Chapter 2181: Forefather Stonefiend is Revealed

Emperor Peafowl’s return caused another great stir in Veluriyam Capital. The previous guardian of the capital held a special place in the hearts of its cultivators.

Even the leading wandering cultivators with much of Jiang Chen’s favor, such as Mo Wushuang and Jingzhong Hui, had been no match for Emperor Peafowl in the past.

Emperor Peafowl indeed possessed tremendous talent. Over the years, he’d managed to come close to reaching advanced empyrean without any outside help. Now that he’d returned, there was no doubt he’d be able to ascend soon with Jiang Chen’s help. 

Given his strength, it was possible that he might even attempt for godhood soon. His talent was among the most superior in the human domain.

Even if he’d been born in the ancient times, he would’ve been one of the top cultivators.

His made a fine addition to the Veluriyam Palace.

Nonetheless, Jiang Chen didn’t grow complacent. He cultivated hard every day and kept an eye on Jadeface. The shadow demon had been running around like a headless fly.

Unfortunately, he was shrewd enough to not return to Forefather Evilshadow.

The young lord had to admit that his plan had been somewhat lacking. Jadeface hadn’t fallen for the easy out. Still, Jiang Chen refrained from striking Jadeface down.

What his quarry did do was to lead him to the yin demon Roguemist, who then naturally became Jiang Chen’s target as well.

Although Roguemist was also distrustful, he wasn’t as cautious as Jadeface; he returned to Forefather Stonefiend not long after.

The forefather was in a critical phase in breaking free of the seal. It infuriated him that Roguemist had been absent for so long.

“You’ve filled out your wings huh, Roguemist,” Forefather Stonefiend accused. “Where were you when this seat needs you the most? Are you planning on betraying me?”

“You misunderstood, Forefather. This subordinate has been plagued with misfortune lately.”

“Oh?” Stonefiend questioned coolly. “How so?”

Roguemist explained his deal with shadow demons with a scowl - not without some embellishment and adjustment, of course.

Everything was absolutely the shadow demons’ fault. He’d been forced to work with them. Worse, Jadeface had followed him in an attempt to set yin demons up.

After Roguemist finished explaining himself, he concluded dejectedly, “The Great Formation of Heavenly Soul Confinement is now active, Forefather. We’re on our own, separated from the demonic army trapped in the barren wasteland. As long as the formation remains intact, we’ll have to traverse the entire continent to join the army. That’s next to impossible.”

Stonefiend scoffed. “What’s there to join the army for? This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Yin demons are different from the other demons. We’re never been team players. Think about it this way: the human domain is ours to claim. Isn’t that wonderful?”

Roguemist sighed faintly. Forefather Stonefiend was as optimistic as ever, but he didn’t share the forefather’s optimism. The human domain was progressing at an impressive rate. There was no telling if the yin demons would actually be able to take them on.

Moreover, there were the shadow demons as well. Their forefather wasn’t to be underestimated either.

“What’s that about? This seat will be able to break free in a few months. Then you simply have to wait and see how I conquer the human domain.” Stonefiend couldn’t wait for the day to come.

“Why wait? I suggest we get our feud over with right here, right now. What say you?” A voice suddenly came out of nowhere.

There had been no forewarning whatsoever.

Roguemist jumped, cursing silently as his heart skipped several beats. He’d been so cautious, and yet it hadn’t been enough. The enemies couldn’t have found this obscure hideout on their own. They must have followed him here.

The urge to take his own life abruptly struck him.

From within the stone wall came Forefather Stonefiend’s angry demand, “Who are you? How dare you come to my doorstep and spout off such nonsense?”

The voice laughed. “Your temper is much more impressive than your power, Forefather Stonefiend. Allow me to introduce myself. The name is Jiang Chen. I am the current leader of the ancient Veluriyam Palace.”

Jiang Chen!

Roguemist’s face clouded over. He transmitted to the forefather, “You should go into hiding, Forefather. Jiang Chen is the leader of the human race. He has countless powerful beings on his side. We can’t win with brute force.”

As soon as he said so, the voice chuckled. “I have to thank Daoist Roguemist for leading the way. Otherwise we wouldn’t have found such a remote hideout.”

Stonefiend shot a furious look from his eyes. “Did you sell me out, Roguemist?”

Roguemist pulled a long face and begged, “You should know that I would never sell out my master, Forefather. The cunning humans must have followed me in the dark. It’s all Jadeface’s fault. If he hadn’t tailed me like a ghost, I wouldn’t have been exposed!”

He aired his grievances loudly with a biting tone.

Stonefiend calmed quickly. Upon reflection, he recognized that it was unlikely for Roguemist to betray him. He scoffed and retorted arrogantly, “What bullshit Veluriyam Palace? Back in the ancient times, your divine master died at our hands as well. Who do you think you are? Even your ancestors failed to kill this seat. Do you think you, a mere junior, will be able to?”

Stonefiend was telling the truth. Even the ancient human cultivators could only manage to seal him, which was enough to prove how difficult a job it was to kill him.

Jiang Chen cackled. “You were at your peak when you were sealed away in the ancient times. It only makes sense that my ancestors couldn’t kill you. After two hundred thousand years however, neither your presence nor power are at the same level. Your arrogance only serves to tell me how much you’ve weakened.”

He deftly cut through the demon’s pretense.

Forefather Stonefiend paused and laughed heartily. “Since you’re so confident, you’re welcome to try.”

“I’m not just trying,” Jiang Chen said with conviction. “I’m here to send you off to the underworld!”

He’d brought the four sacred beasts and Xia Tianze with him. The six of them were all gods with formidable power.

Jiang Chen was sure they’d be able to take out Stonefiend, a forefather weakened by the seal.

Filled with regret, Roguemist charged out first and cried out, “I’m going to stop you even if I have to die for it, Jiang Chen. Come out and fight me if you have the balls to!”

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