Chapter 2211: Kasyapa Comes Knocking

At the other end of Winterdraw’s transportation formation, Venerated Skysoarer and the Celestial Cicada Court had quickly adjusted to each other.

Su Huanzhen was too smart to pass over such a wondrous opportunity for her sect. She did her utmost to impress Skysoarer. In a few short months, the latter now harbored enormous goodwill for this modern sect.

As a result, the Court slowly assimilated the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect’s age-old legacy, while Su Huanzhen earned approval from Skysoarer and Jiang Chen.

She would assume the mantle of number one as soon as the young lord stepped down from the sectmaster’s seat.

Venerable Skysoarer had been uncertain about her qualifications at first, but after long observation, he was won over by her great potential in both charisma and talent.

He’d also taken in some cultivators for the reactivation of the Great Formation of Heavenly Soul Confinement, but Su Huanzhen remained the most suitable and legitimate candidate as his successor, being the most accomplished of the lot.

Events unfolded smoothly after he’d endorsed her.

Soon, stirring news spread across the human domain. One of the ten great ancient leading factions, the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect, had found its successor, and would be reestablished with the Celestial Cicada Court as its foundation.

As far as “ancient leading sects” went, it was one of the least remarkable and powerful of the lot,  but everyone understood what it meant to even just possess that title.

Apart from the ancient Veluriyam Palace, the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect was the first ancient sect to reappear. Such a legacy couldn’t help but incite envy from many human factions.

Jiang Chen’s declaration of supporting the Celestial Cicada Court soon followed. As the Veluriyam Palace’s representative, he wished for the legacy to bring the Court to new heights. To commend the Court for never making waves during these years, he also bestowed many gifts to assist reestablishment of the ancient sect.

The Crimson Heavens ruins on Mt. Rippling Mirage naturally had to be transported over. To the young lord’s surprise, the inheritance he’d once obtained from the sect was a mere superficial one. The core legacy was hidden inside the founder forefathers’ statues.

But it all made sense once he thought it over. What he’d obtained was obviously far from the standard of a leading faction. Only the newly unearthed, genuine inheritance was worthy of such a lofty name.

And yet he felt no jealousy. What little he’d gained had already been of great help. On the contrary, he handed over to Skysoarer and Su Huanzhen as well many formations inherited from Pei Xing and the Earth Bodhisattva Sect.

Other than the Earth Bodhsattva Orb, he gave them almost everything.

As a result, the two great ancient formation legacies both came into the Celestial Cicada Court’s possession, as well as part of Pei Xing’s teachings.

When it came to formations, the new Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect had now eclipsed its former counterpart.

But at the same time, without the young lord’s help, the legacy of a leading faction like the Earth Bodhisattva Sect was now lost to others. Myriad Abyss’ Martial Sacred Land was no exception, despite their connection to the ancient sect.

Jiang Chen was far from idle in the meantime. He inspected Boundary Steles wherever they were located. He reinforced defenses, set up formations, and increased vigilance.

The human domain relied on the Great Formation of Heavenly Soul Confinement in the desolate wildlands to shield it from demonic invasions.

But there were other areas at the other end of the domain, such as the ones occupied by the Embittered Savages or the Southern Celestial Tribe.

Aware his tribe couldn’t contend with the humans, Forefather Embittered Bamboo had offered a temporary surrender. The Savages now provided an extra layer of protection for the domain.

Rather than embarrassing Embittered Bamboo, Jiang Chen had allowed him to return and govern his tribe, so that it might at least be a buffer against an eventual demon foray.

However, the Southern Celestial Tribe was a much greater danger. True, he’d restored the Boundary Stele at the frontier, but it remained weak from the damage it’d previously suffered.

He clearly remembered that the celestial demon lord had fled to the Southern Celestial Tribe from this very spot. 

If trouble were to arise in the future, it would more than likely originate from that race.

For that reason, he had ordered several divine subordinates to infiltrate that race’s territory. However, the repeated discreet scouting attempts had all ended up unfruitful.

The demon lord had seemingly vanished into thin air. No trace of demon-wrought devastation could be seen in the tribe’s territory.

In stark contrast to the massive demon upsurge in the desolate wildland’s demon-sealing area,  the Southern Celestial Tribe, like a blessed land devoid of demons, remained untouched.

Did that make any sense? The race might not have been as powerful as mankind, but by no means had it been ignored by the demons. How could it be now free from their shadows?

Of course, if determined to hide, it would be nigh impossible to find the demons no matter how deep one dug, especially when it came to the celestial demons.

So setting up powerful formations in the Primosanct Sect’s vestiges and tightening the defenses was all the young lord could do.

He kept himself busy, traveling back and forth between the human domain and Winterdraw, taking note of the continent’s overall situation, when one day, he suddenly received urgent news from Winterdraw.

Cultivators outside the island requested an audience with him.

Xia Tianze himself could feel a terrible pressure emanating from the formidable group. Every member was a god.

He didn’t fear any of them individually, but he didn’t dare rashly let them in all at once.

Jiang Chen hurried to Winterdraw, but laughed heartily when he saw, to his surprise, an old acquaintance. “An unexpected visit, Divine Kasyapa. What’s the occasion?”

Apart from Kasyapa’s four protectors, he was also accompanied by six other cultivators this time, each of them a powerhouse.

Even the young lord couldn’t stay indifferent to such a lineup.

“Jiang Chen, did you… break through to divine realm?” Kasyapa’s eyes flashed as he stared at the young lord in wonder.

The young man smiled. “Mere luck. I chanced upon the ancient Veluriyam Palace’s inheritance and broke through to third level divine realm in one fell swoop.”

When his voice fell, the faces of his guests was quite a sight to behold.

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