Chapter 2183: The Might of Four Sacred Beasts in Concert

Stonefiend’s worries weren’t unfounded. A demonic forefather like him hadn’t experienced the four sacred beasts united in battle before.

Even Jiang Chen was astonished by the might of his four companions.

None of the sacred beasts were even mid divine realm, but their combined strength was on par with an advanced divine realm cultivator’s.

Xia Tianze felt a bead of cold sweat roll off his forehead. He was glad that Jiang Chen was on his side; he had no better chance against these beasts than Stonefiend did.

Though Stonefiend was free of his seal, he was trapped by the sacred beasts’ encirclement. No avenue of escape was available to him. The four seemed to dominate the space they occupied, creating a realm unto itself. They had complete jurisdiction over all within.

Jiang Chen had wanted to assist before seeing the four sacred beasts in action. Now, there was obviously no need to. 

Instead, he and Xia Tianze stood watchfully outside, ready to cut the demon off if anything went wrong.

Stonefiend had underestimated humans all his life. Before Jiang Chen appeared, he had dreamed about sweeping through the human domain in its entirety.

Unfortunately for him, this day would soon be his last.

Indeed, yin demons and shadow demons were much weaker when forced out of their element. Moreover, the four sacred beasts ganging up on him far surpassed him in bloodline strength. His will to fight was crushed to despair.

He tried and failed again and again to break their domain. Eventually, he became little more than a ball that was tossed to and fro.

It was a most pitiable end to the famous forefather of the yin demons. Rather than meeting his end in that ancient war, he died an ignoble death in the modern human domain.

The death of Stonefiend took a great weight off Jiang Chen’s chest.

Though he didn’t know how many more demons the human domain harbored still, none of the ones that remained would be much of a concern.

The demonic armies outside the barrier wouldn’t be able to aid their comrades inside. These demons here were stranded and isolated.

The slaying of the yin demons’ forefather raised morale everywhere in the human domain. Jiang Chen’s successive victories over the demons finally won him public confidence that their ancient enemies were far from invincible.

The undercover Jadeface shivered frightfully when he heard the news of Forefather Stonefiend’s death. He knew that he had done the right thing by not going to his own forefather. The late Stonefiend was proof that his worries had plenty of basis in fact.

However, he was even more despairing to realize that he was still under Jiang Chen’s surveillance.

What ability did that human youth have to pull off such a thing? The demon searched every inch of himself, but nothing hinted at his surveillance.

Nevertheless, he was absolutely sure he was being watched. He felt like a prisoner who had been sentenced to death and could be executed at any minute.

Even so, Jadeface stayed calm enough to stay away from Forefather Evilshadow. If the humans killed someone as weak as him, so what?

As long as the forefather could break free of his binds, he would indubitably take revenge for him. This was Jadeface’s final resolution.

The very next day, Jiang Chen announced the beginning of a new project: hunting down every demon in the human domain. The humans had finally declared war on the demons!

A figure suddenly appeared right in front of Jadeface.

“Who… who are you?” Jadeface was horridly pale. He looked blankly toward at the furious person who’d materialized next to him.

Astoundingly, the man came forward to land a dozen vicious kicks upon the hapless demon.

“You think you’re tricky, eh? You’re not going to search out Evilshadow, eh?” It was none other than Xia Tianze, whom Jiang Chen had sent out.

The young man had lost all patience with Jadeface’s movements. Rather than allow him to wander out in the world, it was better to capture the demon and use him as bait to lure out that Forefather Evilshadow.

There was no way Jadeface was going to lead them to their quarry, anyway.

The demon immediately realized what was going on. Though he was bruised, he felt rather proud of himself. He hadn’t fallen for the humans’ ruse! He had remained loyal to Forefather Evilshadow!

Though Jadeface was battered beyond recognition, he grinned in an indescribably horrible way.

“You can kill me or do whatever you want to me. However, you’ve lost this match of patience, hahaha!”

His mentality had long been crushed for the past few days, having lost all hope of his own survival. The fact that he was under surveillance meant that he couldn’t possibly escape.

Thus, Jadeface dispensed with any resistance whatsoever against Xia Tianze, whom he sensed was many times stronger than him.

He had won where it counted.

The demon was brought before Jiang Chen once again. The young lord frowned when he saw the badly misshapen Jadeface. “You haven’t gotten the wrong person, have you, Old Brother Xia?”

“Definitely not,” chuckled Xia Tianze. “He was just rude enough to warrant a good thrashing.”

A good thrashing? The demon had clearly been beaten within an inch of death.

Nevertheless, Jadeface looked prouder than ever. “Your apparent prestige means nothing, Jiang Chen! My forefather will take your head another day. Angering the shadow demons is like poking a hornet’s nest. Our assassins will stalk you until the day you fall to our blades!”

Jiang Chen scrutinized the demon calmly. “You’re smart,” he laughed. “But do you think that I can’t find Evilshadow without you?”

Jadeface blinked, then roared with laughter. “Are you trying to trick me again? You almost succeeded last time, but your deception won’t work a second time!”

Jiang Chen harrumphed. "Keep him locked up. I'll keep him around so he can watch how I deal with that Forefather Evilshadow."

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