Winterdraw.”

“There’s no need for brute force against the wood demons. I’m sending a lot of antidotes with you, as well as a method to deal with them more efficiently. Sunrise’s Fire of Firstdawn will be a crucial weapon in your offensive against them. My antidote is refined with Dragonwhisker Water, which allows it to disable the wood demons’ poisonous parasites. Similarly, the fire is their natural enemy. 

“Both of these counters combined will allow you to best the wood demons easily – maybe even wipe them out, if you use them well! The job is so important that it demands you go yourself, Divine Kasyapa. I wouldn’t be able to trust anyone else. Plus, there’s no need for many experts against the wood demons anyway. Instead, these antithetical elements will prove the key to their undoing!”

An Kasyapa looked thoughtful for a moment, then nodded readily. “Alright, I’ll make the trip.”

Jiang Chen nodded as well. “I’m sure you’ll encounter many problems along the way, so I’m giving you this escape talisman. It was a gift to me from Great Divine Veluriyam himself, and using it allows you to match his speed. Even the forefather of the celestial demons wouldn’t necessarily be able to catch up with you. There are three uses in it: keep it for an hour of need. Whatever happens, keeping yourself intact is your first priority.”

An Kasyapa was very talented in martial cultivation. Given enough time, he would surely attain greater achievements. His recent reception of tutelage from Xia Tianze had already brought him to the threshold of mid divine realm.

Perhaps he would be able to break through on this trip.

The escape talisman from Great Divine Veluriyam guaranteed his safety, regardless.

The others were rather envious of Jiang Chen’s gift, but they could hardly complain; they knew of the nature of the two’s relationship.

“You’re not worried that I’ll simply off and disappear with this talisman, young Chen?” An Kasyapa chuckled.

“If you absconded for something as insignificant as this talisman, you’d be letting yourself down.” Jiang Chen roared with laughter. “Your future holds many greater things yet!”

Despite the old man’s lackadaisical attitude, he was in fact quite touched. This kind of trust was rather foreign to his former life.

It was stranger yet that the one who placed his confidence in him was a young man – someone who was far inferior only two decades ago.

It was nice to have this kind of relationship, especially with a relative.

“Don’t worry, young Chen. I will bring your antidote to the Eternal Sacred Land posthaste. The Sunrise Sacred Land will stand so that I might ferry their Fire of Firstdawn to Eternal and eradicate the wood demons.”

“Don’t underestimate the wood demons. They’re not the strongest of the ten, but they have a lot of tricks up their sleeve. If I can free myself up, I will head for Eternal as soon as possible myself. The sooner they’re wiped out, the better!”

Jiang Chen was of the opinion that none of the demons should be underestimated.

Anyone who did would inevitably meet misfortune.

His arrangement for An Kasyapa to go alone to Eternal seemed risky, but it was actually a very calculated move.  

Against more capable combatants like the golden demons, sending one cultivator meant nothing. Against the wood demons, however, one needed not to beat them in pitched battle, but with something to counteract their poisons and parasites.

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