Chapter 2184: Settings Sights on an Area

Jiang Chen was being quite serious.

A demon forefather, be it of the yin demon or the shadow demon tribe, could wreak great havoc.

Shadow demons, especially, were master assassins. If someone like Forefather Evilshadow broke free and lurked within the human domain, he’d be a thorn in their sides, and Jiang Chen wouldn’t be able to rest easy. The forefather had to be taken out before he broke free of the seal!

Jadeface was very pleased. The angrier Jiang Chen was, the greater his sense of achievement.

Map upon map was brought to Jiang Chen.

“We’ve mapped out Jadeface’s activities over the past few months, young lord. This subordinate speculates that he must have avoided where Forefather Evilshadow is sealed. He’s too cautious to lead us anywhere near the forefather. Through the process of elimination, we can rule out a large area. In addition, with the clues we found and leads on where Serratewind and his friends were, we identified a few possible locations.”

“With all the information combined, we’re pretty sure that the forefather is somewhere between the southern part of the Heavenly Dragon Sect and the northern part of the Ninesuns Sky Sect.”

Jiang Chen’s smile widened. He turned to Jadeface. “You’re smart, but even smart entities make mistakes. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Jadeface’s heart pounded. He’d though he was cautious enough by avoiding where Forefather Evilshadow was and leaving misleading tracks behind. And yet, his attempt of misdirection had been the one to give his enemy clues

The area they’d identified was indeed where Forefather Evilshadow resided. Although it was a large area, it wasn’t impossible for Jiang Chen to locate the forefather with the entire human domain at his command.

Of course, Jadeface wasn’t going to forfeit just yet. He laughed. “You’re getting reckless due to your impatience, Jiang Chen. If you’re truly so confident, search all you want. It’ll be looking for a needle in a haystack. You won’t find anything no matter where you look.”

“Is that so? It seems that you still cling to hope. That’s good.” Jiang Chen smiled lazily. “We’ll take him with us tomorrow. Tell the Ninesuns Sky Sect to evacuate everyone in the northern part of their territory.”

As for the Heavenly Dragon Sect, they’d never been on friendly terms with Veluriyam Capital. Changes in the human domain had also resulted in the sect’s decline. The thought of alerting them didn’t cross the young lord’s mind at all.

Based on what he knew about the sect, if Forefather Evilshadow escaped and set up an operations base within their territory, there was a possibility that they would yield and serve the demon.

Jiang Chen again tapped Xia Tianze as his second-in-command, and sent the four sacred beasts as his helpers.

With a group of trusted allies, he left straight for the borderland between the Heavenly Dragon Sect and the Ninesuns Sky Sect.

Within Starfate, Jadeface tried his best to stay calm, but he couldn’t hide the uncertainty developing in his fearful eyes. Jiang Chen’s piercing gaze seemed to cut straight into his soul.

Jadeface avoided Jiang Chen’s gaze, intimidated. The young man made him feel exposed and stripped of any pretense.

Meanwhile, the human’s smile was amused. “Aren’t so confident now, are you?”

Jadeface scoffed and purposefully flashed nonchalant grin. “Me? Why wouldn’t I? I’m glad to see you march to your doom. Perhaps my forefather is already at Veluriyam Capital, slaughtering your parents and assaulting your wife and daughter. I hear your partner is a well-known beauty in Myriad Abyss? Oh, and you have a beautiful sister, don’t you. A pretty fellow disciple has feelings for you too.”

A mocking smile tugged at Jiang Chen’s lips. The more Jadeface tried to rile him up, the more the demon exposed his own insecurity. Jiang Chen had a strong feeling that he would find Forefather Evilshadow this time.

“Go on,” responded the human with a serene smile. “Your days are numbered. I’ll let you get it all out for once.”

Jadeface scowled and gritted out, “Remember this well, Jiang Chen, Forefather Evilshadow won’t let you easily off the hook. He’s going to sneak into Veluriyam Palace and take your head. Then he’ll enjoy those delicious pretties of yours. I hear your mother is still beautiful for her age. Your daughter is a blooming beauty as well. Just think about how three generations of women in your family...”


Xia Tianze hit the demon across the face. He’d had enough. Jadeface was running his mouth too much.

He shot Jiang Chen a disapproving glance. “Why show any restraint to this bastard? Just hit him whenever you want like I’ve done. It feels good to hit a punching bag like him.”

“That’s too merciful for him,” Jiang Chen said coldly. “What if I kill him on accident? Then the torture I’ve prepared for him won’t be of use.”

After a brief pause, Xia Tianze cackled. “You’re right. I’ll try not to hit him too much. I don’t want him dead just yet. Let him watch with his own eyes as we deal with old bastard Evilshadow.”

Jadeface stared at Xia Tianze. It seemed that the man was familiar with the forefather.

“Who are you?” Jadeface stared at Xia Tianze. “You’re a powerful cultivator. Why are you willing to serve Jiang Chen?”

“I am Divine Veluriyam’s right hand man. Before his death, he ordered me to serve the future young lord of the Veluriyam Palace. The Veluriyam Palace has unfinished business with Evilshadow!”

Jadeface laughed. “Ah, fools from the ancient Veluriyam Palace! You hypocrites claimed to be the most powerful faction, but my forefather was able to kill many of you.”

“Hmph, he’ll pay for his deeds tenfold over!” Xia Tianze declared viciously.

Finally, they’d reached the border between the Heavenly Dragon Sect and the Ninesuns Sky Sect. As per Jiang Chen’s instructions, the Ninesuns Sky Sect had evacuated everyone within their northern territory.

Only the sect head and some elders were left on the main road in the north, awaiting Jiang Chen’s arrival.

“This is a risky mission,” said Jiang Chen. “The target is a demon forefather. You shouldn’t get involved. You may head south and make sure no other cultivators come near so as to prevent casualties.”

The sect head had previously fostered a good relationship with Jiang Chen. He chuckled. “This subordinate has always been fascinated by the ancient demonic war, young lord Jiang Chen. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to fight any demons. I’d like to expand my horizon today. Please grant me this opportunity.”

Noting his serious and venerated expression, Jiang Chen didn’t turn him down. “You may stay, but the others must leave.”

He wasn’t cold-hearted. However, as a shadow demon, Forefather Evilshadow would be able to blend into any crowd should he find a group.

That was why Jiang Chen had evacuated the area. He didn’t want to give the forefather any opportunities to escape.

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