Chapter 2199: Demonic Shadows Dance and Flicker

When Jiang Chen asked for a briefing, Lu Che immediately spoke up. 

“Rejuvenation requests our help four to five times every day. In this subordinate’s opinion, Rejuvenation would’ve long been claimed if demons truly wanted to conquer it. They’ve been pulling back in order to lure us in.”

Warden Ding’s face clouded over. Lu Che painted a grim picture, but that was likely to be the truth.

From the way demons had quickly conquered Tritalent, it didn’t make sense that they hadn’t been able to defeat Rejuvenation.

Perhaps those demons had been waiting for Jiang Chen to show up. Perhaps they’d heard that the young lord was their biggest threat from the human domain and Myriad Abyss.

Perhaps that was why Rejuvenation still stood.

Such speculations made sense.

Jiang Chen thought pensively. “What are the odds that Rejuvenation is able to defend itself without our help?”

Warden Ding let out a long sigh. “Not a chance.” He didn’t want to admit that, but that was the truth.

Jiang Chen’s eyes darkened. “Then everyone in Rejuvenation is going to die if we don’t act. I must venture into the tiger’s den even if I’ll be walking straight into a trap.”

Warden Ding’s nose twitched when he saw the determination on Jiang Chen’s face. Even his steely heart had been won over by the young man.

“All of Rejuvenation will be grateful to you for upholding justice, young lord Jiang Chen.”

The human leader waved a hand dismissively. “Let’s take a brief break and formulate a plan today. Tomorrow, we’ll set out and launch a surprise attack against the demons encircling Rejuvenation. Speed is crucial in a fight. We’ll catch them off guard.”

Warden Ding gritted his teeth. “I’ll lead the charge even if it kills me, young lord Jiang Chen.”

Lu Che opened his mouth to volunteer his help, but Jiang Chen cut in. “All of you, stay and defend Winterdraw. You’ve resided here for a long time. You know the island’s traps and formations better. Be ready to take us in once we successfully break those in Rejuvenation out.”

“As you wish, young lord.” Lu Che sighed faintly and suggested, “It’s going to be dangerous, young lord. Given your status, perhaps...”

“Don’t try to talk me out of it. Where do you think my status comes from? I was able to reach this height because of those who supported me. If I stand by and do nothing when my people are in danger, how am I going to lead them in the future?” Jiang Chen’s response stopped Lu Che from trying further.

Perhaps this was what made the young lord charismatic. He was born to create miracles. Would he be able to do the same thing this time?

Lu Che wanted Jiang Chen to succeed despite the odds. However, he had to admit that the challenges facing the young lord now were more difficult than ever.


On the fringe of Rejuvenation, the demonic army had surrounded the isles for quite some time. They’d launched a few attacks and caused some deaths and damage, but it seemed that the demons didn’t intend to take over the isles in one fell swoop just yet.

It was clear that Rejuvenation wasn’t that important a strategic location to the demons despite the resources it possessed.

They were here for a different reason.

In a secret realm outside the isles, a few demon figureheads gathered.

The demonic army besieging Rejuvenation consisted of two demonic tribes and an army of puppets.

There were three divine cultivators among them. Two were the respective tribes’ forefathers, and one was the leader of the puppets.

The demon forefathers’ status was clear from the seats they’d taken.

One of them shone with a cold, chilling light. From a distance, he resembled a metal statue. His face was free of expression, while his body appeared sculpted and explosively powerful like it was cast in copper and iron.

He was from the well known golden demon tribe.

Golden demons were known for their great physical strength. They were the fiercest melee fighters of all demons, and their defense almost unbreakable. They were thus nicknamed the unkillable demons.

Regular physical attacks had almost no effect on them. Attacks of the mind weren’t that effective either.

As their name suggested, they were almost immune to all attacks due to their metallic bodies. Their incredible defense in some way boosted their offensive might.

They spared little attention to protecting themselves when they fought, which naturally made their attacks all the fiercer fiercer.

Golden demons were considered the fighting machines of the ten demonic tribes, and they lived up to the reputation.

Next to the golden demon forefather was a bizarre-looking demon with a pair of wings - a winged demon.

These demonic wings were not to be underestimated. They could not only boost a demon’s speed, but also contribute to offense and defense.

More importantly, the wings could also be used as weapons.

Winged demons were fierce fighters as well. Although they might not be as aggressive as golden demons in battle, the difference wasn’t significant.

Winged demons, golden demons, and titan demons were widely considered the fiercest three demonic tribes.

The other tribes were unique in their own ways. Other than the celestial demons, who were talented in every aspect, no other tribes could win in a head-on fight against the three tribes.

That set them apart from shadow demons and yin demons.

The winged demon forefather frowned and asked, “Where the hell is Forefather Shadowless? Didn’t he say he’d join us soon? Where is he? He doesn’t expect us to beg him to come, does he?”

The golden demon forefather cackled. “Shadow demons sure love being mysterious. Who knows if he’s coming?”

The leader of the puppet army stayed silent. It was as if he’d been born to obey orders rather than express opinions.

A chilling voice tinged with laughter came from the outside. “Talking behind my back now, Old Qing? I heard you.”

The voice was faint and untethered. Eerie, to say the least.

“Haha, I told you we can’t be sure if he’ll come. Well, here he is.” The golden demon forefather guffawed, the metallic laughter powerful and grating.

A gust of wind swept in as conversation flowed. A faint shadow emerged and flew in like a ghost.

In the blink of an eye, a demon appeared on the empty seat, looking harrowing and sinister. He was the divine forefather of the shadow demon tribe, Forefather Shadowless.

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