Chapter 2204: The Ferocious Golden Demons

The demigod demons were intensely engaged with Jiang Chen’s group and winning.

However, things changed as soon as Mad Fiend disengaged from Forefather Silveredge and joined the fray.

When Xia Tianze came over as well, the demigod demons began to waver.

They wanted to retreat, but their escape route was blocked off by the Vermilion Bird’s skyfire. They struggled in vain. Death at the hands of Mad Fiend and Xia Tianze was their only escape.

On the other side, Long Xiaoxuan, the Astral White Tiger, and the Black Tortoise were in a gridlock with Forefather Silveredge, the main reason of which was due to the forefather’s impenetrable defense.

Finished with its side, the Vermilion Bird joined in and attacked with its skyfire, yet the forefather was able to withstand the four divine beasts’ concerted assault.

“Demons never fail to surprise me. He’s able to stand against the four divine beasts with his physical body alone. Although the four of them are attacking regularly without tapping into the heavenly law, it’s still an impressive feat!”

Jiang Chen observed them closely. He’d refrained from making a move in order to identify the kind of battle characteristics the golden demons possessed.

The forefather was indeed mighty. He was able to easily slaughter the average human cultivators.

Xia Tianze and Mad Fiend were considered elites among human cultivators, yet the latter had called out for help after less than ten exchanges with the demon forefather.

Even Xia Tianze and Mad Fiend together didn’t stand much of a chance against the golden demon.

The four sacred beasts were able to hold their ground only because of unique techniques and bloodlines that could rival golden demons.

Warden Ding and the other humans emerged from the battlefield, bathed in blood. Their fight was about done.

It was clear from Warden Ding’s pale face that he’d yet to recover. He was stunned by the sheer number of gods on their side.

“Young lord, what’s… what’s going on?” stammered the warden.

Jiang Chen smiled faintly. “What do you think is going on?”

Warden Ding started. “Did you foresee the ambush, young lord? Is that why you secretly brought so many divine beings with you?”

“Haha, I know they would ambush me. More precisely, I was trying to lure them in while they attempted to trap me. Nevertheless, their wit was somewhat lacking. That’s how they fell into my clutches.”

“Luring them in?” Warden Ding paused. “How?”

“One of you is a mole planted by demons. To be more precise, a demon has infiltrated your group without you noticing.”

Warden Ding was stunned. “A demon?”

Jiang Chen smiled conspiratorily. “That’s right. I have to thank him though. Without him, I wouldn’t have been able to lure so many demons into my trap. He’s been very helpful, hasn’t he?”

“Who is it?” Warden Ding asked in surprise.

With a faint smile, Jiang Chen swept his gaze over the group before him. “Who is it, indeed? Are you not going to show yourself even now? Forefather Shadowless is dead. Do you think small fry like you will get lucky?”

A cultivator glared at Jiang Chen, his eyes unfocused. The expression on his face was grim and pained. “You… you’ve been using me, haven’t you?”

Jiang Chen shrugged. “You shadow demons are too confident for your own good. Truth be told, your kin in the human domain tried the same trick already. They’ve been sent onto the underworld ahead of you. Oh, I exorcised Forefather Evilshadow as well. Add to that Forefather Shadowless… that means many shadow demons have died at my hands.”

The man screamed and spat out a mouthful of blood, his eyes bulging. “I, I deserve to die! I thought I disguised myself well, yet you found me out. How did you do it? I don’t understand it, I don’t accept this!”

“You can think about that in your next life!”

Jiang Chen was hardly going to reveal the truth. With a wave of his hand, a ray of golden light hit the demon. Although the demon was a demigod, he was helpless against Jiang Chen’s attack. There was nothing left of him but ashes after a single move.

Warden Ding and the others were frightened by the ease with which Jiang Chen killed the demon.

“Don’t worry. Although you were fooled by a demon, you didn’t defect to their side yourselves. You won’t feel my wrath.”

The group sighed in relief at Jiang Chen’s words.

Meanwhile, tensions ran high between the four divine beasts and Forefather Silveredge. The divine beasts pulled out moves to deal death blows and attacked the demon forefather relentlessly.

Silveredge was forced to back away, but he managed to survive the wave of attacks without any fatal injury.

“That demon is a perverse beast, young master Chen! Golden demons are indeed the most troublesome tribe. Back in the ancient times, many human cultivators died at their hands.” A chill ran down Xia Tianze’s spine and his scalp prickled with numbness.

If it’d been him fighting the golden demon, he’d have no choice but to flee. Unless he could dominate the demon with brute force, there was no way he could win.

Jiang Chen chuckled. “Let’s get this over with. We don’t have time to waste.”

He flew toward the battling group in a flash of light.

“What are you doing, young master Chen?” Xia Tianze started. He thought the young lord was going to join the fight himself, which would be unwise.

Jiang Chen smiled and manifested one of the items sealed in his consciousness - the True Dragon Rope of Water and Fire.

It possessed the power of water and fire, and its restraining power was formidable. There was nothing of the five elements the rope couldn’t restrain within the three realms.

Jiang Chen soared to the sky and made seals to activate the rope, which consisted of a fiery red end and a deep blue end, making for a strange curvy line.

Whoosh! The rope shot through the sky like a pair of dragons.

It reached Forefather Silveredge in a flash. The demon had been backing away from the four sacred beasts. He didn’t think too much when he saw the strange glow and struck out with his sword. “Piss off!”

What made the True Dragon Rope of Water and Fire unique was its form. It separated into a thread of fire and one of water before flying in opposite directions.

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