Chapter 2201: Each With Their Own Schemes

Forefather Shadowless suddenly moved his palm. Peculiar currents of air appeared before him, hiding indistinct runes within. This was the shadow demons’ unique method of communication.

A smile very quickly crept over his face.

“If all goes smoothly, my friends, we can leave and attack the ten sacred lands tonight.” Shadowless’s eyes sparkled with killing intent.

Bluefalcon was pleased. “What makes you say that?”

Silveredge sharply scrutinized Shadowless, intent on knowing the specifics as well.

“My agents have infiltrated the human domain and learned of what’s going on there. Our fellow daoists who were sealed away in the ancient times have freed themselves. They’re holding up the humans’ divine forces as we speak. Truly, a blessing from heaven,” chuckled Shadowless. “That Jiang Chen kid has no gods with him, though he is humanity’s leader. He leads a few demigods and a number of empyrean cultivators in an attempt to reinforce Rejuvenation.”

“Oh? Is that accurate?” Bluefalcon was moved.

“Do you not trust the shadow demons’ ability, fellow daoist?” Shadowless retorted with displeasure.

Shadow demons were indeed talented in such things. No other kind of demon could compare in subterfuge.

“Fellow daoists in the human domain? Who exactly?” asked Silveredge.

“My subordinates didn’t have much of a chance to gather too much information, but I can extrapolate from what he told me that there are at least two: Evilshadow of the shadow demons and Stonefiend of the yin demons.” 

Shadowless was evidently gratified upon hearing that another forefather of his tribe lived. That meant an improvement in their overall strength.

“Stonefiend?” Bluefalcon laughed drily. “Isn’t he exceptionally stubborn? I doubt he’s smart enough to outwit the humans.”

“Isn’t there at least another fellow daoist of us shadow demons?” Shadowless was disgruntled. “Daoist Evilshadow and his demigod subordinates are capable individuals. With their disruption, the human domain will have no rest.”

This was no exaggeration. Silveredge begrudgingly admitted that shadow demons were incredibly adept at causing trouble from behind the scenes.

“So Jiang Chen’s people are all stuck in the human domain then? He came here alone? Well, he’s certainly brave.”

“What else would he do? He doesn’t know there are more than one of us here.”

“Is this the so-called leader of humanity? He’s so brash and reckless.” Silveredge’s tone oozed disdain. “If that’s the case, he’s hardly someone to take seriously, is he?”

“He’s young,” sighed Bluefalcon, “and probably inexperienced. That’s probably the case here, no?”

Shadowless wasn’t about to underestimate Jiang Chen though. “It’s not recklessness.” He smiled. “He’s as confident as we demons are, and has the ability to back it up to boot. Just one of us alone might not be able to do much to him.”

“Is he really that strong?”

“He is… unique. Apparently, he has two divine sacred beasts under his command as well. Very capable beasts.”

“Oh? Very interesting.” Bluefalcon immediately gained in enthusiasm. “Sacred beasts? If we can capture them, then…”

A greedy look glinted from his eyes.

“Hmph. My information tells me that he didn’t bring them here,” snickered Shadowless. “Maybe he sent them to hunt down our fellow daoists in the human domain.”

“He’s coming to his death then! If this is the leader of humanity, these humans deserve to be exterminated,” sneered Silveredge.

“Again, don’t underestimate him. No matter what he plans to do by coming here, we must make use of the opportunity the best we can. A lion uses his full strength when he hunts even the smallest of prey. We can’t let him escape or return to the human domain. Our arrangements will be pointless then.”

Bluefalcon chuckled. “No worries, fellow daoist. As long as he actually comes here, there’s no way he’ll be able to escape. We have numbers on our side.”

Three renowned demon forefathers and a puppet forefather, all of them divine realm.

If four gods couldn’t deal with one uppity kid, they would bring shame upon their ancestors.

“Prepare yourselves for any tricks the kid might have up his sleeve. He might have brought the divine beasts after all as a failsafe,” reminded Shadowless.

“Well then, all the better!” Bluefalcon’s eyes glowed again.

“We must hunt like lions, as you said!” For once, Silveredge agreed without reservation. Killing intent flooded from his eyes.

“Do you have any information about the kid’s cultivation?” A different question came to Bluefalcon.

“When he was still on Myriad Abyss, he was advanced empyrean. There’s been a dozen years since then, and my men tell me he calls himself a god. That’s probably true.”

“A young god, eh? He does have talent. What a shame that he won’t have any more time to grow,” cackled Bluefalcon. “He’s destined to be game for us, as are his pets. I will mention this ahead of time: you can have whatever treasures he’s carrying with him, but you must help me tame at least one of his beasts.”

Silveredge and Shadowless had no problem with this. The sacred beasts would be of no use to them, but Bluefalcon would be greatly advantaged.

Since the winged demon forefather waived his loot privileges, they didn’t mind helping him catch a beast.

“It’s time for us to get ready. That Jiang Chen has already departed. We must set a trap for him and lure him in.” Shadowless cackled once more ominously, then disappeared on the spot.

“Come on!” The others followed suit.

Outside Winterdraw, Jiang Chen’s airboat had already embarked. Mad Fiend and Xia Tianze hid themselves within the crowd, pretending to be demigods.

The four sacred beasts concealed themselves so well that no trace of them could be found anywhere.

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