Chapter 221: The True Culprit

Chapter 221: The True Culprit

After Ye Rong became Crown Prince, his control over the Dragonteeth Guard immediately greatly increased. Those who were on his side were given important positions.

For example, Tian Shao was continuously promoted from his original commander position to being a general in charge of a troop.

As both Xin Wudao and Lu Wuji, who had been close to Ye Dai, they kept a noticeably lower profile than before even though their positions hadn’t changed. Their limelight had been completely overtaken by the newly promoted Tian Shao.

Even General Director Shangguan Yi had to take this situation seriously. He had always favored Tian Shao to a certain extent when it came to affairs of the Dragonteeth Guard.

“Young master Chen, here are thirty flight tokens. Once the Goldwing Swordbirds you’ve brought are equipped with these flight tokens, you’ll be able to fly through the capital as you will. Apart from approaching the royal palace, all other areas are unrestricted.”

Tian Shao gave a bundle of flight tokens to Jiang Chen.

“Old Tian, you’ve gone to great trouble this time.”

Tian Shao waved his hands,...

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