Chapter 2180: Return of Emperor Peafowl

The Veluriyam Palace may be established anew, but it didn't take in new disciples right away. Conditions for acceptance into the palace were exceedingly strict. Anyone unfamiliar to Jiang Chen was completely barred.

Even those he knew had to be well-tested in order to be admitted.

Of course, he was much more lenient to those who’d followed him for a long time. Old acquaintances like Pill King Lu Feng, for example, were given carte blanche.

As a new sect, the Veluriyam Palace naturally had a need for manpower.

Despite that, Jiang Chen didn’t lower his standards. He preferred quality over quantity.

The men of House Yan – the three generations from Yan Wanjun to Yan Qingsang – decided to join Veluriyam Palace as well. They’d tried to rebuild House Yan in Myriad Abyss Island, but that place was too volatile for them to have an easy time.

Veluriyam Palace was a new opportunity for them, one that they were loath to miss out on. Huang’er very much agreed with their decision; Myriad Abyss would surely face further war in the future. The ten sacred lands wouldn’t be able to keep their hands upon its reins for much longer.

There was no point trying to build anything in a land soon to be engulfed by war.

Elder Shun and Chu Xinghan came to Veluriyam Palace as well, of course.

There wasn’t much for Jiang Chen to think about when it came to hierarchy.

All divine realm cultivators were made elders.

Demigods and advanced empyrean cultivators were reserve elders.

Any empyrean cultivator below that were enforcers, occupying the palace’s middle level of management.

Below that were ordinary disciples.

This kind of grouping demanded a lot from its constituents. As an ancient sect, the Veluriyam Palace needed a high threshold. Otherwise, how was it supposed to live up to its ancient reputation?

After only a few days, everyone realized that the human domain was finally changing in a fundamental way. Present circumstances, with the so-called Upper Eight Regions at the land’s forefront, was about to be demolished.

Perhaps the layout of the ancient world would be gradually restored once more!

One day, several old subordinates from Veluriyam Capital found Jiang Chen. He was astonished after hearing the reason for their coming. “Are you sure?”

“We’re not quite sure, young lord, but reports and the occasional eyewitness account match him perfectly.”  

“Young lord, we’ve never found out where Emperor Peafowl went. Maybe he’s actually fine! It’s just that he’s occupied with something else, perhaps.”

“I’m not surprised if he is staying away,” Jiang Chen mused. “He’s always put others before himself.”

Others might not have understood why Emperor Peafowl didn't return, but Jiang Chen instantly understood the reason why. The older man must have wanted to keep the young genius in this position of leadership, that he would ascend ever higher.

If Peafowl returned, Sacred Peafowl Mountain’s legitimate rulership would inevitably come into dispute.

Jiang Chen knew of the emperor’s good intentions, but this was obviously no longer an issue. He had grown far faster than Emperor Peafowl could have predicted.

Therefore, there was no problem whatsoever with Peafowl’s return right now. In fact, Jiang Chen had never had a problem with it at all.

He didn’t mind at all returning Sacred Peafowl Mountain to his noble mentor and friend.

Jiang Chen smiled when he saw the others looking expectantly at him. “As long as His Majesty Peafowl still lives, I’m sure we can bring him back home. There are few worthy of respect in the human domain, and he is easily at the top of that list. I won’t forget his contributions to Sacred Peafowl Mountain or his efforts to stop the demons. Among the selfless people in this realm, he is the first!”

Everyone let out an internal breath of relief.

Young lord Jiang Chen really didn’t seem to be against Emperor Peafowl. Considering his strength and potential, that probably had never been the case.

Jiang Chen knew their hearts. Emperor Peafowl’s noble character had no doubt won their eternal respect many times over.

“As I command,” he smiled, “Sacred Peafowl Mountain’s place of rulership will remain empty until Emperor Peafowl returns.”

The group heaped praise upon him.

“Very good, milord. Emperor Peafowl has a strong connection to Sacred Peafowl Mountain. If it is so clearly missing a leader, his conscience would bring him out of hiding very quickly.”

Jiang Chen nodded. He was banking on such a mentality from his old friend.

After obtaining the young lord’s permission, these people spread the news as instructed. In fact, they embellished the details. According to them, Jiang Chen had already discovered that Emperor Peafowl still lived, and longed for his return to Sacred Peafowl Mountain to be advisory on Veluriyam Palace’s behalf.

In particular, the bearers of these news made it sound like Veluriyam Palace absolutely required Sacred Peafowl Mountain and its rightful lord to continue daily operations.

It turned out to be effective indeed.

Three days later, Jiang Chen stood upon the path to Sacred Peafowl Mountain to greet the figure who had descended near him. It was Emperor Peafowl, whom he had not seen for many years.

“You look better than ever, Your Majesty,” he smiled serenely.

Peafowl sighed softly. “Jiang Chen, I knew you were a real trickster even back then. I’m sure you were the one who came up with the idea this time, too, eh?”

Jiang Chen chuckled. “I had to try all that I could to get you to come back, sir. Sacred Peafowl Mountain is very important. I wouldn’t sleep soundly if anyone else was at its helm.”

Though there were a number of loyalists who resided in the faction, none could command nearly the same degree of authority that Peafowl could. Jiang Chen didn't want to fail his old friend, which left him with few other options.

“Ah, never mind. I’ve been away for a very long time indeed. It’s about time for me to come back and see how you’re doing. If you haven’t forgotten about this old man after all these years, why shouldn’t I want to return?” Emperor Peafowl was full of emotion for his old faction still.

“Then I respectfully welcome you to your rightful throne, Your Majesty.”

“There is no need to call me that old honorific, Jiang Chen. You are the leader of humanity now, the lord of the Veluriyam Palace. Sacred Peafowl Mountain is only one of the Palace’s many associates, and yet is much better off for it. This is the state that Veluriyam Capital should be in. You have much surpassed me in your rule!”

Peafowl was quite sincere, but Jiang Chen couldn’t take his friend’s courtesy for granted. He brought out the enormous gift he had prepared for the emperor.

It included both items from the Veluriyam Palace and more personal presents from Jiang Chen. A Crowning Empyrean Pill, for example, as well as demigod treasures.

Jiang Chen was more than generous to any senior that he greatly respected, and Emperor Peafowl was no different.

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