Chapter 2213: Thorough Submission

If Jiang Chen’s demonic knowledge was an extensive overview, then Xia Tianze’s was a deep study.

He’d become familiar with their tactics after years of warring. There was a strong purpose behind everything they did.

Why had they invaded Myriad Abyss Island? Just to make some minor waves? Their current tepid approach was a far cry from their usual style.

Myriad Abyss Island wasn’t currently an especially tough bone to chew. More importantly, it had to cope with battles on multiple fronts at the moment; its strength was stretched much too thin. Resistance would have crumbled by now, had the demons been dead set on conquest. 

However, despite the uninterrupted emergence of demons in every corner of the region, a full-blown invasion had yet to commence.

There had to be a reason, and Xia Tianze listed all the possibilities.

In Jiang Chen’s view, the demons should have full confidence to make Myriad Abyss Island theirs. The delay might really imply a bigger scheme at work.

But whatever the case may be, the young lord remained undaunted and set on his path. He wasn’t without plans of his own.

Xia Tianze was against the young man rushing to Myriad Abyss’ rescue. He even questioned whether it was worth helping at all.

The human domain was the true core of mankind, the heart of the continent.

Humanity would live to fight another day as long as it remained safe.

Of course, the young lord considered the issue from a slightly different angle. He saw the greater picture. To forego everything else to safeguard the human domain wasn’t the best choice either. Buffer zones were needed. Myriad Abyss Island, for instance.

Why not battle the demons as they made their way to the human domain?

The demons were very strong. Each of the ten demonic tribes possessed their own unique characteristics. But they weren’t without their weaknesses.

At least, in Myriad Abyss island, they’d showcased a greater disharmony than expected, and didn’t seem familiar with the lie of the land.

All of these flaws could be exploited.

“The ten great sacred lands are struggling against the demons as it is. An all-out offensive would have wiped them out. The demons must truly plotting something. But isn’t it the case for us as well?”

Sensing the wisdom in Jiang Chen’s smile, Divine Kasyapa’s eyes shone as he asked, “Young lord, you must have a wise idea.”

He’d come this time precisely to pick the young man’s brains. Had the latter brainstormed a plan already?

His companions were equally curious.

Feeling their expectant eyes on him, Jiang Chen smiled, aware he was being tested. “The human domain will serve as the stronghold against the demons. With its powerful fortifications, it’s undoubtedly a better choice than Myriad Abyss Island.”

Myriad Abyss Island was surrounded by a boundless sea that provided little protection, a disadvantage compared to the human domain sitting behind natural barriers. 

“The human domain might be easier to defend, but it’s also well known for its thinner spirit energy. Doesn’t that make it unsuitable as a base of operation?” asked a cultivator standing behind Divine Kasyapa, voicing everyone’s doubts.

Why speak of fighting the demons if divine cultivators lacked the energy for cultivation to begin with? That was sheer fantasy, a delusion.

Jiang Chen smiled calmly. “It’s normal for you to think so. You’ve just arrived in Winterdraw and haven’t visited the human domain yet. You’ll find it greatly changed. Its spirit veins are gradually replenishing and progressively returning to their ancient splendor.”

“Oh?” Kasyapa’s eyes flashed.

“Everyone, you’re welcome to see for yourself if you’re interested.”

Kasyapa and his companions looked at Xia Tianze, then at the young lord. The explanation slowly made more sense.

Why would such a great divine senior stay in the human domain if the spirit veins weren’t rejuvenated?

Why would the demons be interested in that region at all, if not for that?

“The domain used to be the core of the whole continent long ago, after all. No matter Myriad Abyss Island’s blessings, it’s history and foundations can’t compare.”

“That goes without saying. It’s said that the human domain gave birth to civilization on the Divine Abyss Continent, and so were the earliest legacies formed during primordial times.”

Kasyapa and his companions longed for that magnificent past.

“Heh, how about a trip? You’ll discover new sights you won’t find in Myriad Abyss Island, I guarantee you.”

Like duckweed, Myriad Abyss Island lacked roots and foundations, no matter how much it had thrived.

And the human domain was that very root.

An Kasyapa smiled serenely. “Very well, it’s a chance for us to witness the domain’s ancient glory.”

The young lord brought them personally on a tour, stunning them with the abundant spirit energy and the glowing vitality permeating the region.

The flourishing domain was leagues away from the weak, lacking, and uncivilized barrenness they’d imagined. Local cultivators weren’t particularly powerful yet, but each of them bustled with energy and enthusiasm, in stark contrast to Myriad Abyss Island.

The whole domain seemed steeped in hope and positivity.

In particular, the dazzling sight of the ancient Veluriyam Palace made them speechless. They suddenly felt tiny in front of the greatest ancient sect’s prestige.

It was a window like no other into an ancient world!

In front of such a scene, they were reduced to village bumpkins who’d never seen the world before.

Once they fully grasped the fundamental shifts in the region, An Kasyapa and all his companions were shaken to the core. The changes were more than they’d ever expected. 

Whatever misgivings they previously had about Jiang Chen now seemed laughable. 

Who were they to doubt a man who wielded the power of the greatest ancient sect at his age?

Such a figure was bound to be the main character of an entire era, guiding mankind forward.

A grand era was a canvas painted by great personages. And the young man in front of their eyes was surely a giant of this time!

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