Chapter 2212: Giving Pointers

What did he mean, “broke through in one fell swoop?”

How many were stuck at the threshold between peak empyrean realm and divine realm? Like grains of sand, cultivators were innumerable, yet how many were lucky enough to set foot through the door of godhood?

Even An Kasyapa and his divine companions, despite miraculous opportunities that bystanders couldn’t even begin to imagine, had barely scraped through their attempt.

Look at this Jiang Chen. Not even twenty years since I last saw him, but he’s somehow “reached third level divine realm in one fell swoop”. What kind of joke is this?

An Kasyapa himself was merely at third level divine realm, still stuck at the doorstep to mid divine.

Out of his companions, only two were third level, the others merely first or second level.

Divine Kasyapa remained speechless for a long while before squeezing out a smile. “Fine, I knew you were a cultivation anomaly the moment we met. It now seems that you’re a freak of nature. Words are no longer suffiient to describe you.”

Some of those who’d followed him here had previously doubted the young lord. As a mere empyrean cultivator, he must have borrowed someone else’s strength for whatever achievements he’d attained.

In their heart of hearts, they hadn’t acknowledged the young lord much

But now, their suspicions and doubts vanished thoroughly.

To reach third level divine realm from empyrean realm in a decade was impossible for the average man. In fact, it might be an unprecedented feat on the continent ever since the ancient times.

Who were they to doubt such a man?

Accustomed to such reactions, Jiang Chen smiled faintly. “Divine Kasyapya, these esteemed guests must be close friends of yours?”

“Indeed, they are like-minded fellow daoists. Gentlemen, this is the Jiang Chen I often mention. This young man lives up to my praise, don’t you think?” The older man sounded quite pleased with himself.

Forged by the Boundless Prison, these cultivators had high standards, but if there was someone worthy of their admiration, this young man was such a person.

Even Xia Tianze by his side was a force to be reckoned with. Judging by his presence and his aura, he could crush anyone among them.

Yet such a figure stood by the young lord’s side willingly, clearly acknowledging the latter as his master. His attitude spoke louder than words.

Seeing them look at Xia Tianze with trepidation, Jiang Chen introduced with a smile, “This is Old Brother Xia, an eminent figure from the ancient Veluriyam Palace. He’s participated in the ancient demon-sealing war, then sealed by Great Divine Veluriyam. But he’s back among us now. Gentlemen, you should get to know each other.” 

An ancient divine realm cultivator?

The revelation was a bolt from the blue. They looked at Xia Tianze with increasing reverence.

“Old Brother Xia, this is Divine Kasyapa, well known for his virtue among the divine cultivators of Myriad Abyss Island. I admire him greatly.”

Xia Tianze nodded lightly. “Indeed, your talent is greater than mine to reach your level at your age. It’s unfortunate you weren’t born in my time. We could have used your help against the demons.”

It was the highest possible praise.

An Kasyapa was proud by nature, but he had nothing but respect for ancient powerhouses.

“To be praised by an ancient senior... For the first time ever, I feel undeserving. This has long been a regret of mine. If only I could’ve died fighting the demons back then!”

Xia Tianze smiled faintly. “That war was spectacular indeed. But the demon-subduing war, the demon-extermination war to come... they also promise to be magnificent. Be assured, your talent will be put to good use.”

He then glanced at Jiang Chen. “Young lord, this friend of yours is a short step away from the fourth level. Perhaps I can give him a little nudge, as long this friend trusts me?”

An Kasyapa smiled brightly, his eyes sparkling. “Fellow daoist, I’ve always admired the ancient seniors. How would I not trust you?”

“Very well, leave it to me in then. I promise you’ll reach mid divine within a month.” 

In fact, An Kasyapa’s cultivation was already sufficient for that purpose. But unlike his forebears, he simply lacked the guidance from their ancient teachings.

To think he’d strike lucky with a simple visit… The unthinkable opportunity made Kasyapa’s companions secretly envious.

A spark of hope also shone in their own eyes.

An Kasyapa smiled. “These are all friends of mine. Friend Xia, if you truly have a miraculous method, please be generous with them as well.”

Xia Tianze’s gaze swept across the group before nodding. “Each of you must possess outstanding talent and fortunes compared to your contemporaries. You would have become notable figures back in my era. It’s unfortunate you were born at the wrong time. I can offer some advice about the finer details, but the outcome will depend on your own making.”

The ancient senior seemed rough around the edges, but there was a keen conscientiousness interwoven with his brashness. He could tell that the Myriad Abyss group had come to answer the call of Jiang Chen’s banner. 

Well, An Kasyapa had obviously come to find shelter with the young lord, but the others still had reservations. Therefore, he’d spoken to dispel their misgivings.

Jiang Chen smiled leisurely. “Everyone, it’s your good fortune to have Old Brother Xia’s personal help. On another topic, Divine Kasyapa, you must have seen some of the situation at large on your way here. May I hear of it?”

An Kasyapa replied grimly, “For such an important topic, we’ll spare no details, rest assured.”

It took him more than six hours to narrate everything he’d seen on his trip. He paid special attention to the demons’ current whereabouts.

“From what I gather, the demon army isn’t powerful enough to cover the entire Myriad Abyss Island. They must be planning to launch a succession of blitzes,” Jiang Chen mused gravely.

But Xia Tianze countered, “Perhaps not. They might be trying to lure you in their net to ambush you. The celestial demon forefathers now view you as a great danger. It would’ve been easy for them to raze Myriad Abyss Island given their strength. There must be a reason behind the longstanding stalemate. Either a trap for you, or their forces are bogged down elsewhere. Or perhaps they’re not yet in peak fighting condition yet.”

Worthy of one already experienced against the demons, his reasoning was clear and logical, leaving An Kasyapa and his companions shaken. When had the demons started paying so much attention to Jiang Chen?

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