Chapter 2216: Continuous Ill Tidings

The arrival of An Kasyapa and his comrades diversified and filled out the human domain’s ranks. The plethora of gods under Jiang Chen’s command gave him more options for resource deployment. He was able to garrison several important strongholds with plenty of troops.

This solved a myriad of problems for him.

There were currently three areas of highest risk in the human domain: the old site of the Primosanct Sect which was near the Southern Flame Tribe’s Boundary Stele; the Celestial Cicada Court as the transportation formation to Winterdraw was located there and now the site of the new Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect; and last but not least, the northwestern border with the Embittered Savage Tribe. 

The Moon God Sect had customarily defended that territory, but they had expanded wantonly during his decade behind closed doors. Because of this, Jiang Chen didn’t have a terribly high opinion of them.

Xu Qingxuan had advised them several times to refrain, but the Moon God Sect had ignored her precautionary words. Some even muttered behind her back that she had forgotten her roots.

Though she wasn't in a position to interfere overmuch, Qingxuan knew that her brother wouldn’t like the amount of civil strife that was being stirred up. The Moon God Sect should’ve focused on increasing their raw strength for the oncoming war, rather than expanding their territory at the cost of others.

What could she do about it, though? She still cared about the sect’s business, but there was already a divide between them.

She suspected that her brother would, in fact, take over the northwest entirely when the time came, sidelining the Moon God Sect in the process.

What was their newfound territory good for? A single word from Jiang Chen would take all of that away overnight.

After all, the Moon God Sect lacked its own gods. Jiang Chen seemed to have no inclination to assist them in this matter and there was no telling how long it would take them to raise their own. Even if they did, then what?

Really, the sect had much better options, but it had chosen the most foolish of paths.

In the climate of the current human domain, obedience to Jiang Chen’s orders was most important. Territory was barely more relevant than a writ of paper that could be lost in the next moment.

As Xu Qingxuan expected, Jiang Chen sent two gods and a number of his loyal servants to the northwest soon after.

They didn't touch the Moon God Sect, but the influence that gods naturally commanded immediately stole its thunder.

The former region that Pillfire City ruled over became their base of operations; it was land that the Moon God Sect already occupied, but it could hardly say no to Jiang Chen’s men.

The sect finally understood now the wisdom behind Xu Qingxuan’s words. Unfortunately, it was too late.

Jiang Chen made extensive preparations at all three aforementioned strategic points.

Winterdraw Island was the most important place of all to keep defended. It contained an irreplaceable passage into the human domain for the demons.

The path through Myriad Abyss Island was the one of least resistance. The Southern Celestial and Embittered Savage lands required circling the entirety of Divine Abyss, through far too many domains of every kind. The demons didn't have enough troops to marshal that kind of offensive.

After receiving their freedom, Mang Qi and his comrades flourished in the plentiful spirit energy of the human domain. Their oaths bound them to fight under Jiang Chen’s command.

Furthermore, they depended on the human leader to allow them to return to their homelands.

Jiang Chen put Mang Qi at the helm of these alien cultivators, enlisting them as a separate group which was stationed in the northwest for contingencies.

Venerated Skysoarer was assigned to the Celestial Cicada Court alongside his ancient peers. The presence of five divine guardians emphasized Jiang Chen’s regard for the location. They were on pretty good terms with each other too, which ruled out any potential disagreements.

As for the Primosanct Sect’s ancient site, Lan Tianhao and a number of other elites were sent there.

Xia Tianze was asked to stay behind in the Veluriyam Palace to oversee the grand scheme of things. He had enough strength and authority to keep things everywhere under control without being questioned.

These arrangements left the human domain in a well-fortified state.

Divine Kasyapa and his friends were led by Jiang Chen himself. They protected Winterdraw Island zealously from invasion.

After the battle against Old Lightford, Kasyapa’s demigod servants and personal servants had obtained sufficient reward in order to propel them into divinity. Most had accomplished that goal, and the rest were nearly there.

This meant there was at least a dozen gods among the company.

Jiang Chen was a god himself, as were the four sacred beasts under his command. The king of the Goldbiter Rats, after consuming an Amaranthine Clouddew Fruit, was on the verge of divinity as well.

He was confident that he would be able to maneuver against all ten demonic tribes put together given his current forces. Winterdraw Island’s powerful formation defenses assured him that this would be the case.

Still, he obviously wasn’t going to just sit around and see what the demons were planning.


A map of Myriad Abyss was unfurled upon a table. Jiang Chen’s gaze swept over it thoughtfully.

Many pieces of bad news had made their way to him over the past few days. For example, the closest sacred land – Immortal – was currently besieged by the golden demons.

Abyssal Sacred Land had fallen completely, and its divine nation had descended into a living hell.

There were rumors that the monster demons had entered Myriad Abyss to ready an assault upon Flora.

The news about Abyssal especially kindled Jiang Chen’s concern. The sacred land’s survivors had managed to retreat to Eternal, and Martial was in the process of following in Abyssal’s footsteps. It seemed that the three sacred lands were being forced to combine by the encroaching demons.

It was time to do something. If he let the situation spiral out of control, the demons would definitely control all of Myriad Abyss in due time.

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