Chapter 2210: Rebuilding the Three Islands

Three declined the proposal after a moment’s hesitation, but the other six divine realm cultivators all agreed to join An Kasyapa.

The latter had earned public approval with his conduct in Boundless Prison. His staunch refusal to bow down to Lightford for these many years was worthy of admiration, for one.

Discerning cultivators knew that the increasing number of demon sightings signaled the end of peaceful days on the continent. Everyone would be swept into the coming turmoil, willing or not.

A possible way forward in such circumstances wasn’t a bad idea. At the very least, An Kasyapa was a pillar they could rely on.

They had refused to join Lightford’s camp, unwilling to become his dogs and do his dirty labor. As it turned out, the spark of self-respect and integrity still burned deep in their hearts.

But an alliance centered around An Kaspaya was a different story. They would all be in the same boat with someone just like them. Everyone was keenly aware they couldn’t face the coming era of chaos alone.

No one would escape the demons’ wanton rampage. They would either be eliminated or taken as slaves. Why should they refuse to act as Lightford’s dogs, only to become demon puppets?

All in all, the alliance was a means of survival.

“Daoist Kasyapa, we’re all in this together. Are we going to wage war on the demons?” asked a man with bald eyebrows. 

All eyes fell on An Kasyapa, eagerly waiting for his plans.

The latter shook his head lightly. “That would be unwise given our strength. We might successfully kill one or two of their divine forefathers if we act together, but against the demons’ strange and sinister ways, I have no full assurance we can slaughter them all.” 

“Does that mean we’re helpless despite our numbers?”

“Not necessarily. Let’s visit someone first before we declare war.” An Kasyapa smiled leisurely.


“Jiang Chen.” Divine Kasyapa uttered the name resolutely.

Jiang Chen?

The crowd froze for a second, before someone finally asked, conflicted, “Do you mean the one who felled Lightford, the Eternal Sacred Land’s young lord?”

“The very same. Out of the myriad of people I’ve met in my long life, he stands out as one of a kind in Myriad Abyss Island, perhaps even the entire continent. He might very well be the key figure in the oncoming war. Let’s depart for the human domain and seek his wise counsel.”

“But, he’s nothing but a young man. Lightford was taken down thanks to luck and the effort of many, not his alone. Fellow daoist, given his age, what will he know about the demons?” 

Some weren’t especially convinced of Jiang Chen’s value.

An Kasyapa laughed out loud. “Haha, you clearly don’t know him all that well. As a reincarnated god, he understands them better than anyone on the continent. Take Lightford, for example. Who else knew of his identity but Jiang Chen? How fast the child’s grown speaks volumes about him.”

“Fellow daoist, it’s rare to see you speak so highly of anyone! This Jiang Chen must be someone special. You’ve made us all curious now.”

“True enough, but I for one am not that keen to deal with the ten great sacred lands.” 

An Kasyapa smiled. “Just how dated is your knowledge? He left the Eternal Sacred Land more than ten years ago and has gone back to the human domain. That’s where he was born, after all.”

“Ah? Why that benighted place? Doesn’t he know Myriad Abyss Island is ten times better for cultivation?”

An Kasyapa shrugged. “You might not be aware that there’s a large formation over there called the Great Formation of Heavenly Soul Confinement. It’s pivotal against the demons. He’s gone back precisely to repair it. Successfully, it seems, since the human domain’s stayed safe so far, compared to all the demons raiding Myriad Abyss Island.”

“The Great Formation of Heavenly Soul Confinement? Is it that formidable?”

“It is. It could’ve quelled the entire demon race in ancient times if not for the demons’ craftiness. It can both protect and attack. When under siege, it becomes an impregnable rampart against the demons’ onslaught and keeps them outside the domain’s frontier.” Thick fascination coated An Kasyapa’s words.

“Fellow daoist, what are we waiting for then? Let’s depart at once!”

“Let’s go, we’re leaving!”

“I’m eager to see just what kind of genius the human domain can foster.”

Jiang Chen stayed on Rejuvenation Isles for many days, overseeing the restoration of both Rejuvenation Isles and Tritalent Isles. These two factions were no longer as hostile toward him.

Of course, most of the reconstruction effort was centered on Winterdraw Island.

Its defenses were far superior to the other two territories. A creation of the great formation master Pei Xing, its power increased by the day thanks to the young lord’s undertaking, inching ever closer to its ancient might.

Undoubtedly, it would become crucial in the war to come, perhaps even a place to safeguard at all costs.

For that reason, its forticatifications had to be continuously rebuilt. If they could be upgraded back to their ancient standards, Winterdraw would become a safe haven able to withstand the combined offensive from several demonic forefathers.

It hadn’t exhibited all its possibilities when governed by Rejuvenation Isles, and its development had been greatly stunted.

But now, with the young lord was at the helm, his ever deeper understanding and mastery of Pei Xing’s legacy provided a better insight into Winterdraw’s formations, allowing him to draw ever more power from them.

The restoration project was declared completed about three months later. Two secret, temporary channels to the other two isles had also been constructed.

Thanks to the marvels of spatial formations, these channels were akin to transport formations. However, they were one-time use only and would vanish once their purpose was fulfilled. No power, no matter how great, would be able to pry them back open.

It allowed for a quick retreat to Winterdraw if the other two isles were ever to be overwhelmed by demon attacks. Jiang Chen once again demonstrated the thoroughness of his planning.

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