Chapter 2197: Trouble in Myriad Abyss Island

Su Huanzhen wasn’t the only one who reacted to the cultivator’s report. Jiang Chen’s expression clouded over as well.

There was only one portal within the Celestial Cicada Court - the one leading to Myriad Abyss Island. He had traveled through it many times and had told Su Huanzhen to protect it at all costs. This was why he gave the sect more support.

The portal would be strategically crucial in the future. It was a bridge between the human domain and Myriad Abyss.

That was also why Jiang Chen had valued Winterdraw Island so much.

Winterdraw was a buffer between the human domain and Myriad Abyss. As long as Winterdraw was under his control, he would still retain strategic advantage even if Myriad Abyss was claimed by other races.

Hearing that a group of injured cultivators had showed up at the portal, he leapt to his feet.

“Come, let’s go take a look.”

Putting aside thoughts of restoring their ancestors’ legacy, Su Huanzhen gathered a group of people and followed Jiang Chen. She knew how important the portal was to the young lord.

There were indeed several injured cultivators, and most of them were familiar faces from Rejuvenation and Tritalent.

The former warden of Winterdraw was among them as well.

“What happened, Old Ding?” Jiang Chen was more familiar with the warden.

Warden Ding was sickly pale. After Jiang Chen’s healing pill took effect, he drew a deep breath and walked up. “It’s bad, young lord Jiang Chen.”

“How so?”

“About four years ago, several portals opened up on many of the isles in Myriad Abyss. Since then, increasing numbers of demons have emerged and taken Myriad Abyss by the storm. At first, the ten sacred lands didn’t pay it that much attention, assuming that they were simply a small, desperate group. 

“However, their numbers grew continuously and they’ve conquered more and more regions in only a few years. When the ten sacred lands finally took notice, they were too occupied by the offworld battles to spare any manpower. Myriad Abyss is now under attack from both inside and outside the realm. It’s on the verge of destruction!”

Warden Ding suffered from serious injuries, but he retained his composure and his ability to think. Jiang Chen’s face hardened once the warden finished explaining.

“Rejuvenation, Tritalent, and Winterdraw used to be strategic partners with great synergy. However, it took us by surprise that demons would target remote factions such as ours. They first attacked Tritalent, then Rejuvenation. At this moment, demons and their army of puppets have almost conquered all of Tritalent, the remaining members of which have retreated to Rejuvenation to make a final stand. Meanwhile, we fought hard to flee to Winterdraw… It’s relatively safe at the moment, but...”

“But what?” Jiang Chen asked in concern.

“But demons have set their eyes on Winterdraw as well. This subordinate worries that once Rejuvenation is defeated, Winterdraw will be isolated and vulnerable without any allies. More importantly, Winterdraw isn’t strong enough to fight the invading demons without any divine cultivators defending it.”

Jiang Chen nodded slowly.

He wasn’t as pessimistic as Warden Ding. Winterdraw had once belonged to Pei Xing, the ancient figurehead. His formations and defenses were enough to deter regular divine cultivators.

Demons needed multiple divine forefathers to break through the formations with brute force. Otherwise, it’d be next to impossible to invade the island.

Jiang Chen kept that to himself and offered some comfort. “I understand now, Warden Ding. You should stay here and recover.”

Warden Ding was antsy. “Myriad Abyss is practically on fire, young lord! I can’t possibly take a rest now. If you don’t go immediately, Rejuvenation will fall into demons’ grasp, and Winterdraw will take the brunt of the attack as well. Your arrangements there will fall apart.”

Jiang Chen sighed faintly. “I know that. However, we’ve been doing all we can to eliminate the remaining demons in the human domain as well. Their numbers are great, and I’m running out of manpower. Don’t you see how few gods I have with me?”

Warden Ding’s face fell. “Is the human domain having a difficult time as well?” he asked quietly. “Is it impossible to stop the demons?”

“Don’t worry. Even if I have to do it on my own, I’m not going to leave Rejuvenation to its own devices. I’ve ascended to divinity. If it ever comes to that, I’ll return to Myriad Abyss myself.”

Jiang Chen offered his reassurance.

Warden Ding cast him an awestruck look, but objected, “That won’t do. You’re too important to risk yourself by going alone, young lord.”

“In such trying times, my life doesn’t matter when the entire continent is at stake,” Jiang Chen responded with great conviction.

Warden Ding opened his mouth to respond, but was cut short by a wave of the young man’s hand.

“Give me some time. I’ll return to the Sacred Peafowl Mountain to make some arrangements. In at most three days, I’ll return to Myriad Abyss with you to aid Rejuvenation.”

He then turned to Su Huanzhen. “Sect Head Su, they’re my friends from Myriad Abyss. I’ll entrust you to take care of them.”

“Of course!” Su Huanzhen hurried out.

“Get on my airboat. Let’s first return to the Celestial Cicada Court.” Jiang Chen gestured at everyone to board the airboat.

They arrived at the court in no time. Jiang Chen sought out Su Huanzhen in private. “Please take care of them, Sect Head Su, but don’t get too friendly with them. Don’t tell them about the human domain’s current situation, and don’t mention the ancient sects. If any of them ask, just tell them how the human domain was in the past. Tell them I’m the young lord of Sacred Peafowl Mountain rather than the head of Veluriyam Palace.”

Noting his serious tone, Su Huanzhen nodded solemnly despite not knowing Jiang Chen’s reasons. “Understood. I’ll tell everyone to stick to the story.”

“Much appreciated. Also, you should get to know Venerated Skysoarer. He’s extremely knowledgeable in formations. He also knows a lot about the many heritage of the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect. I’ve made a deal with the old man, but I’m not going to remain as the sect head for long. I hope that one day, you’ll take over from me.”

Su Huanzhen was surprised. “Wouldn’t the old master make a better sect head?”

“He doesn’t want to. Besides, he’s gotten rusty at leading people after being imprisoned for two hundred thousand years.” Jiang Chen added in a serious tone, “A good sect head must be energetic, but level-headed. In my opinion, you’ll make a fine leader.”

Su Huanzhen could tell from the young lord’s earnest gaze that he meant what he said. The realization struck a chord in her heart.

She stopped resisting. “I’ll do my best to live up to your expectations.”

Jiang Chen laughed heartily. “Oh, and you should visit Veluriyam Palace sometimes. Emperor Peafowl has returned for many years. You aren’t going to treat him as a stranger forever, are you now?”

Su Huanzhen flushed red, her heart skipping a beat.

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It is rather bizarre that remote locations have been attacked. Are the demons specifically after the transportation formation?

Lol at the dig! Peafowl x Su Huanzhen!