Chapter 2203: Sudden Shifts in Battle Situation

Jiang Chen’s vision caught four shadows pouncing upon him. He darted immediately upon a streak of light to the airspace’s opposite side.

“Trying to run? Not so fast!” In a single wingbeat, Bluefalcon leapt in front of Jiang Chen. His hands swept toward the young man like twin claws.

Jiang Chen had no intention of fighting the winged demon directly. He attempted to evade once more.

“Dodge this!” Silveredge shouted as he cut in from the side. A huge double-edged blade scythed at Jiang Chen’s abdomen.

The young man evoked his Great Veluriyam Torch, scattering his form into millions of photic motes that flew in every direction.

The demonic forefathers were dazzled by the display, unsure of where to attack next.

The shadow demon forefather used his consciousness to perceive his surroundings before calling out, “Over there!”

“Come on!” Roaring, Bluefalcon shot at the indicated direction. Winged demons boasted unmatched speed, surpassing that of even the Kunpeng Meteoric Escape’s.

However, there were some disadvantages to going so fast as well. Bluefalcon had clearly moved with brash abruptness. A bright light appeared as soon as he finished his charge, following which a restrictive force suddenly weighed down his wings.

This peculiar change elicited an unnerved reaction from Bluefalcon. As a demon who was a veteran of many battles, he knew well what this meant.

“I’m being hoodwinked!”

Unfortunately, it was already a bit late for him. The Black Tortoise’s gravitational force was especially potent with this application; the reptile used every ounce of its strength to drag down Bluefalcon’s wings.

A draconic roar sounded in the air.

A giant claw erupted from nothingness, gripping Bluefalcon within its five talons.

Forefather Bluefalcon was frightened out of his wits. He hadn’t foreseen that he would ever be caught in the clutches of another – he was used to doing the grabbing.

He knew very well that the claw belonged to a true dragon.

Indeed, it was the manifestation of Long Xiaoxuan’s Crushing Claw of Mountains and Rivers. Bluefalcon was completely stuck.

In the next moment, the dragon reached out his other claw and gave Bluefalcon’s wings a vigorous rip. His fearsome strength immediately tore them asunder.

Bluefalcon instantly transformed into a figure of blood, like he’d been flayed alive. Despite his natural ferocity as a demon, he shrieked in severe pain.

All of this happened within a single instant.

At the same time, Jiang Chen threw his Great Veluriyam Torch into the air. The was directed at Forefather Shadowless, who was creeping in from a few hundred meters away in an attempt to land a sneaky, fatal blow.

Jiang Chen allowed him to approach a little more before tossing his golden bell aloft. It rang harshly as it pressed down upon the shadow demon with mountainous force.

Shadowless had thought his prowess in stealth more than enough to successfully ambush the human. As such, his confidence cracked when he was intentionally thwarted at the last second with a counterattack.

Bluefalcon’s nearby shriek at the same time made his heart tremble uncontrollably.

When the golden bell pressed down upon him, he evaded it with utmost seriousness.

Shadow demons were quite different from golden, titan, and winged demons. They weren’t great at direct confrontations.

Alas, he was greeted by a nasty surprise of his own. Flames spontaneously erupted into being all around him, followed by an inexorable killing intent that chilled him to the bone.

Uttering a shrill cry to the heavens, the Vermilion Bird cast a roiling inferno of its innate fire toward Shadowless. The shadow demon whitened. Sensing the pyre’s all-consuming nature and lethality, he turned and darted toward another direction.

The Astral White Tiger cut him off there.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Many astral tiger talismans, patterned like tiger-skins, appeared all around the demon. They represented crushing destruction, barring Shadowless’s every path.

A tigrine roar heralded the explosion of one of the talismans. The Astral White Tiger pounced forth from it, enlarging to the size of a great summit. It turned a ravenous maw upon the shadow demon forefather.

Having no time or room to dodge, Shadowless was seized between the tiger’s razor-sharp teeth. In the next moment, he was bitten cleanly in two.

These two unexpected developments critically shifted the tide of the battle. Bluefalcon was incapacitated, and Shadowless, dead.

However, the Mad Fiend wasn’t having as great of a time. “Hey, come help if you’ve won already!” he cursed. “This freak isn’t as easy as the others.”

The fervent fighter had chosen Silveredge as his opponent, a forefather of the golden demons.

Silveredge was incredibly tough in a fight. Despite the Mad Fiend’s propensity for brawling, he couldn’t hold the field much longer by himself, hence the call for help.

Xia Tianze was pitched against the puppet god. Though he had the advantage, he couldn’t take down his enemy just yet.

Jiang Chen threw his golden bell down upon the alien god – clearly a weaker cultivator than the demons were. Seeing the young man’s interference, the god moved to flee, but the Great Veluriyam Torch slowed him. Xia Tianze took the opportunity to catch up and cleave him in two.  

Out of the four gods on the demons’ side, three were now defeated. Only Silveredge remained in stubborn resistance.

Noticing Silveredge’s incredible fighting ability, the four sacred beasts leaped to the Mad Fiend’s aid.

Surprisingly, Long Xiaoxuan’s Crushing Claw and the Astral White Tiger’s talismans couldn’t injure the golden demon.

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