Chapter 220: Danger with No Forewarning

Chapter 220: Danger with No Forewarning

Upon hearing Jiang Chen’s words, Qiao Baishi felt greatly reassured. His honored master was hinting that he could act however he wanted and that his honored master would be the strong shield behind his back.

Jiang Chen was a god in Qiao Baishi’s heart.

After the banquet was over, Jiang Chen had Qiao Baishi gift a package of pills to Tang Long in return.

Tang Long didn’t even know how he made it out of the door. Today’s banquet had helped him become closer to Jiang Chen’s crew.

However, Tang Long still felt a bit embarrassed.

The presents he’d brought hadn’t been worth much money, but what he’d received in return were all exceptional pills. Some such as the Heavenly Karma Pill were for injuries, and others such as the Vast Ocean Pill were for recovering true qi .

These were all fine items that Tang Long couldn’t afford to buy.

A Dragonteeth Guard often ventured outside for cases, with fighting and killing being inevitable. Bloodshed was also a common thing. These pills would provide timely assistance akin to fuel delivered in a snowstorm.

“Old Tang, come and visit often in the future if you have nothing to do, but don’t bring anything with you next time. Or my house’s young master won’t...

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