Chapter 2186: Disposing of Another Demon

Jiang Chen laughed silently. The forefather would soon realize who among them was the prey.

“Take him!”

Jiang Chen didn’t waste any time. The four sacred beasts charged at Forefather Evilshadow with their own techniques, brandishing their fangs and claws with tremendous momentum.

The young lord knew how powerful the four of them were as a team. With his guidance and advice, the four sacred beasts steadily improved at fighting together.

They sealed off the area and created a perimeter boundary. The trick had never failed them. Even an enemy of a higher cultivation wouldn’t be able to fight back, let alone foe of the same level.

Forefather Evilshadow proved too careless in the end. He was still focused on breaking the seal. He didn’t expect the other side to attack so suddenly, and with such ferocity.

Only when the four sacred beasts charged in usinon did it dawn on him that he’d made a grave mistake. He’d sorely underestimated his enemies!

The sacred beasts were much more powerful than human gods. The forefather had thought an initial divine cultivator like Jiang Chen wouldn’t be able to hurt him, even if Evilshadow sat there and did nothing.

However, the young man’s impressive assault darkened the sky and shrouded the earth in shadow. The area had been completely sealed off.

Searing light seemed to be at his back. A premonition of death flashed through the forefather’s mind.

In his moment of distraction, Xia Tianze came out of nowhere with a longsword and slashed at the demon. 

“Old fart Evilshadow, cultivators from Veluriyam Palace have come to reap your life!”

Seeing that Xia Tianze had thrown himself into the fray with abandon, Jiang Chen immediately raised high the Great Veluriyam Torch to help his companions.

He remembered clearly everything Divine Veluriyam had said about the torch.

It could increase one’s speed and energy several times over when attacking, and be turned on its enemies to restrain foes! It came into play for attacks of all elements as well.

Jiang Chen was very eager to give it a try.

While his companions attacked, he activated the Great Veluriyam Light to supplement their attacks.

After some observation, he concluded that the torch’s buffing effects were indeed impressive, but there was still room for improvement. This was because he had yet to refine the torch completely.

As it was, Forefather Evilshadow was struggling hard enough. He barely had the time to curse his enemies. He retreated again and again in the face of the four divine beasts’ advances. It was difficult enough for him to even stay alive.

With Jiang Chen’s help, Xia Tianze’s attacks could threaten Evilshadow’s life as well. No matter how many tricks he had up his sleeve, there was nothing he could do when he was hemmed in like this. 

Moreover, head-on fight had never been a shadow demon forte.

If he didn’t have the speed and agility of a shadow demon, he would’ve died several times over. Still, he brushed shoulders with death several times in the fight, which took a great toll on him.

Jiang Chen continued to harass Evilshadow by slowing him down with the torch.

The Black Tortoise had also realized that the forefather’s speed was what made him difficult to kill. Therefore, the tortoise shifted its focus from attacking to enhancing gravity to obstruct the demon.

Evilshadow quickly felt his body growing heavier and heavier, decreasing his speed.

He broke out in a cold sweat. Just what exactly was he up against? They each had their own powerful techniques, and their bloodlines rivaled his, or even surpassed it!

“Where in tarnation did these sacred beasts come from? Since when has the human race boasted of such helpers? They couldn’t do so even back in the ancient times!”

Evilshadow panicked, utterly thrown off his tempo.

He deployed several secret demonic methods in a row, but the four divine beasts didn’t budge. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t find an opening out of the sacred beasts’ entrapment. The waves of attacks he faced grew stronger and stronger.

Fear festered in his heart.

He’d been almost unstoppable in the human domain in the ancient times. Falling into a trap in a moment of carelessness was the only reason why he’d been sealed away.

This time, however, he was being defeated in an open fight. There was no trickery involved. His enemies were more powerful than anyone he’d faced back then.

Demons were fierce fighters, but they too knew the taste of fear. Even the strongest race would despair when there was no hope of survival.

Evilshadow was no exception.

He couldn’t dodge all of the relentless attacks and Xia Tianze had worked himself up into a frenzy. The human was attacking with such ferocity, it was as if he’d poured his lifetime of energy and might into the fight.

That surprised Jiang Chen. Who exactly of the ancient Veluriyam Palace had Evilshadow killed? What were their relationship with Xia Tianze?

It must have been someone close to the old master.

Like Stonefiend, Evilshadow’s fate had been set in stone the moment he was located and trapped.

The four divine beasts were mighty, and their restraint effective. Moreover, the demon forefather had been sealed for two hundred thousand years. He was at his weakest, his power much inferior than his peak.

It was impossible for him to turn things around.

However, demons were demons. Even under the circumstances, they’d never completely give up on their lives until they met their demise.

They were much more determined to fight and persevere to the bitter end than other races. A regular cultivator would’ve given up in a hopeless fight in order to end the torment, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Demons, though, would always fight to their deaths. They’d fight until there was no blood left in them, until all life had drained from them.

Finally, the four divine beasts destroyed the demon forefather’s defenses.

Xia Tianze’s keen blade grew even sharper, and it flashed across Evilshadow’s neck.

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