Chapter 2205: True Dragon Rope of Water and Fire

Forefather Silveredge didn’t know the real strength of the True Dragon Rope of Water and Fire. He scoffed and ignored the rope when it came at him with water and fire attacks. The sacred beasts had already attacked him with the two elements to no avail. The rope’s pathetic efforts wouldn’t amount to much. 

He couldn’t be bothered with it.

That would turn into the most foolish decision of his life. When he noticed something wrong, the True Dragon Rope had already wound around him eight times.

Even he couldn’t force his way out of the constraints. He struggled as hard as he could, trying to cut the rope with sharp energy radiating from his body. 

It all proved futile.

The golden demon’s body might be impenetrable, but the True Dragon Rope of Water and Fire was equally resilient. It wouldn’t be destroyed by regular blades. 

Of course, an average demon forefather wouldn’t be able to destroy an item forged by a Celestial Emperor.

The more he struggled, the faster and harder the rope wound around him. His legs were trapped first, then his waist and his two arms. In the end, Silveredge was trussed up like an animal. He couldn’t move at all.

Silveredge widened his eyes, Finally, a trace of fear tinged his fierce expression. He might be unkillable in battles, but as a captive, he could be killed just like anyone.

A single talisman would be enough to suppress physical resistance. Then there was nothing he could do other than be a lamb to the slaughter.

Jiang Chen walked up to him, beaming widely. “Golden demons are indeed the best melee fighters among the demons. Other than the celestial demons, golden demons should be considered the strongest tribe.”

Silveredge scoffed; his eyes blazed with hatred. He’d lost. Even if his gaze was piercing enough to kill, it wouldn’t change anything.

Jiang Chen glanced indifferent at his quarry. “Glaring at me won’t help. Golden demons are strong, but I never considered you that much of a threat. I know you refuse to accept your defeat, but your fate is set in stone. You’re my captive. We’ve killed your companions.”

“Old Shadowless was to blame for his ‘clever plan’,” Silveredge spat out. “If we took the initiative to attack you head on, I’d never have to suffer such humiliation.”

Jiang Chen laughed. “You can’t win by ambushing me, and you’d be marching to your deaths if you launched a frontal assault. Don’t try to talk yourself up.”

Silveredge wasn’t convinced. “You despicable humans always rely on schemes. There’s no telling who would win if we fight fairly and directly!”

Jiang Chen shrugged. “Heaven is fair. You’re given great physical strength and powerful bloodlines. Naturally, you aren’t going to be that intelligent.”

Demons weren’t fools, and they were cunning in their own way.

Compared to humans however, they weren’t as strategic or wise. As Jiang Chen had said, heaven was fair. If demons were as intelligent as they were strong, it’d be impossible to stop them.

Silveredge had been caught, and the other demons slaughtered.

Jiang Chen gathered everyone and declared, “We’ve won this fight, people, but the demonic army is still outside Rejuvenation. Only a few demon figureheads separated from the main force and attacked us. We’ll ride this momentum and strike at the army, eliminating them all!”

“Kill, kill, kill!”

The battle had riled everyone up. Demons weren’t as unbeatable as they were made out to be. The humans were eager to fight, and morale reached an all-time high.

“Old Ding, spare no effort to contact Rejuvenation and tell them to work with us from within in order to kill the demons. Don’t allow any of them to escape!”

“Understood!” Warden Ding responded delightedly.

He’d felt hopeless when he pleading for Jiang Chen’s help, and hadn’t thought they’d be able to save Rejuvenation.

To his surprise, the young lord had not only turned the tide, but did so with aplomb. He’d killed two demon forefathers, captured one, and taken out a divine realm puppet.

Numerous demigod demons had also been dealt with.

Demon cultivators were notoriously difficult to defeat. Two humans might not be able to win a fight against one demon of the same level. Yet the young lord had held his ground against demons. In fact, he’d been able to gain the upper hand and kill the figureheads.

This wrenched around the ingrained beliefs in Warden Ding’s mind. Demons could be defeated and killed. One simply had to be stronger and fiercer.

The sacred beasts were good examples. Jiang Chen’s plan allowed them to catch the demons by surprise, and they won through superior might.

Rejuvenation was thrilled when they received the secret message that Jiang Chen had arrived and killed the demonic forefathers.

They kicked up turmoil from within while Jiang Chen’s group charged in and surrounded the remaining demons.

Even without their leaders, the demons were formidable foes. If not for the advantage granted by the number of divine cultivators on Jiang Chen’s side, there would’ve been horrendous casualties.

As it was, Rejuvenation and Tritalent still paid a heavy price.

Jiang Chen exposed every demon with the Great Veluriyam Torch. No matter how quick they were to flee, they couldn’t escape the light and Jiang Chen’s consciousness. None of them survived.

Some tried to blend in with the human cultivators and were exposed by the torch. They were dragged out and killed by proximity mobs.

It was a lie that demons were unkillable. No beings were truly immortal.

The battle showed everyone how powerful demons were as a race. They were able to seize Rejuvenation and destroy it several times over with such a small group.

With enough power however, humans could defeat demons by a landslide and eliminate them all.

This would go down in history as the most crucial and cathartic battle against demons in Myriad Abyss. Everyone in Rejuvenation exulted with high spirits.

A few surviving demons had been captured alive. Jiang Chen would interrogate them personally to find out demons’ plan in Myriad Abyss.

A group of demons had been dealt with, but the loss might not be significant for the race as a whole.

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