Chapter 2197: Trouble in Myriad Abyss Island

Su Huanzhen wasn’t the only one who reacted to the cultivator’s report. Jiang Chen’s expression clouded over as well.

There was only one portal within the Celestial Cicada Court—the one leading to Myriad Abyss Island. He had traveled through it many times and had told Su Huanzhen to protect it at all costs. This was why he gave the sect more support.

The portal would be strategically crucial in the future. It was a bridge between the human domain and Myriad Abyss.

That was also why Jiang Chen had valued Winterdraw Island so much.

Winterdraw was a buffer between the human domain and Myriad Abyss. As long as Winterdraw was under his control, he would still retain strategic advantage even if Myriad...

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