Chapter 2182: Forefather Stonefiend is Horrified

Glancing at the frenzied Roguemist, Jiang Chen smiled coolly. “Do you actually think you’re worthy of fighting me?”

As he said this, his Evil Golden Eye shot out two aureate arrows that sank into Roguemist’s own pupils.  

Though the demon was an expert at controlling ghouls, the dead, and consciousnesses of others, he was as helpless as a child before Jiang Chen, a real master of the psyche.

His consciousness was utterly eradicated by the powerful force, making his entire body to shiver like he’d been possessed. The life went out of his eyes, and he trembling.

The demon’s body became a statue in no time at all.

Xia Tianze was mildly impressed by Jiang Chen’s powerful ability. This wasn’t a part of the Veluriyam Palace’s heritage! Where had he learned such a powerful ocular skill?

Xia Tianze had seen many ancient masters of similar arts, but few could match Jiang Chen’s expertise and ease.

Petrifying Roguemist was just an appetizer.

Jiang Chen glanced smoothly at Forefather Stonefiend within the stony wall. “You’re next.” 

Stonefiend’s eyes were filled with a strange light. He glared at Jiang Chen, a sinister cackle reverberating from his throat. Suddenly, ochre rays blasted from his eyes, rippling outward in circle upon concentric circle.

The rays seemed to have a strange aura that pressed down on one’s chest with distress and nausea.

“Be careful of those eyes,” the Black Tortoise suddenly called out. “I can feel a terrifying petrifying strength from those rays. This is an earth attribute ability!”

The Black Tortoise was a reasonable expert in this area. It specialized in gravitational and earthen abilities. The petrification from Stonefiend was the same attribute as its expertise.

Everyone was alerted by the tortoise’s reminder.

“Despicable!” Long Xiaoxuan cursed. “Take this!”

A crushing claw reached toward the stony wall without further ceremony.


The dragon was strong enough to demolish half the wall with a single blow. Unfortunately, Stonefiend remained hidden within, blessed by his natural talents.

Though Long Xiaoxuan was fierce, he couldn’t actually strike at Stonefiend.

Though the demonic forefather wasn’t at his peak, it wasn’t going to be easy to kill him here.

Jiang Chen wasn’t going to give up, however. He had come with so many warriors in order to press in Stonefiend from every side and attack from every vector, that he might take out one of the demons’ divine forefathers in the sortie.

The Astral White Tiger slammed its tail ferociously at the stone wall. The tiger’s tail was extensible and retractable, attacking as flexibly as a whip would.

That was one of its bloodline abilities.

Tiger and dragon continued to claw furiously at the wall.

Stonefiend was protected by his natural cover, but it also limited him. He was sealed within. He could dodge between the bits of stone, but getting away from the area was impossible.

The advantages and disadvantages of his position were both obvious.

“The seal is helping to protect him too, Jiang Chen. Why not open it up and let him out? Then you can whale on him as much as you like,” proposed Xia Tianze.

“Won’t he simply escape if we open the seal?” Jiang Chen replied doubtfully.

“Don’t worry. Unsealing him won’t immediately restore him to his full strength. If we catch him unprepared like that, we can very likely kill him. That golden bell of yours, the one that seems to naturally subdue demons – that’s a very interesting treasure indeed. The Great Veluriyam Torch bears no reminder as well. Refine and make use of it as soon as you can.”

Xia Tianze’s suggestion was tempting indeed.

Yes, it was true that both sides would be bolstered by the unsealing. There was a modicum of risk, but that was more than worthwhile to take.

Jiang Chen decided upon his course of action immediately. Unsealing the demonic forefather was more advantageous to fighting him. He scrutinized the seal a moment, then turned to Xia Tianze. “The seal is almost broken anyway. Let us destroy it first.”

Xia Tianze chuckled. “Very well!”

He appreciated Jiang Chen’s adaptability.

The two struck hard and fast against the seal’s critical parts. Though Jiang Chen had attained divinity a short while ago, his offensive power was nearly Xia Tianze’s equal.

Under their combined assault, the seal cracked.

Forefather Stonefiend was petrified. He gasped in astonishment at the humans, not understanding what they intended to do.

After a moment, he quickly realized that they wanted to break the seal and attack his actual body. The demonic forefather flew into a rage.

If they were willing to discard the seal, their desire to kill him was strong indeed.

The four sacred beasts watched him with stirring interest, each taking a cardinal direction to prevent his escape. Stonefiend began to panic.

He finally noticed exactly how much danger he was in. If he was at his peak, he would have a good chance to get out of this situation, even if that meant escape rather than victory.

However, being sealed for two hundred thousand years left him with only slightly more than half his strength. It was hard to say whether he’d be able to flee successfully at all.

If he had three or five months free from the seal to recover to his full strength, things would be different.

But right now…

“You dare break the seal, Jiang Chen?” Stonefiend shrieked. “Are you not worried about Evilshadow attacking your base?”

The demonic forefather was really panicked now.

He knew that these two men and the four sacred beasts were more than sufficient to slay him.

Jiang Chen burst into laughter. “There’s no need for you to worry about that, Stonefiend. Evilshadow is probably struggling against his seal, the same as you. You should be thankful that we’re getting rid of your seal ahead of time!”

Stonefiend’s heart sank. His eyes emitted a vicious light, but his heart was already formulating an escape plan. There was no way for him to possibly win.

The slightest moment of hesitation could cost him his life. He needed to take any opportunity offered, however slim it was.

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