Chapter 2194: Jiang Chen Arrives

Su Huanzhen’s stubbornness was not to be deterred by anyone. She knew very well why the executives had come to her today. Her smile was as smooth as ever.

“Sect Head, please tell us what to do. Even if we won’t ally with the Great Yu Skysword Sect, we should have a plan of our own, right? The world outside is going crazy. We’re losing out by being so reclusive,” sighed one of the elders.

Su Huanzhen glanced at Court Head Xia. “What do you think, Court Head Xia?”

He still respected Su Huanzhen a fair deal. “You must have your reasons for staying put, Sect Head,” he answered seriously. “The world is simply a place that breeds anxiety in us all.”

This appeased both sides of the dispute.

Su Huanzhen smiled serenely. “I heard a magpie sing outside of my residence today. Something good might just happen to us very soon. I didn’t point out the crux of the matter because I want all of you to calm down and analyze the situation.

“Still, if you stand firm in your belief that expansion is better, then let me explain myself.”

Everyone was momentarily energized. Whether the sect head wanted to expand or not, she was at least revealing her stance.

“Have you heard anything from Veluriyam Palace over the last ten years?” Su Huanzhen asked.

“No… the palace has never commented on our behavior. That might mean silent approval, no? If the human domain’s factions are consolidated, we would be more united than ever in our resistance against demonkind, surely?” An elder muttered to himself, as if in response to Su Huanzhen’s question.

“The Veluriyam Palace has been unclear, to say the least,” replied Court Head Xia. “To some degree, they’ve consented to the other factions’ expansion.”

Su Huanzhen smile seemed to hold a deeper meaning. “What factions are on good terms with the Veluriyam Palace then?”

“The Regal Pill Palace should be one, yes? The Skysword Sect too, and us at the Celestial Cicada Court. The Moon God Sect in the north as well, maybe, because of Xu Qingxuan?”

Weren’t these all on pretty good relations with the Veluriyam Palace?

Su Huanzhen shook her head. “The Skysword Sect is close to Jiang Chen because of circumstantial reasons and its leaders’ tendencies. The same is true with us. The Moon God Sect… well, their quarrel with Jiang Chen’s father means that they aren’t really close at all. They wouldn’t have so recklessly expanded otherwise.”

Everyone was astonished at this.

“The closest are Sacred Peafowl Mountain and Coiling Dragon’s faction, as well as the Regal Pill Palace. Have these factions expanded?”

Su Huanzhen’s next question silenced her audience.

They had not. Coiling Dragon, Void, Sacred Peafowl Mountain… none had moved in the slightest. As Veluriyam Palace’s subsidiary factions, they should have had strong support from their principal to do so.

The Regal Pill Palace hadn’t expanded voluntarily either, though a few factions around it had joined.

Because of its well-known relationship with the Veluriyam Palace, no one dared get on its bad side. Not that the Regal Pill Palace couldn’t deal with any intrepid intruders on its own, these days.

“Do these closest factions hint at Veluriyam Palace’s attitude then?” gasped Court Head Xia.

“I’m not sure,” Su Huanzhen sighed. “That’s just what my instincts tell me. If you go out and take over territory, so what? Young lord Jiang Chen can reverse that by lifting a single finger. If these outrageous conquests mean nothing in the end, why should we spend effort on something so pointless?”

Everyone else sank into thought. They remained somewhat unconvinced, but Su Huanzhen’s words made a certain amount of sense.

“I received a letter a few years ago from Daoist Peafowl. He mentioned nothing of expansionism, but did praise my regulation of subordinates and conservative position. You all should know about young lord Jiang Chen’s opinion of Daoist Peafowl, yes?”

This was pretty convincing evidence.

“The factions that’ve expanded have only bared their ugliness before young lord Jiang Chen then,” Court Head Xia sighed softly.

The elders felt cold sweat trickle down their backs.

Was young lord Jiang Chen observing the true natures of all in the human domain? If so, then the sects who had grotesquely expanded were all fools.

The wisdom of the Celestial Cicada Sect’s decision shone amid all the chaos.

An elder came in to interrupt the conversation in a hurry. “Sect Head, elders,” he stated solemnly, “the formation on our borders is reacting intensely. I believe many experts are upon us. Please gives us our orders, Sect Head.”

Su Huanzhen’s brows raised. She didn’t like to look for trouble, but she wasn’t scared when it came to find her.

“The Celestial Cicada Court has always kept ourselves out of worldly affairs, yet these people dare intrude upon us? Do they think me incapable of killing? Do you have any information on what faction this is?” She grew incensed.

“None whatsoever, Sect Head, but they are exceptionally strong.”

Su Huanzhen became somber. Unidentified experts? In the current climate, that meant big trouble.

“Keep the entire sect on high alert. We ready for battle!” She stood at the same time as she gave this command. “Come, let us go meet them. I’d like to see who exactly it is. What, can they possibly have three heads and six arms?”

The sect head and her executives flew toward the border in a huff. However, a hearty laugh intercepted them halfway.

“How are you doing these days, Sect Head Su?” The voice seemed to be dozens of thousands of miles away, and yet closer than ever.

Su Huanzhen blinked, then colored slightly. A strange expression came over her face; a half-smile played at the corner of her mouth.

“Forget it.” She waved to the executives. “They’re already here.”

“Who is it?” The executives gasped in uniform surprise.

“Don’t worry, they’re friendly. Bring out the incense. Array yourselves to receive the young lord Jiang Chen!”

Young lord Jiang Chen!

Every hearer of these four words felt their heart spasm.

Someone as great as that had come to the Celestial Cicada Court to visit? It was an honor beyond compare! Ever since taking the throne of the Veluriyam Palace, the young lord had not visited any faction aside from Regal Pill Palace.

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